Monday, February 28, 2005

Big Big Girl ......

Can't get out of this freaking song out of my head for this whole morning..

I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing if u leave me
But I do do feel
That I do do will
Miss u much
Miss u much

I can see the first leafs falling
It's all yellow and nice
It's so very cold outside
Like the way I'm feeling inside

Outside it's no raining
And tears are falling from my eyes
Why did it have to happen
Why did it all have to end

I have your arms around me
Warm like fire
But when I open my eyes......
Your gone

I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing if u leave me
But I do do feel
That I do do will
Miss u much
Miss u much


I haven’t updated my blog for quite some times..
Was busy and..yah… a bit lazy to jolt..well..type them down…or up..
But I should do so before I forget what happened.. at least for my remembrance of the “date”.. since I have stopped writing my diary after this bloggy thing..

17th ~18th February : Trip to Jakarta..
Went to Jakarta with daddy for his business trip..
Supposed to stay till 20th but I could fly back early.. luckily their domestic flight to “god knows where” had been delayed way too long.. all of us, just called it a quit..

First day at Jakarta was nothing much….. was very tired…
Touched down in the morning, went to hotel to check in at Merdien hotel..the security was very very tight.. after that Mariott hotel bombing incident.. a local told me that now, the safest hotel is “Mariott”..they have rebuilt the whole place with bullet proof window, anti bombing..what what… @.@

They wanted to bring me to shop..i said NOPE and instead, took a nap.. it’s incredible I’ve said no to shopping trip especially in foreign land..kudos.. =P
N after nap..there goes a meeting…n dinner meeting…supper meeting…..$)%(%^#$.. only went to bed almost at 1am….. only got few hours to close my eyes..since the next day, the flight was at 6am..had to wake up at 4am..

N yup..the flight has been delayed to 9am..damn..there goes my precious sleep..i woke up so early in the morning for nothing…
Anyway after a small talk at the airport, we detour back to City.. went back to hotel, re-check in and went for a short city tour and lunch .. I can’t remember what the place that they brought me though… it’s a seaside with theme park, water park and yacht dock..
Well.. it’s a pretty good concept.. I guess they were copying Gold Coast kinda theme..
But I tell you, the sea water stinks big time.. and its sea colour is so damn black.. it’s the dirtiest sea I’ve ever went to it, Port Dickson’s water is really crystal clear… They actually throw all the sewage from the city to this poor sea.. they do not have enuf money(well..i bet politician are busy pocketing those money to themselves..nothing left for the country..) to build any filtered system…so those wastes, all just go directly to the sea, which caused it to the biggest pollution I’ve ever seen, just right in front of my eyes..
It really STINK.. I thought all the corpse at Aceh, had floated down here…ewwwwwwwww…
Apparently, we borrowed one speed boat for cruising, and less than half an hour, everybody gave up and just wanted to return….

After that little trip, I’ve just decided to take back the flight to KL…
(pics will be updated later on……..)

N from 18th of February evening till 25th of February morning… was the BEST time I’ve ever had in my life….. and funnily… right after those best time..why always worst time has to come together.. from Saturday……it’s been the worst time of my life….I couldn’t sleep…….i couldn’t’ eat… bloody hell…..last night…couldn’t sleep at all.. only managed to sleep around 4am………and had a nightmare.. A girl..which I believe to be a ghost.. cuz she had long hair in her white gown..yup..typical ghost from Korean horror movie..anyway that kinda looking thing was trying to drown me.. I couldn’t really breathe… at least for a min.. and I woke up… I think……ghost is following me…omg…… n wants to kill me I best =( mom said my “Qi” is lessen.. (yup..Koreans believe in these too).. she said I must take some Chinese medicine…..oh freak it… I’d rather die… n that brings me to think……how many would cry for me badly if I die? Well..of course my family will do so….. n maybe Kae(i hope u do!!)…… n others will be laughing in the toilet… >.<

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

**Valentine's Day**

Valentine’s Day.

Hope you all had loving Valentine’s day..
Well.. I don’t find this date that great to celebrate and make fuss anymore..
Used to go for chocolate shopping, bought bunch of cards to give around..but not anymore.. Everyday should be Valentine day for couples I believe.. ^__^

Surprised gifts on just normal days are more memorable and touching than giving gifts on these kinda day, in my opinion.. like…receiving flowers on Monday morning to cheer me up , rather than receiving flowers on Vday.. ^0^

Anyway… here goes my vday gift…..heeeeeheeeeeeheeeeeeee
Isn’t this cute…… it pairs with my Xmas gift doggy doll…so cute…..
N I specially like the flower that was tied up on the head by a friend..hahaha so adorable…. *^^*

Thanks a lot~~~~~

Little Pups~

Here are the pics of my puppies...... *^^*
They’re growing up well.. drinking milk a lot, sleep a lot, poo a lot, pee a lot.. haha..
The thing is, every time they poo or pee, my pup(their mother) is licking it all……ewwwwww
I’ve stopped kissing my pup due to’s…gross… @.@

IT's funny n mom are all white .. but the kids(?) have all different, white and white with black dots.. ^__^

I haven’t given them names yet… maybe you guys could suggest for me..

Initially, thought of giving two of them away and keep only one..but my mom and I, suddenly changed our mind to keep all of three.. just too cute and precious to give them away…….

White pup is my personal favourite......looks like a little pig..*oink oink*

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ang Pow..~~

How much you all had this year for ang pow?
I only had two ang pow..even my very own parents, didn't want to give me any..
they said that i'm i should give them instead, not that they still give me.. (>.<)

I had two ang pow from the same person.. heeheehee ^^~~
n the ang pow pack he gave me for second time.... guess what~~!!! he put notes wrongly..didn't realise two notes were sticked i had more ~~ woohoo~~ lucky year it's gonna be...
n i do really hope so!!!!

Na Na Na~ New Hairdo~~

[12nd February 2005]
So reluctant to wake up early in the morning, to be back to my office cubicle.. is over…n back to working life…gosh…it’s really depressing…
Really couldn’t wake up and bring myself to the work…but what motivated me was today I’m gonna do my rest of hair~ yeah~ yeah~

So Tatan~~ here I am with my new hairdo.. ^___^
Dyed my hair on Tuesday evening after work, but it was pretty couldn’t do highlight .. so went back to salon on Saturday afternoon after work again .
Forced my mom to go with me, n paid for her perm too.. good daughter.. heehee *^^*
I love to be at hair salon… you can always anticipate what you would look like after you are done with your hair..there’s this Anticipation lingers…though it's not alwyas 100 satisfactory..there's once i've dyed my hair..n i didn't like the colour, on the very same day, went back to re-dye.. -.-; or permed my hair, after few days, did the rebonding.. salon, I can watch DVD or Video , can order some food to eat as well.. I just love being there… used to do my hair as often as every once a month or at least every two months… now hair damaged a lot, trying to recover it first…but just couldn’t keep my itchy butt n hands..had to go back to salon again to colour them at least… well…anyway my colour all faded away n look very disorganized and…. ..n…gave myself thousands of excuses to be there… ^^;

Cut a bit on forehead too.. (hair-bang) .. people say I look nicer…hehehehehe
Maybe something different… as Mr.Dear said… Fresh looking… he said I look like a China doll…dunno whether it’s a compliment or not.. >:P

After dinner at Regent Hotel, went to Curve, Senorita for drinks with friends and two leng cai Korean men… a friend kept asking me to perm back my hair… gosh… there..there… I start to be so tempting… many said I look nicer in perm hair..well..should have listened to them n shouldn’t have straighten my hair…damn…now there’s “should I or shouldn’t I” going on in my mind for the whole night…

I asked a friend to pay for me since he kept asking me to perm back my isn’t cheap nowadays.. he asked me to go n find a boyfriend to pay for me.. T.T
I never had a bf who paid for my hairdo ..neither I’ve ever thought abt it… hmmmmm ...
I’m sure they’ll run away sooner or later with its cost…If i had not done my hair n saved those $$$$$$$, i'm sure i could have paid for Kancil in CASH. Mom also nagging lots, not to waste my hard earned money to do some stupid stuff on hair..but wat the heck... who knows.. i might die tmr, n i'll regret the rest of endless life up on heaven or hell, regretting big time i couldn't do my hair.. ^^;'s just a girl thing.. thing... is over for TODAY for the most of people..i can’t wait for my friends to be back here… yeah yeah~~ it’s bad to get back to work again..boring stuff..
But really happy to c friends being around again.. \(^o^)/

Hope u all had a good holiday~~
Now..i’m looking at calendar… looking for next h’day.. OMG..there’s none in March…depressing~~

Btw, listening to this song at freddie’s blog.. 贱人 - by 温力铭
I dunno the meaning..but nice!! Anyone , teach me this song!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Chinese New Year..

It's the time of the year again..A day which i hate being here in Malaysia.
It's just boring holiday for me during CNY over here..
Friends are busy shoppnig for new clothes, buying gifts for families, preparing to go back to home town to meet those much missed faces..
I envy all those.. cuz i feel those activities are no longer relevant to me..

I have miles and miles to go if i ever want to go back to my home town.
It definately cost a lot of money and time if i ever want to go back for once.. and my annual leaves aren't just enuf to go back , say even for a week.. N it's still it's very very cold and freezing.. i can't even go shopping to buy some clothes to wear over here.. cuz it's all winter clothing!!!
after elaborating this advantages and that advantages..always end up here again, being grouchy in my little room in a hot tropical country, MaLaYsiA!!

Most of good friends are all back to their own home town and to their own families.....leaving me here alone!!! damn..shd have tagged along Kae back to her busy body..but what the heck..i can't even take a day leave..anyway she'll be busy with her families and hometown friends, n speaking in CHINESE which i dun understand a bit..^^;

Gosh....just realise how many outstaion people are living in KL.. the road seems to be getting empty n tmr, it'll be totally empty.. like a ghostly haunted city... i hate to see city benig so empty.. even i curse on traffic jam and too many crowds ..i still prefer lively city than emptiness of the city. like ...RIGHT NOW!!

Trying to quench the jealousness..but i just can't help it..
i'm so jealous those people having their good times during CNY with their familes and relatives..... i missed those times back then in Korea..
CNY used to be the best times of the year for me always......well.... until i was in Korea.. always gets lots of food, ang pow..and best of all, could meet all my relatives..cousins..aunties.. uncles... much i'm missing them now...... T.T

This year is gonna be another boring Holiday for me..stucking in the house, nowhere to SHOP moreover...gosh...this is really terrifying n Frustrating..!!! at least, if shops were to be opened..i won't feel this depressed...

Well.. at least, i have prepared a bit for this year's CNY unlike last year.... I bought few good books to read.. I bought a NEW PC to play at home.. I got my car cleaning kits to wash my car n mom's car... will be going for my new hairdo*thanks god they open today*.. will be trying to help my mom for her cooking..... well.....hopefully these lined up activities will subside my boredom..

Next year, definately i'll be packing my stuffs up and leave here to finally have my new year with all my missed relatives...after..after..such a long 10 yrs... never spend CNY in Korea......i miss my grandma a lot too..... next year.....definately i am going back!!!!
well..unless someone offers me to go for oversea hong kong..or australia..or europe..till plan is unchanged. *rolleyes* damn..missed this year's hong kong trip with cindy..... too late to more flight seats were available...n hotels... (T.T)

Anyway..Guys.. Happy Chinese New Year.. Gong Xi Fa Cai~~
새해 복 많이 받아요~~!!! @^_____^@ Selamat Tahun Baru Cina..
(wow..impressive... 4 languages.. ^^; )

this is where real new year starts...hope great things will ONLY happen..bad things..go go away.. i had had enuf in January...T.T

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

~☆ 3 more family members~☆

[30th January 2005]

Last Sunday was a really remarkable day for our family
My puppy…( should refer her as “doggy”) just gave a birth of 4 puppies..
Unfortunately, one died from the birth… and other 2 were very healthy… n the last pup was kinda weak… but still surviving well… (^___^)

When they were first born, they were wrapped in some kinda transparent membrane..n mother dog has to unwrap for them by licking or eating..or..whatever.. ^^; but my pup....i mean , my dog was failed to do so for the first puppy… and nor my parents or me knew what to do…so first puppy had to die like that on the cold hard floor… T. T
And the worst part is.. somehow it keeps linger in my mind…ahhhhhhh…..horrible..

Last pup was having difficulties too… I suppose my dog was failed to unwrap her as well… but since after looking at 2 more puppies’ great birth.. my dad got an rough idea what to do.. so when it seems that my dog was unable to save her last pup, my dad wore the gloves and unwrap it by himself~~ woohoo~~.. now we have 2 male and 1 female puppy in our family.. =) but funny thing puppy is white and so does her hubby… but babies are…really vary… one is white, the other is black and the other is white with black dots…. I wonder whether she really did it with her hubby… Mr.Dear was laughing yesterday when came to pick me up for dinner.. cuz he saw one stray black spotted white dog wandering around my house.. he said that my pup my did it with that dog…..oh my god….. no way… pup has a standard.. ^^;

It’s really amazing to see how my dog is taking care of her three puppies.. maybe it’s their instinct or mother’s love…..i’m not sure which it falls to… I thought my dog was just a spoilt pampered dog… she couldn’t even chew her food properly unless we cut them into small pieces and feed her.. but after gave a birth, she won’t stay away from her puppies.. sometimes she comes to our room and follow us here n there..but if she could hear her puppies crying , she immediately goes to her babies to see what has happened..

It sure be mother’s nature…doesn’t matter whether human being or animals…I wish I could have my own children to layan and saying too ♡…~~