Monday, April 18, 2005

Back to Specs..

I hate having poor vision..
I can't see anything with my bare eyes...

When i was at my primary school, I thought those people with specs look cool.. So much wanting to wear specs, I purposely sat right infront of TV for few hours to watch cartoons, read books under the dark dark room with a single candle light on though mom nagged me a lot not to do since it'll make my eye sight dropped...... I told her i won't do it again but at the back of her, my these ridiculous "i want my eye sight to drop" mission had continued for few weeks and months or so..

I was considered a quite tall gal then at primary school, i always had to sit at the very back of the classroom with other tall nerdy guys...n I hated it.. all of my gal friends were sitting either front or middle with all those cuties...I hated myself being tall too.. (to mind you, all those hot n cutie guys were short by then....sighz) Somehow, myself mingled with too many guys at the back of classroom, i became so boyish and naughty..
Sigh..or else i'd been a very elegant lady by now..... >.< and it continued till middle school, so does my "getting bad eyesight" mission..

One day at school, i was not able to note down what's written on black board..I couldn't read the words properly and it was very blurry...
I told my mom about this and she brought me to see an ophthalmologist..
After few test, I've finally gotten myself a spectacles..... I was so happy to get one.. my mom would have never seen my devil grin at the back of her when i finally got my specs.. In an instant, i felt like the coolest girl in the whole nation and earth and maybe..even in the planet..

Well...that was...about 10 years ago... n i felt so stupid to ruin my eye sight like stupid, silly i was.......damn it.....

N now....10 yrs later.....the most hated thing in the world is wearing my specs. I just hate wearing's so inconvenient... esp when u walk out from cold room to hot outside, or when u r eating those steaming hot food..n when u r kissing ur bf.....*giggle*

I have been wearing contact lenses few yrs now.. specs were for emergency when my lense were too dried to wear or has fallen off accidently.. but now i MUST WEAR this stupid pair of specs for at least a month... I had some kinda allergy on my eyes and cornea was hurt a bit ..maybe wearing contact lense wrongly for the past many many months... Doc advised me to wear back my glasses... n NO CONTACT LENSE at least a month or i might have to get some injection into my eyes......Arrghhhhh's like Dead sentence to me... I HATE IT.
I've nodded to a doc.....n when i was back home, i wore back my contact lense again cuz i had to go clubbing n i can't wear my specs to go clubbing ,can i??

From sunday, i'm wearing my specs and it's so promised me to send me for Lasik once my eyes are cured ... *yay~yay~yay*

No more clubbing for me as well till my eyes are okay...
i can't bear myself wearing specs to go to clubbing..
part of reason, i'm afraid i'm too drunk to lose my specs..*grin*

Everyone, has a nice week's damn monday again. T.T

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 food...

After work, wanted to go to Hartamas but it was terribly jam....well usual..detour to Ampang...and this is what i've eaten with my pet sister..
yes......this is how much i eat if i'm with my pet sis ..two pigs, pigging out food...... *embarassed*
Ate too much late night, just by looking at these pics, made me too full oledi...........

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hayanna goes to police station… :(

What a luck that I’ve had yesterday evening… This April is really sux big time for me..*shaking head*
From now on, I’d rather stuck in my house and not coming out till May comes…
Well..on the bright side, my life is never dull… When it seems to be mundane, always something pops up out of nowhere…..

Yesterday evening, after work, I’ve parked my car at ampang point opened parking lot and went to ampang point shopping center to get something.. N on the way out, I couldn’t resist of buying Baskin Robins icecream, I stopped to get some for myself before dinner as appetizer…

Happily eating away my ice cream, I was walking back to my car and met Mr.Y on the way to the car park.. we were chatting away and when I nearly reached my car , I’ve spotted a dented at the back of my car…
I was like…..”huh…..what’s this?” then to realize the dark gray waja was hitting my car while reversing back and he was trying to get away from it!!!!
I dunno why but I was just standing there, still eating my ice cream and just gasped “oh…” …acted like it was other people’s car….. but my friend Y ran after the car and managed to get the car plate number for me..
It was quite badly dented inwards… easily will cost couple of hundred to knock it back…… @%)(#^*(#%^()@$% bastard. Hit my car n run away… friend Y was even more mad… he said must go to the police station to report and started to drive to police station already but stuck in terrible jam… I’ve told him to detour back to Amapng point to get something to eat first since he was starving, without having lunch…
He was more agitated than me.. I had to tell him not to be so mad..maybe that driver was in a big rush… mom was going to die soon…so had to rush off without caring other cars…. Well..isn’t it persuasible… I do not want him to have high blood pressure and stress because of this.. I think it’s just how you look at the incident.. either be optimistic or pessimistic… n I always give this kind of excuses to myself , not to be so angry about anything…… hahahaha

After having dinner, said bye bye to Mr.Y since he didn’t have enuf sleep the previous night, didn’t want to disturb him and I went to police station to report with my pet sister… The police man was hardly able to speak English.. I had to explain to him with my poor Malay plus body language… thank god he was able to understand ..perhaps body language helped more.. I was using his toy cars to explain the incident as well..ha..ha..

Anyhow, they took some photographs, wrote a report.. police man said that I can claim the other party’s insurance to repair my he’s going to be on black listed that will not be able to renew his road tax n has to come to see the police before he can settle to renew his road tax..

Suddenly I felt very bad… it was just a dent..well…a big dent perhaps… but I put someone just on the black listed because of it…
And what if..the guy was a gangster or something…come and look for me to revenge?

What a luck on this month…….

Monday, April 11, 2005

weekend comes n go again..

I love Saturday the most... cuz do not have to worry about going to work the next day and can hang out till wee hours as to my liking.. n i love sunday morning cuz i can sleep till whatever time i like to do..yet i hate the sunday evening the most.....that's when monday blues start to stuck in..
I wish there're 48 hours per day on weekends.. just not enuf time to do whatever i wanted to do during weekdays... time just flies on weekends..aiiiishhhh... somebody pls hold the time for me..for weekend only *hehe*

[April 9 2005]
After work, rushed back home to do some house cleaning since mom was still sick on bed.. do laundry, cleaned the rooms, washrooms, washing dishes, cleaning up my puppy's pee n poo... i almost half dead , exhausted .. was lying on the bed like a dead corp for a while to rest..
N thought to myself, i can't waste my ever so precious Saturday, lying on the bed like this... gathered myself to wake up and rushed to shopping mall with my god sister..uh...wanted to get some gifts for my god brother since he was having birthday party on the evening.. (^^; i hv too many god bro n sis...) Was loitering around... looking at this n that... ended up buying more of my stuff and cash was running..n i haven't still gotten a thing for my god brother.....*sweat*

i bought a nice Zara spagetti top to wear underneath my jacket when go to work..(yeah yeah~just couldn't pass by the shop esp when its banner said "Last day of Sales" )
n... a half length jacket which i was longing to have for quite some times was MUST item to have to go with my new dress....n........uh.....some bags.....well...3 bags.......*sweat* i just couldn't decided which one to buy so ended up buying 3 all together, promising myself this would be the last bags i'm getting for this year... n come to think of it, i just bought 3 bags just less than a month ago....ahh but wtd...bags are never enuf... different clothes, different bags to go with..n shoes.....n..accessories.......sigh.....being girls, got so many things to buy... part was FUN but the next is horrible..
"how to smuggle in those shopping stuff to the house"
if my mom knew, she'll freak i always quickly hide the things n get into the house... sneak into the house with shopping bags without mom's knowledge..n if she ever asked "hey...i have not seen that clothes before!!" then i just casually said "oh...this one.. bought looooooong time ago... how come u dun remember!!!" or....i'd say......"'s very cheap..bought during sales.....RM20 only!!' yup..minus zero at the back of that 20 ... .. Rule no.1.. never ever tell your mom the true price of the stuff u bought.. the next min, your cc or atm cards would go missing from your wallet .. for long long time...

I quietly went upstair to my room and hide those bags under the clothes ..phewwwwww... luckily mom didn't see... yay yay yay~
what comes next is to think later, at least i'm safe at the moment. hehehehe

After getting changed, i headed to KTV at god bro was having his birthday party at SongBird..gosh..i dunno what's got into him to have his birthday party at karaoke.. he never like this place n now he's having his own bday party here.. *shakehead*
Anyway when i reached , he was with his friends in the room... there were 1 bottle of 2 litre Chivas, n another BIg BIg swing bottle of Chivas (not sure how many litre but it's really HUGE) and a box of beers..some snacks.. i was worried of getting caught in a road block so try sipping my cokes only but my friend assured that he'll drive me back with my car...then that's when my eyes sparkled..n started going around to yamseng like it was my birthday..
n i had too much of Hagen-Daze ice cream cakes..but it was just too delicious...*drool*..
Thought of waiting till the party finished so the friend cat drive me back but just too tired and was worried about my mom, so headed back off at 1:00am...was worried about road block..but took the back road and prayed so hard to the god not to have any road blocks on my way..n tatan..i've reached home safely.. :D

[10th April 2005]
Woke up at 6am...tot it was working day... i quickly woke up n made myself till the washroom, brushing my teeth..only to realise it was Sunday... u can't imagine how happy i was..quickly put down the tooth brush and walked back to my bed to Zzzzz.. only woke up at 10.00am..rushed rushed n went to the church... new priest was preaching too long...i wanted to leave at 11.30 but mom's fierce eyes..i had to sit at the finishes at 12.. so i decided to stay till 12 and quickly rushed to sunway to have food fiesta with xettie members..
then this priest..never end preaching till 12 ++ ..i was sigh-ing there.. till my mom was not able to tahan of me..asked me to "GO OUT"..hehehehe
i quickly's already 12:20pm and i was still at Ampang..
n moreover, had to pick up Kae from her house..if i were to take kesas highway, half an hour could reach at sunawy, but had to make a bit of detour to take Ms.Kae, the princess. ^^; kakakakaka

When we reached at Nagisa, it was almost 1:30pm...damn...have only an hour to eat.....i was hardly talking, kept eating n eating ..even forgot to take food pics......yup...i was that concentrated on eating...hohohoho~

had a chat with xettie members..(attendance of nagisa : rourou+bf+rourou's sister, cathy+kit, hazel, shinchan(who i've mistaken to nunu...they look alike), and..a lyn member..uh.....weapon something id man...(sorry can't remember),kae) Kae was hardly eating..i'd rather say, nibbling her food..*shake head* wasting of money... she shd have ordered a la cate since become a small eater... n myself.....hehehe i've eaten more than what i've paid for ...Satisfying~~ *showing V sign*
Rourou's bf was very touchy... rourou wanted to eat strawberries but it was ran out...he even personally went up to captain and ask some strawberries specially for rourou..n specially added "my gf said no need to cut" hahaha it was funny ... must envy rourou for having such a nice does cathy.. bf brings her food.....must must make bf n bring him together with me.... it was so lovely sight...*jealous*

Anyway it was fun pigging out food together n chit chatting wtih xettie members..i wish they could organize more of pigging out gatherings..
n now..freddie..where's our seafood gathering????!!!!

After lunch, went back home...hit the bed till this morning......

was a lovely weekend... n i'm eagerly waiting for this weekend again...

hv a nice week ahead everyone!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

4 minutes per day..
thought to light up your life..

something to share with .. thought it’s quite touchy..
N specially dedicate to my friend, who just went through an sorrowful event....
N as she described “very serious injured in her heart”
Hope she’ll be alright soon…

Very often when we meet someone we love, he or she belongs to someone else.
There would come a time when we have to stop loving someone not because that person started hating us but because we found out that they’d be happier if we let them go.
It’s so funny how we set qualification for the right person to love, while at the back of our minds we know that the person we truly love will always be an exception…

You will know when you really love someone when you want him/her to be happy even if their happiness means you’re not a part of it…
If someone comes into your life and become a part of you but for some reasons he/she couldn’t stay, don’t cry too much.. just be glad that your paths crossed and somehow he/she made you happy even for a while..
There are something that we never want to let go of.. people we never want to leave behind.. but keep in mind that letting go is not the end of the world, but rather that it is the beginning of a new life..
Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want him or her to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all he or she has…
Remember that the best relationship is when your love for each other is greater than your need for each other…

Two tear drops were floating down the river. One teardrop said to the other, “ I’m the teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him…who are you?” “I’m the teardrop of the man who regret letting go of a girl go…” Never let regret form part of your life..

You’ll know that you miss someone very much when every time you think of that person, your heart breaks into pieces… and just a quick “hello” from that person can bring the broken pieces back..
When you love someone, draw a circle around their name instead of a heart because hearts can be broken but circle never end…
What would you do if the only person who could make you stop crying is the person who makes you cry?
“Every stop I took since the moment I could walk was a step towards finding you ..”
you don’t want to let go; but it’s even more painful to ask someone stay if you can never make the relationship work on the way it should be…
Love? It’s kinda complicated but I’ll tell you this..the second you’re willing to make yourself miserable to make someone else happy, that’s love right..
If I had letters “HRT” , I can add “EA” to get a “HEART” or a “U” and get “HURT”. But I’d rather choose “U” and get “HURT” than have a “HEART” without “U”
Giving someone all your love is not an assurance that he will love you back. Don’t expect love in return, wait for it to grow in his heart, if it doesn’t, be contented it grows in you..It takes a minute to have crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to fall in love with someone but it takes a life time to really forget someone you have grown to love…

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Someone that i love..

There're few people in my life whom i appreciate and love the most..
and he's the one of them..and surely in the top priority list in my life..

here is the pic of my brother.. (the one on the left, holding gun *^^*)

Image hosted by
(pic is really blurry...aishhh)

I was so eagerly waiting for his news.. since there was none for the past few months...was worried a lot but finally he had written to me :D n together with his pic *^___^*
well..back to old time's communication... "Snail Mail" no email, no phone.. cuz he's in the army.. i'm dying to see him ..i miss him so very much.. though he was pain in the ass while he was staying together..but now when he's gone and not able to see him for two yrs..i miss him really a imagine how happy i was to get a news from him :D yeah yeah yeah~~ he seems to be grown up a lot after sent for army service.. before that he was very childish spoilt brat..but now he's not :) In Korean saying, "Men should go to army to be grown up." haha..quite true partially.

I wish he'll be here soon..another a year to go... T.T

U guys dun bully bro is a soldier..*rolleyes*
but he told me he's like an office boy..cuz he's a translator in an army..all he does is typing document and making coffee for his big boss, general .. *sweat sweat*

ah........miss himmmmmmmmmmmmm T.T

Bad, Double Bad..arrrrrrrghhhh...

It’s been such an exhausting weekend for me.. and it still is till now….. T.T

As many of you know, my parents have admitted to the hospital due to dengue… blardy aimless mosquitoes.. they dun really have any purpose to live in this earth…. @#^)(%$
I thought it was other people’s stories when I read and heard about dengue.. never thought it’d happen to my family… and for both my mom and dad…..aiiiiiii…….

From Thursday morning, mom and dad felt ill.. I thought it was just those flu because they were too over exercised the day before.. went to golf ranging in the morning, went for a walk an hour at the park plus gym in the afternoon for my mom… just brought her to near by clinic and got some medicines and injections for my mom and dad.. n told them not to over-do exercise anymore since their age is catching up.. ^^;

Few days later, seems my mom’s condition got worsen.. and brought her again to the nearby clinic and asked them to do blood test as well.. and came home with some medicines again… the doc said I could get a result on the very same day..cuz since it’s dengue suspect case, they’ll put dengue suspect patience on top priority… but till evening, there’s no news from them..i’ve called up and they said by mistake, they were not able to send her blood to the lab..what the heck is this man.. @#%()$#(%^)(@)%

The very next day, brought my mom to Glenneagles ER.. yah..she was that Sick.. T.T
They did some check up and when the result is out, they’ve told me her blood had infection oledi from dengue virus.. advised me to admit her to the hospital on the very same day or can bring her back the next day to do the test again since blood count isn’t that low.. asked mom to stay in the hospital but she refused and insisted on going back home….. so stubborn lady….. I had no choice but brought my mom back home ..

Was panic a bit.. I dunno how to do and what to do.. I’ve never admit anyone to hospital .. T.T moreover, no insurance……arghhhhhhh……
I’ve called here and there to ask around… even called Freddie to ask him cuz I remember his brother is a doctor.. but instead, he passed his phone to his girlfriend saying that she is an expert in this field.. n thanks Freddie n to his gf. It was helpful indeed..

After making few more calls to friends who are in medic line.. I’ve decided to put my mom at Sentosa.. thank god there’re few friends who are in medical field.. they could give some insight helpful advises… Ampang Puteri was big NONONO cuz a friend of our family had passed away in that damn hospital due to blardy doc’s wrong diagnose.. Gleeneagles is not so trustworthy too.. they’re more eager to suck every penny out from your pocket than giving proper treatment to patience..well…at least that’s how I think of these two hospitals..even glenneagles claim that even Agong came over their place for treatment….maybe that’s why he died?? rolleyes

There’s one Korean lady who was admitted at Glenneagles ..due to dengue suspect.. all they did was just gave her some glucose injects.. and never even do proper blood test even before they discharge her.. n rather they ask her to go for brain scan since she was having severe headache…hellooooooooo that’s one of symptom of dengue.. n they asked her to go for that blardy expensive brain scanning? Wat the F!!!!
I’ve asked her to go back to another hospital to double check..since she was sooooooo weak…like my mom…..T.T

Okay..back to my parents….. brought my mom to hospital on monday morning. Confirmed dengue.. blood count dropped too much compared to yesterday’s result. Had to admit her immediately.. n guess what……my dad’s blood count is even lower than my mom but he really looked strong and okay except that he started to have rashes all over his body with dried skin.. T.T but my dad refused to get admitted..and he ran off for “oh so important business meeting”…. T.T I was so worried about him.. kept calling his business partner to let me know once the mtg is finished.. n when mtg has finished, his friend called to inform me..i rushed to the place and hijack my dad n brought him to the hospital..
Doc said his blood count is low..but since he doesn’t want to get admitted and looks strong, he may come back the next day to do the test again and if blood counts get lower, he has to admit as well.. and yah… the next day back to hospital, his result is worsen..he had to admit to the hospital. T.T damn sad lar..
In an instant, they become famous.. docs n nurses call them “oh..that Korean dengue couple in that room” *sweat*

It’s such a bad month starts……arrrghhhhhh……this year doesn’t seem to good to me… sighz……. Big sighz………

Anyway, would like to thank Mr.Y for cooking porridge for my mom on Saturday..he was sweating so much until I feel so sorry for him but it was indeed one good delicious porridge.. I bet u can open a restaurant if u ever want to leave ur current job..i become a helper.. ^^;
N thanks to Mr.S to drive me around on Sunday till late at night to find suitable hospital for my mom the next day..I insisted on going around every potential hospitals to check their hygiene … sorry for being difficult.. *sweat*
Another big thanks to Mr.N for looking around and check every hospital info and charges for me as well as taking trouble to go and ask one by one who had dengue before and kept messaged me for what to do..what not to do…… so touched..

N not to forget Xettie members for their support n concern..
After all, I’m happy cuz I got to know that I have many good friends who are willing to give me hands and shoulder when I need them the most J After all, my life isn’t that sux with good people around.

Friday, April 01, 2005

BAD BAD BAD....... T.T

While i was out to collect our house new family car, mom called me up and to tell me to come home quickly...she was sobbing n my heart sank...what again?! cuz she was very sick last nite, she called me sobbing..asking me to come home as soon as possible to bring her to the clinic.. i was driving like F1 driver.. and on the ampang highway, slow down a bit.. cuz suddenly a thought came across my mind that if i die now with an accident, nobody is going to bring my mom to see a doc.. ^^;

n now she's calling me again , sobbing even more than yesterday..
she told me that my fav pup, spotty has fallen from 2nd floor.....
My god...without asking more details, i detour and quickly quickly rushed back home......n farking stupid jam... i put on double signal light and took the opposite lane since no cars were coming... i was thinking "die die lar" and drove fast home......(now come to think of it..quite stupid of me..die bez of puppy ^^;)

Mom was at the gate, holding puppy and kept sobbing unconciously..
I quickly took the puppy from her and ran ran ran to the vet.
lucky it wasn't that far from my hse or else i'd have risk my life again driving fast...

I kept asking him to open his eyes..since he was very stonned... Gosh.. heart pain heart pain..

reached vet quickly..stupid vet..asking me to register first before handing it over to him...what the $)%($$#%... every second counts here, and he's taking his damn farking sweet time to register and start calculating the cost first..what the heck is wrong with him?? he didn't even have a look at the pup, and calculating how much it'd cost him? F#$)%( you..

Vet checked here n there.. asking me to leave a pup for a day to monitor.. might suffer from internal bleeding..they have to monitor the puppy closely and to get the blood test results... i left my phone no so that he can call me just incase if there's any BAD news...... T.T i really hope not..

Tomorrow after work, will take the pup and will visit another vet..this guy is not reliable at all..... previously took a puppy to see that vet, n my pup's condition got even worse after that....... stupid that also call a vet.. *shaking head furiously* just hope that nothing would happen to my dear pup tonight so that i can bring it to better vet tomorrow..

pray......pray.........pray..................everyone pray for my pup.......

Gosh.......just a pup, feel this much worried and heart pain..
i can't imagine if it was my own kid......sure i'm going to be one big fussy over protected mom.