Wednesday, February 02, 2005

~☆ 3 more family members~☆

[30th January 2005]

Last Sunday was a really remarkable day for our family
My puppy…( should refer her as “doggy”) just gave a birth of 4 puppies..
Unfortunately, one died from the birth… and other 2 were very healthy… n the last pup was kinda weak… but still surviving well… (^___^)

When they were first born, they were wrapped in some kinda transparent membrane..n mother dog has to unwrap for them by licking or eating..or..whatever.. ^^; but my pup....i mean , my dog was failed to do so for the first puppy… and nor my parents or me knew what to do…so first puppy had to die like that on the cold hard floor… T. T
And the worst part is.. somehow it keeps linger in my mind…ahhhhhhh…..horrible..

Last pup was having difficulties too… I suppose my dog was failed to unwrap her as well… but since after looking at 2 more puppies’ great birth.. my dad got an rough idea what to do.. so when it seems that my dog was unable to save her last pup, my dad wore the gloves and unwrap it by himself~~ woohoo~~.. now we have 2 male and 1 female puppy in our family.. =) but funny thing puppy is white and so does her hubby… but babies are…really vary… one is white, the other is black and the other is white with black dots…. I wonder whether she really did it with her hubby… Mr.Dear was laughing yesterday when came to pick me up for dinner.. cuz he saw one stray black spotted white dog wandering around my house.. he said that my pup my did it with that dog…..oh my god….. no way… pup has a standard.. ^^;

It’s really amazing to see how my dog is taking care of her three puppies.. maybe it’s their instinct or mother’s love…..i’m not sure which it falls to… I thought my dog was just a spoilt pampered dog… she couldn’t even chew her food properly unless we cut them into small pieces and feed her.. but after gave a birth, she won’t stay away from her puppies.. sometimes she comes to our room and follow us here n there..but if she could hear her puppies crying , she immediately goes to her babies to see what has happened..

It sure be mother’s nature…doesn’t matter whether human being or animals…I wish I could have my own children to layan and saying too ♡…~~


Anonymous said...

now you have many puppies to play with ^_^

PS. take some photos of your "happy family" *lol*

Ju-On Waz Ere

freddie said...

aiks... that poor puppy... anyway, life goes on... glad that you've 3 more little pups to play with now.

btw, don't your doggy has a name? have you name the pups yet?

yeah, pics pics pics!!

hayanna said...

yah..will upload soon..
nowadays very busy in the office T.T

MonCasa said...

wah~ so nice..ur puppies need teacher or not? nunu can teach them how to talk, how to read, and most importantly, how to flirt, haha! =P

shinchan said...

happy CNY