Sunday, February 13, 2005

Na Na Na~ New Hairdo~~

[12nd February 2005]
So reluctant to wake up early in the morning, to be back to my office cubicle.. is over…n back to working life…gosh…it’s really depressing…
Really couldn’t wake up and bring myself to the work…but what motivated me was today I’m gonna do my rest of hair~ yeah~ yeah~

So Tatan~~ here I am with my new hairdo.. ^___^
Dyed my hair on Tuesday evening after work, but it was pretty couldn’t do highlight .. so went back to salon on Saturday afternoon after work again .
Forced my mom to go with me, n paid for her perm too.. good daughter.. heehee *^^*
I love to be at hair salon… you can always anticipate what you would look like after you are done with your hair..there’s this Anticipation lingers…though it's not alwyas 100 satisfactory..there's once i've dyed my hair..n i didn't like the colour, on the very same day, went back to re-dye.. -.-; or permed my hair, after few days, did the rebonding.. salon, I can watch DVD or Video , can order some food to eat as well.. I just love being there… used to do my hair as often as every once a month or at least every two months… now hair damaged a lot, trying to recover it first…but just couldn’t keep my itchy butt n hands..had to go back to salon again to colour them at least… well…anyway my colour all faded away n look very disorganized and…. ..n…gave myself thousands of excuses to be there… ^^;

Cut a bit on forehead too.. (hair-bang) .. people say I look nicer…hehehehehe
Maybe something different… as Mr.Dear said… Fresh looking… he said I look like a China doll…dunno whether it’s a compliment or not.. >:P

After dinner at Regent Hotel, went to Curve, Senorita for drinks with friends and two leng cai Korean men… a friend kept asking me to perm back my hair… gosh… there..there… I start to be so tempting… many said I look nicer in perm hair..well..should have listened to them n shouldn’t have straighten my hair…damn…now there’s “should I or shouldn’t I” going on in my mind for the whole night…

I asked a friend to pay for me since he kept asking me to perm back my isn’t cheap nowadays.. he asked me to go n find a boyfriend to pay for me.. T.T
I never had a bf who paid for my hairdo ..neither I’ve ever thought abt it… hmmmmm ...
I’m sure they’ll run away sooner or later with its cost…If i had not done my hair n saved those $$$$$$$, i'm sure i could have paid for Kancil in CASH. Mom also nagging lots, not to waste my hard earned money to do some stupid stuff on hair..but wat the heck... who knows.. i might die tmr, n i'll regret the rest of endless life up on heaven or hell, regretting big time i couldn't do my hair.. ^^;'s just a girl thing.. thing... is over for TODAY for the most of people..i can’t wait for my friends to be back here… yeah yeah~~ it’s bad to get back to work again..boring stuff..
But really happy to c friends being around again.. \(^o^)/

Hope u all had a good holiday~~
Now..i’m looking at calendar… looking for next h’day.. OMG..there’s none in March…depressing~~

Btw, listening to this song at freddie’s blog.. 贱人 - by 温力铭
I dunno the meaning..but nice!! Anyone , teach me this song!


eRiCCa said...

贱人 - by 温力铭 this song is good!! i love it too...

erm... ahahaha... usually men get shocked when they listen to how much a woman spending on appearance... and women get shocked when they listen to how a man spending on cars, computers, toys... blablabla... AND ALSO ON WOMEN!! ahaha...

freddie said...

lyrics at

as for hairdos... i am not surprised on how much woman spent on hair. but rather surprised on how often you redo your hair. -.-"