Wednesday, July 28, 2010


27 July 2010

Today's my beloved's 32nd birthday.
just had a small dinner with family at little korea , followed by couple of beers @ comfy home.

happy birthday to u darling.
we'll spend many more of it from now on :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

what a small world

what a small world.

just got to know that sam leong, who's going to be our pre-wedding photographer turns out to be my best friend's gf's

Monday, July 26, 2010

House Warming Party~

24th July 2010.

finally managed to get the key and moved in to our new house :)

woke up very early in the morning to move some stuffs then went to mid valley to do some shopping  and rushed back hom to ready for house welcoming.

was very nice to see Cathy and Kit after so long!
loved their bamboo drinks... it was so sweet n nice..too bad , forgot to take pic...was so busy drinking :P

some pics from Cathy's facebook..hehe

Jab Chae
LA Kalbi

Friday, July 23, 2010

Groom Entrance Song

Richie loved this when he first heard and decided right away that it'd be his.
he always loved Canon..and this piece of music perfectly fits our wedding theme :)

Wedding Preparation Step 3

My wedding prepartion step 3.
Choosing song for our entrance.

was looking around what my wedding entrance song would be..
and i found this awesome remake wedding march song by Miranda wong.
nicely touched up the original version of Mendelssohn..
it gives me a goosebump , thinking of me walking down by this fab song

Thursday, July 22, 2010

sick of my hair

I am getting sick and sick and very sick of my hair style.

few weeks back, coloured the hair..but okay for a few days..after that i'm sick again with my hairstyle.

i'd like to do some dramatic changes but can't do anything about it till my wedding day.
sigh. :(

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Preparation Step 2

Cathy had offered to take us pre wedding photo as a wedding gift (so nice of her..touched) but due to time issue, we had to let it go :(

As an alternative option, been searching thru internet ( did i survive without this!) for a suitable pre-wedding package and finally found one!

Signed up with Keep Gallery @ SS2..

Bf liked their photography styles so without a hesitation, paid a deposit for the pre wedding photography package. Now i'm free from hassle of arranging wedding gowns..yippeeee!

11 August 2010 would be my wedding gown fitting day, followed by pre-wedding session on 26th of September.

hopefully nothing comes up and goes as we've planned.

*cross fingers*

Photographer : Sam Leong
MUA : Dong Dong

Wedding Preparation Step 1

I'm so lucky enough to hold a destined wedding @ Bali.

Bf and I have flew to Denpansar for 3days (11 July till 13 July) to look around the venue that we have short-listed. Two listed venue were Tirtha Uluwatu and Infinity Chapel,Conrad.

We have hired a driver, Mural, who was very nice and kind.. and for 10 hours drive in a comfy car, needed to pay only U$25. what a blessing.

When we've arrived at Tirtha Uluwatu, without a second thought, we have paid the booking deposit though we still needed to visit Infinity... but what the heck.. we fell in love with this place.

We told each other that, If Infinity turns out to be much better place, well , too bad but nvm, we can always have our wedding renewal vow there again ;)

Tirtha Uluwatu

Picture says a thousand word, but not in this case.
The place looks way much better than you see in any other pictures from the interent.
You'll have to be there to feel it.

Infinity Chapel, Conrad

As for Infinity, it's a picturesque.. it looks nicer in a photo..(personal opinion)
The plcae is in the middle of Conrad resort, surrounded by hotel rooms, you won't have the private moments though.

Overall, i'm so very happy i'll be able to walk down the aisle at Tirtha to begin my 2nd chapter of my life  :)

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after abandoning this blog, almost 3 years,
here..i'm back again :)

after all, it's better to keep a online journal for myself.
it'll be nice to read back all these posts when i'm at my 50s