Monday, April 18, 2005

Back to Specs..

I hate having poor vision..
I can't see anything with my bare eyes...

When i was at my primary school, I thought those people with specs look cool.. So much wanting to wear specs, I purposely sat right infront of TV for few hours to watch cartoons, read books under the dark dark room with a single candle light on though mom nagged me a lot not to do since it'll make my eye sight dropped...... I told her i won't do it again but at the back of her, my these ridiculous "i want my eye sight to drop" mission had continued for few weeks and months or so..

I was considered a quite tall gal then at primary school, i always had to sit at the very back of the classroom with other tall nerdy guys...n I hated it.. all of my gal friends were sitting either front or middle with all those cuties...I hated myself being tall too.. (to mind you, all those hot n cutie guys were short by then....sighz) Somehow, myself mingled with too many guys at the back of classroom, i became so boyish and naughty..
Sigh..or else i'd been a very elegant lady by now..... >.< and it continued till middle school, so does my "getting bad eyesight" mission..

One day at school, i was not able to note down what's written on black board..I couldn't read the words properly and it was very blurry...
I told my mom about this and she brought me to see an ophthalmologist..
After few test, I've finally gotten myself a spectacles..... I was so happy to get one.. my mom would have never seen my devil grin at the back of her when i finally got my specs.. In an instant, i felt like the coolest girl in the whole nation and earth and maybe..even in the planet..

Well...that was...about 10 years ago... n i felt so stupid to ruin my eye sight like stupid, silly i was.......damn it.....

N now....10 yrs later.....the most hated thing in the world is wearing my specs. I just hate wearing's so inconvenient... esp when u walk out from cold room to hot outside, or when u r eating those steaming hot food..n when u r kissing ur bf.....*giggle*

I have been wearing contact lenses few yrs now.. specs were for emergency when my lense were too dried to wear or has fallen off accidently.. but now i MUST WEAR this stupid pair of specs for at least a month... I had some kinda allergy on my eyes and cornea was hurt a bit ..maybe wearing contact lense wrongly for the past many many months... Doc advised me to wear back my glasses... n NO CONTACT LENSE at least a month or i might have to get some injection into my eyes......Arrghhhhh's like Dead sentence to me... I HATE IT.
I've nodded to a doc.....n when i was back home, i wore back my contact lense again cuz i had to go clubbing n i can't wear my specs to go clubbing ,can i??

From sunday, i'm wearing my specs and it's so promised me to send me for Lasik once my eyes are cured ... *yay~yay~yay*

No more clubbing for me as well till my eyes are okay...
i can't bear myself wearing specs to go to clubbing..
part of reason, i'm afraid i'm too drunk to lose my specs..*grin*

Everyone, has a nice week's damn monday again. T.T

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 food...

After work, wanted to go to Hartamas but it was terribly jam....well usual..detour to Ampang...and this is what i've eaten with my pet sister..
yes......this is how much i eat if i'm with my pet sis ..two pigs, pigging out food...... *embarassed*
Ate too much late night, just by looking at these pics, made me too full oledi...........

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hayanna goes to police station… :(

What a luck that I’ve had yesterday evening… This April is really sux big time for me..*shaking head*
From now on, I’d rather stuck in my house and not coming out till May comes…
Well..on the bright side, my life is never dull… When it seems to be mundane, always something pops up out of nowhere…..

Yesterday evening, after work, I’ve parked my car at ampang point opened parking lot and went to ampang point shopping center to get something.. N on the way out, I couldn’t resist of buying Baskin Robins icecream, I stopped to get some for myself before dinner as appetizer…

Happily eating away my ice cream, I was walking back to my car and met Mr.Y on the way to the car park.. we were chatting away and when I nearly reached my car , I’ve spotted a dented at the back of my car…
I was like…..”huh…..what’s this?” then to realize the dark gray waja was hitting my car while reversing back and he was trying to get away from it!!!!
I dunno why but I was just standing there, still eating my ice cream and just gasped “oh…” …acted like it was other people’s car….. but my friend Y ran after the car and managed to get the car plate number for me..
It was quite badly dented inwards… easily will cost couple of hundred to knock it back…… @%)(#^*(#%^()@$% bastard. Hit my car n run away… friend Y was even more mad… he said must go to the police station to report and started to drive to police station already but stuck in terrible jam… I’ve told him to detour back to Amapng point to get something to eat first since he was starving, without having lunch…
He was more agitated than me.. I had to tell him not to be so mad..maybe that driver was in a big rush… mom was going to die soon…so had to rush off without caring other cars…. Well..isn’t it persuasible… I do not want him to have high blood pressure and stress because of this.. I think it’s just how you look at the incident.. either be optimistic or pessimistic… n I always give this kind of excuses to myself , not to be so angry about anything…… hahahaha

After having dinner, said bye bye to Mr.Y since he didn’t have enuf sleep the previous night, didn’t want to disturb him and I went to police station to report with my pet sister… The police man was hardly able to speak English.. I had to explain to him with my poor Malay plus body language… thank god he was able to understand ..perhaps body language helped more.. I was using his toy cars to explain the incident as well..ha..ha..

Anyhow, they took some photographs, wrote a report.. police man said that I can claim the other party’s insurance to repair my he’s going to be on black listed that will not be able to renew his road tax n has to come to see the police before he can settle to renew his road tax..

Suddenly I felt very bad… it was just a dent..well…a big dent perhaps… but I put someone just on the black listed because of it…
And what if..the guy was a gangster or something…come and look for me to revenge?

What a luck on this month…….

Monday, April 11, 2005

weekend comes n go again..

I love Saturday the most... cuz do not have to worry about going to work the next day and can hang out till wee hours as to my liking.. n i love sunday morning cuz i can sleep till whatever time i like to do..yet i hate the sunday evening the most.....that's when monday blues start to stuck in..
I wish there're 48 hours per day on weekends.. just not enuf time to do whatever i wanted to do during weekdays... time just flies on weekends..aiiiishhhh... somebody pls hold the time for me..for weekend only *hehe*

[April 9 2005]
After work, rushed back home to do some house cleaning since mom was still sick on bed.. do laundry, cleaned the rooms, washrooms, washing dishes, cleaning up my puppy's pee n poo... i almost half dead , exhausted .. was lying on the bed like a dead corp for a while to rest..
N thought to myself, i can't waste my ever so precious Saturday, lying on the bed like this... gathered myself to wake up and rushed to shopping mall with my god sister..uh...wanted to get some gifts for my god brother since he was having birthday party on the evening.. (^^; i hv too many god bro n sis...) Was loitering around... looking at this n that... ended up buying more of my stuff and cash was running..n i haven't still gotten a thing for my god brother.....*sweat*

i bought a nice Zara spagetti top to wear underneath my jacket when go to work..(yeah yeah~just couldn't pass by the shop esp when its banner said "Last day of Sales" )
n... a half length jacket which i was longing to have for quite some times was MUST item to have to go with my new dress....n........uh.....some bags.....well...3 bags.......*sweat* i just couldn't decided which one to buy so ended up buying 3 all together, promising myself this would be the last bags i'm getting for this year... n come to think of it, i just bought 3 bags just less than a month ago....ahh but wtd...bags are never enuf... different clothes, different bags to go with..n shoes.....n..accessories.......sigh.....being girls, got so many things to buy... part was FUN but the next is horrible..
"how to smuggle in those shopping stuff to the house"
if my mom knew, she'll freak i always quickly hide the things n get into the house... sneak into the house with shopping bags without mom's knowledge..n if she ever asked "hey...i have not seen that clothes before!!" then i just casually said "oh...this one.. bought looooooong time ago... how come u dun remember!!!" or....i'd say......"'s very cheap..bought during sales.....RM20 only!!' yup..minus zero at the back of that 20 ... .. Rule no.1.. never ever tell your mom the true price of the stuff u bought.. the next min, your cc or atm cards would go missing from your wallet .. for long long time...

I quietly went upstair to my room and hide those bags under the clothes ..phewwwwww... luckily mom didn't see... yay yay yay~
what comes next is to think later, at least i'm safe at the moment. hehehehe

After getting changed, i headed to KTV at god bro was having his birthday party at SongBird..gosh..i dunno what's got into him to have his birthday party at karaoke.. he never like this place n now he's having his own bday party here.. *shakehead*
Anyway when i reached , he was with his friends in the room... there were 1 bottle of 2 litre Chivas, n another BIg BIg swing bottle of Chivas (not sure how many litre but it's really HUGE) and a box of beers..some snacks.. i was worried of getting caught in a road block so try sipping my cokes only but my friend assured that he'll drive me back with my car...then that's when my eyes sparkled..n started going around to yamseng like it was my birthday..
n i had too much of Hagen-Daze ice cream cakes..but it was just too delicious...*drool*..
Thought of waiting till the party finished so the friend cat drive me back but just too tired and was worried about my mom, so headed back off at 1:00am...was worried about road block..but took the back road and prayed so hard to the god not to have any road blocks on my way..n tatan..i've reached home safely.. :D

[10th April 2005]
Woke up at 6am...tot it was working day... i quickly woke up n made myself till the washroom, brushing my teeth..only to realise it was Sunday... u can't imagine how happy i was..quickly put down the tooth brush and walked back to my bed to Zzzzz.. only woke up at 10.00am..rushed rushed n went to the church... new priest was preaching too long...i wanted to leave at 11.30 but mom's fierce eyes..i had to sit at the finishes at 12.. so i decided to stay till 12 and quickly rushed to sunway to have food fiesta with xettie members..
then this priest..never end preaching till 12 ++ ..i was sigh-ing there.. till my mom was not able to tahan of me..asked me to "GO OUT"..hehehehe
i quickly's already 12:20pm and i was still at Ampang..
n moreover, had to pick up Kae from her house..if i were to take kesas highway, half an hour could reach at sunawy, but had to make a bit of detour to take Ms.Kae, the princess. ^^; kakakakaka

When we reached at Nagisa, it was almost 1:30pm...damn...have only an hour to eat.....i was hardly talking, kept eating n eating ..even forgot to take food pics......yup...i was that concentrated on eating...hohohoho~

had a chat with xettie members..(attendance of nagisa : rourou+bf+rourou's sister, cathy+kit, hazel, shinchan(who i've mistaken to nunu...they look alike), and..a lyn member..uh.....weapon something id man...(sorry can't remember),kae) Kae was hardly eating..i'd rather say, nibbling her food..*shake head* wasting of money... she shd have ordered a la cate since become a small eater... n myself.....hehehe i've eaten more than what i've paid for ...Satisfying~~ *showing V sign*
Rourou's bf was very touchy... rourou wanted to eat strawberries but it was ran out...he even personally went up to captain and ask some strawberries specially for rourou..n specially added "my gf said no need to cut" hahaha it was funny ... must envy rourou for having such a nice does cathy.. bf brings her food.....must must make bf n bring him together with me.... it was so lovely sight...*jealous*

Anyway it was fun pigging out food together n chit chatting wtih xettie members..i wish they could organize more of pigging out gatherings..
n now..freddie..where's our seafood gathering????!!!!

After lunch, went back home...hit the bed till this morning......

was a lovely weekend... n i'm eagerly waiting for this weekend again...

hv a nice week ahead everyone!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

4 minutes per day..
thought to light up your life..

something to share with .. thought it’s quite touchy..
N specially dedicate to my friend, who just went through an sorrowful event....
N as she described “very serious injured in her heart”
Hope she’ll be alright soon…

Very often when we meet someone we love, he or she belongs to someone else.
There would come a time when we have to stop loving someone not because that person started hating us but because we found out that they’d be happier if we let them go.
It’s so funny how we set qualification for the right person to love, while at the back of our minds we know that the person we truly love will always be an exception…

You will know when you really love someone when you want him/her to be happy even if their happiness means you’re not a part of it…
If someone comes into your life and become a part of you but for some reasons he/she couldn’t stay, don’t cry too much.. just be glad that your paths crossed and somehow he/she made you happy even for a while..
There are something that we never want to let go of.. people we never want to leave behind.. but keep in mind that letting go is not the end of the world, but rather that it is the beginning of a new life..
Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want him or her to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all he or she has…
Remember that the best relationship is when your love for each other is greater than your need for each other…

Two tear drops were floating down the river. One teardrop said to the other, “ I’m the teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him…who are you?” “I’m the teardrop of the man who regret letting go of a girl go…” Never let regret form part of your life..

You’ll know that you miss someone very much when every time you think of that person, your heart breaks into pieces… and just a quick “hello” from that person can bring the broken pieces back..
When you love someone, draw a circle around their name instead of a heart because hearts can be broken but circle never end…
What would you do if the only person who could make you stop crying is the person who makes you cry?
“Every stop I took since the moment I could walk was a step towards finding you ..”
you don’t want to let go; but it’s even more painful to ask someone stay if you can never make the relationship work on the way it should be…
Love? It’s kinda complicated but I’ll tell you this..the second you’re willing to make yourself miserable to make someone else happy, that’s love right..
If I had letters “HRT” , I can add “EA” to get a “HEART” or a “U” and get “HURT”. But I’d rather choose “U” and get “HURT” than have a “HEART” without “U”
Giving someone all your love is not an assurance that he will love you back. Don’t expect love in return, wait for it to grow in his heart, if it doesn’t, be contented it grows in you..It takes a minute to have crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to fall in love with someone but it takes a life time to really forget someone you have grown to love…

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Someone that i love..

There're few people in my life whom i appreciate and love the most..
and he's the one of them..and surely in the top priority list in my life..

here is the pic of my brother.. (the one on the left, holding gun *^^*)

Image hosted by
(pic is really blurry...aishhh)

I was so eagerly waiting for his news.. since there was none for the past few months...was worried a lot but finally he had written to me :D n together with his pic *^___^*
well..back to old time's communication... "Snail Mail" no email, no phone.. cuz he's in the army.. i'm dying to see him ..i miss him so very much.. though he was pain in the ass while he was staying together..but now when he's gone and not able to see him for two yrs..i miss him really a imagine how happy i was to get a news from him :D yeah yeah yeah~~ he seems to be grown up a lot after sent for army service.. before that he was very childish spoilt brat..but now he's not :) In Korean saying, "Men should go to army to be grown up." haha..quite true partially.

I wish he'll be here soon..another a year to go... T.T

U guys dun bully bro is a soldier..*rolleyes*
but he told me he's like an office boy..cuz he's a translator in an army..all he does is typing document and making coffee for his big boss, general .. *sweat sweat*

ah........miss himmmmmmmmmmmmm T.T

Bad, Double Bad..arrrrrrrghhhh...

It’s been such an exhausting weekend for me.. and it still is till now….. T.T

As many of you know, my parents have admitted to the hospital due to dengue… blardy aimless mosquitoes.. they dun really have any purpose to live in this earth…. @#^)(%$
I thought it was other people’s stories when I read and heard about dengue.. never thought it’d happen to my family… and for both my mom and dad…..aiiiiiii…….

From Thursday morning, mom and dad felt ill.. I thought it was just those flu because they were too over exercised the day before.. went to golf ranging in the morning, went for a walk an hour at the park plus gym in the afternoon for my mom… just brought her to near by clinic and got some medicines and injections for my mom and dad.. n told them not to over-do exercise anymore since their age is catching up.. ^^;

Few days later, seems my mom’s condition got worsen.. and brought her again to the nearby clinic and asked them to do blood test as well.. and came home with some medicines again… the doc said I could get a result on the very same day..cuz since it’s dengue suspect case, they’ll put dengue suspect patience on top priority… but till evening, there’s no news from them..i’ve called up and they said by mistake, they were not able to send her blood to the lab..what the heck is this man.. @#%()$#(%^)(@)%

The very next day, brought my mom to Glenneagles ER.. yah..she was that Sick.. T.T
They did some check up and when the result is out, they’ve told me her blood had infection oledi from dengue virus.. advised me to admit her to the hospital on the very same day or can bring her back the next day to do the test again since blood count isn’t that low.. asked mom to stay in the hospital but she refused and insisted on going back home….. so stubborn lady….. I had no choice but brought my mom back home ..

Was panic a bit.. I dunno how to do and what to do.. I’ve never admit anyone to hospital .. T.T moreover, no insurance……arghhhhhhh……
I’ve called here and there to ask around… even called Freddie to ask him cuz I remember his brother is a doctor.. but instead, he passed his phone to his girlfriend saying that she is an expert in this field.. n thanks Freddie n to his gf. It was helpful indeed..

After making few more calls to friends who are in medic line.. I’ve decided to put my mom at Sentosa.. thank god there’re few friends who are in medical field.. they could give some insight helpful advises… Ampang Puteri was big NONONO cuz a friend of our family had passed away in that damn hospital due to blardy doc’s wrong diagnose.. Gleeneagles is not so trustworthy too.. they’re more eager to suck every penny out from your pocket than giving proper treatment to patience..well…at least that’s how I think of these two hospitals..even glenneagles claim that even Agong came over their place for treatment….maybe that’s why he died?? rolleyes

There’s one Korean lady who was admitted at Glenneagles ..due to dengue suspect.. all they did was just gave her some glucose injects.. and never even do proper blood test even before they discharge her.. n rather they ask her to go for brain scan since she was having severe headache…hellooooooooo that’s one of symptom of dengue.. n they asked her to go for that blardy expensive brain scanning? Wat the F!!!!
I’ve asked her to go back to another hospital to double check..since she was sooooooo weak…like my mom…..T.T

Okay..back to my parents….. brought my mom to hospital on monday morning. Confirmed dengue.. blood count dropped too much compared to yesterday’s result. Had to admit her immediately.. n guess what……my dad’s blood count is even lower than my mom but he really looked strong and okay except that he started to have rashes all over his body with dried skin.. T.T but my dad refused to get admitted..and he ran off for “oh so important business meeting”…. T.T I was so worried about him.. kept calling his business partner to let me know once the mtg is finished.. n when mtg has finished, his friend called to inform me..i rushed to the place and hijack my dad n brought him to the hospital..
Doc said his blood count is low..but since he doesn’t want to get admitted and looks strong, he may come back the next day to do the test again and if blood counts get lower, he has to admit as well.. and yah… the next day back to hospital, his result is worsen..he had to admit to the hospital. T.T damn sad lar..
In an instant, they become famous.. docs n nurses call them “oh..that Korean dengue couple in that room” *sweat*

It’s such a bad month starts……arrrghhhhhh……this year doesn’t seem to good to me… sighz……. Big sighz………

Anyway, would like to thank Mr.Y for cooking porridge for my mom on Saturday..he was sweating so much until I feel so sorry for him but it was indeed one good delicious porridge.. I bet u can open a restaurant if u ever want to leave ur current job..i become a helper.. ^^;
N thanks to Mr.S to drive me around on Sunday till late at night to find suitable hospital for my mom the next day..I insisted on going around every potential hospitals to check their hygiene … sorry for being difficult.. *sweat*
Another big thanks to Mr.N for looking around and check every hospital info and charges for me as well as taking trouble to go and ask one by one who had dengue before and kept messaged me for what to do..what not to do…… so touched..

N not to forget Xettie members for their support n concern..
After all, I’m happy cuz I got to know that I have many good friends who are willing to give me hands and shoulder when I need them the most J After all, my life isn’t that sux with good people around.

Friday, April 01, 2005

BAD BAD BAD....... T.T

While i was out to collect our house new family car, mom called me up and to tell me to come home quickly...she was sobbing n my heart sank...what again?! cuz she was very sick last nite, she called me sobbing..asking me to come home as soon as possible to bring her to the clinic.. i was driving like F1 driver.. and on the ampang highway, slow down a bit.. cuz suddenly a thought came across my mind that if i die now with an accident, nobody is going to bring my mom to see a doc.. ^^;

n now she's calling me again , sobbing even more than yesterday..
she told me that my fav pup, spotty has fallen from 2nd floor.....
My god...without asking more details, i detour and quickly quickly rushed back home......n farking stupid jam... i put on double signal light and took the opposite lane since no cars were coming... i was thinking "die die lar" and drove fast home......(now come to think of it..quite stupid of me..die bez of puppy ^^;)

Mom was at the gate, holding puppy and kept sobbing unconciously..
I quickly took the puppy from her and ran ran ran to the vet.
lucky it wasn't that far from my hse or else i'd have risk my life again driving fast...

I kept asking him to open his eyes..since he was very stonned... Gosh.. heart pain heart pain..

reached vet quickly..stupid vet..asking me to register first before handing it over to him...what the $)%($$#%... every second counts here, and he's taking his damn farking sweet time to register and start calculating the cost first..what the heck is wrong with him?? he didn't even have a look at the pup, and calculating how much it'd cost him? F#$)%( you..

Vet checked here n there.. asking me to leave a pup for a day to monitor.. might suffer from internal bleeding..they have to monitor the puppy closely and to get the blood test results... i left my phone no so that he can call me just incase if there's any BAD news...... T.T i really hope not..

Tomorrow after work, will take the pup and will visit another vet..this guy is not reliable at all..... previously took a puppy to see that vet, n my pup's condition got even worse after that....... stupid that also call a vet.. *shaking head furiously* just hope that nothing would happen to my dear pup tonight so that i can bring it to better vet tomorrow..

pray......pray.........pray..................everyone pray for my pup.......

Gosh.......just a pup, feel this much worried and heart pain..
i can't imagine if it was my own kid......sure i'm going to be one big fussy over protected mom.

Monday, March 28, 2005

**I know what you did on weekend ** was a FUN filled weekend..

[ 25th March, Friday]
On Friday, went out yamseng with friends at Mbar, Ampang Park.
I suggested to play card games that usually I play to make other people get drunk.. n i ended up drinking most of the times.. bad bad luck..:shake head: but it was fun to drink whisky from the water jug...>.<

[26th March Sat]
With lack of sleep from previous night's out, woke up in the moring with puffy eyes and dark circle.. Hated to bring myself to the office..but what to's half day anyway..... sighz Sighz SiGhz... I HATE WORKING ON SATURDAY!!!! After work, went to do my hair again......heeeheeeheeee yipeeeee.~~~ Had to sit in an uncomfy chair for 5 hours to get perm.....those people were way too slow and took their own sweet times to do.....can you belive..just to roll my hair up.......they took damn 40 mins... whereby other people could easily do with 10 mins..... but never mind..hoho..quite satisfy with results.. everyone says i look cute ..hohohoho~~ not ever, this year, going to touch my hair again...that's it.....this is the LAST time to do my hair..

I had sent my car for car wash at KL plaza.. and only came to pick it up around$%^()#($ they were closed already and nobody was at sight...i was panic......and ran here n there to find a security guard to assist me..and finally there was one very friendly chinese man..who had called them for me (guess he was a regular or something) and told me that my car key was with jockey on the ground floor.....phew....... I thought they just went missing with my car. T.T...i'd never my leave my car too long again... quickly went up to get my car key and rushed back to the car... n guess what... i didn't even know they had left me their phone no in a note on my front window...and i had made such a fuss.. ^^; ..n funny thing was..i could see one panic japanese lady.. so i thoguth she had left her car too long too at car wash..hahahaha..i went to talk to her n yes..she thought her car was missing too with car wash man..i let her know how to get back her car key..and i've never seen someone who said that much of thank you within a min.. ^^; she must be real panic too... Went back home for a while to rest...and went to mamak with my pet sister and some korean friends... was eating eating, chatting chatting at mamak..and ended up deciding to go to clubbing.....yoohoooo~~ though was very tired and sleepy... i dragged myself..well...quite happily to Rum Jungle.. *^^* n so happened that, Cathy and Kit had joined me later at night too... it was about 10 of us..and we had 3 bottles of Chivas and one bottle of Bombay... it was a fun crazy night out.. n ppl......GUESS WHAT~! Kit and Cathy are really good dancers...wooOooo very sexy sexy~~~~~!!! ^0^ Everybody was high(well..except those who had to drive.....hahahah sorry next time i'll drive, u can drink drink drink.....=P ) and it was sooooooooo fun.....we should do this more often. *^^* ...(except the part being nagged by parents of coming back home late..^^; )

[27th March Sunday]
Woke up quite early..wanted to go to the church to attend Easter service..n i've told everyone last night that i'm going to go to the church..if i wasn't, i was supposed to treat Cathy 4 shots of vodka...and ... i just ended up just lying on the bed and switched TV instead..nvm..i'll just get her 4 shots of vodka....... ^^; It was so tiring on friday and saturday.. I wanted to lie on my bed the whole day..n it was drizzling......such a perfect weather to sleep.. then my pet sis wanted to buy some shoes..was supposed to go on saturday but wasted so much time doing my hair that i felt kinda agreeded to go to 1 utama.. n it was the worst shopping experiences..too many cars, too many people...T.T n i was very sleepy....was like a walking zombie..>.<

In the end, ended up buying nothing.....aduh.....
Didn't shop that much..just for two hour..then headed back to Ampang..
n so happen again that had dinner with Kit and Cathy...
Cathy lovesssssss Korean food so much...i guess she loves it more than I do... she was very cute when trying to wrap her pork in lettuce and the way she had cold noodles..hohohoho ^0^

After a dinner, quickly back home and immediately KO till this morning..
N as usual, woke up late..rushed to the office like a frantic..

Well..another week has started..wishing everyone a good week ahead~

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Xettie Board - Kajang Satay Gathering

Tatan~ Finally here goes the update for Kajang Satay Gathering.
Before that, here goes my big thanks to Kit and Cathy to spend on us for was yummy!! n thanks for paying my tapow too ^^; muacks.


Lalala~~ Satay Gathering~~ It's been a while last i've met up with xettie members..and plus today, other memebers that i have never met are coming as well so quite excited to meet them up.

Left house at 6:30pm to pick up Ms.Kae at Ampang Park LRT station and she was late for 20 mins... -.,-+ Then headed to Maju Junction to meet up with Freddie at 7:15pm ..he said he can guide me to Kajang since I have no idea how to go there... n waited..waited..n waited.. at 8pm...Freddie's car finally appeared...^^; while waiting for Freddie, I parked under the trees, a lot of birds' poop fell down to decorate my cars.. n big big "i dunno what" insects came and sticking on my car's window.....ewwwwwwww.arrrrrrghhhhh......

It was slightly jam on the way to Kajang but wasn't that bad at all.. On the way, I lost Freddie few times and followed "god knows who" cars until Kae had pointed me out i wasn't following freddie's car..thank god she was there.. or else i might not have ended up in Kajang satay gathering on that nite.. ^^;
Passed throught some familiar spots in Kajang..and just remembered that i used to live in Kajang for a while when i was in Secondary school.. dad loved the place called Kajang Beverly hills or something... the houses over there were really beautiful..i used to cycle around the town just to peep in other people's house and admire how beautiful they are.. i still could remember vividly this house, with water fountain in their living room!!! I think houses over there are 10 times better than those one at Bkt Tunku or Damansara.. dun under-estimate kajang u know.. :hehe:

Cathy, Kit and Nigel were waiting for us... n Kit was eating away his coconut very happily... hahahaha.. After ordering some satays.. (beef, chicken,rabbit n fish! i've never tried rabbit meat before.. n i tell's same like Chicken.. i still do not know which taste was Rabbit meat) nomnom,wauhaha,nunu,god3ess and others have arrived.. I thought all of them were going to ffk us...thank god they've turned up.. but i do not know who was who actually.. cuz they never introduce themselves..well..maybe not to me...:rolleyes: just asked freddie for who is who...

God3ess was rather quiet..hardly talk to me..maybe he sat too far away from my seat.. damn...i've bought candles specially for him and he never even come an inch close to me.. i'll wait for you next time!!!!

Satay was great...meat was chunky and sauce was delicious..
n Cathy told me some rumours that they had for this shop...
they use "something" to boil to make sauce out from it..
and that makes people keep coming back to their shop..something like a black magic.. well i dun really care or felt disgusted.. as long as it tastes nice..n i do not see them with my two very own eyes.. it's FINE~!

they do have a similar rumour like this in Korea too.. there was one very well known dumpling shops... people spread the rumours that they're using those dead human bodies meat as their dumpling filling..but what the heck... people still go back to its place to have more dumpling..cuz it's so delicious..yah..maybe they're under spell oledi.. ^^;

After satay, cathy,kit,kae and me(well..not actually Kae..cuz she didn't know about it until sat in my car --;) have decided to go for couple of beer... since Kit and i had this yearning for cold beer... :drooling:
Thank god they've agreeded to come to Ampang ^__^
We went to this pub where i love to go if i'm wearing very casual.. ^^ it's more of pick up joint for uncles and aunties.. but its ambiance is pretty good and cozy...We had mixed guiness stout with TIgers..n it was so yummy...
Cathy just had an ice tea.. and maybe her body wanted a bit of alcohol, in the end, she ordered long island tea.. but i dun think she liked it..cuz she said it was too strong..but isn't that the whole point of ordering long island tea? ^0^

After that,met up with Bar singer, Andrew.. he was my then clubbing friend's kaki..chatted a bit here n there... n after dancing with Kae, he asked me to dance..but I felt so embarassed..i was just wearing short pants and slippers.. >.<.. Andrew is relatively tall person and he said i'm just nice for his dance partner.. i told him it'd be the first n faithful mar......hohohohohoho
n i love drinking with Kit and Cathy.. cuz kit never said "no" for another jug..hohohohoho~~

Hope we could do this more often..

N here are the pictures.. Not many I've taken.. and people kept hiding their faces..hard to the end, i just gave up taking any of them.

Image hosted by
<-c the guy hiding there? it's God3ess ..nunu with his hat.. and side view of his gf's face ^^;

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
[Bit of each one's face.. nomnom,kae,wauhaha,nomnom's friends]
Image hosted by <-our host, kit n cathy
Image hosted by<-eaten satay ..left sticks.. ^^

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

**Food Fiesta** goes the update of my blog.. been so lazy for the past few days..or weeks..whatever..

We (Kae n Me) have a very cute Japanese friend..his name is Dai..
He was assigned here for half a year but end of this month,he'll be transferring back to Hong Kong most porbably.. so before he goes back to Hong Kong without a word, we have decided to bring him out for very localised food...

He loves eating..and always finish every dishes till last pieces and drop of the source.. hahaha~!

we brought him to this corner chinese food stall near pudu..they're serving wild boar, herbal chicken..n those edible turtles.. >.< (ya..if u guys read kae's blog before, it's the shop that Kae went to with her friend) honsetly i had this i couldn't really eat those black chickens and turtles.. i just couldn't.. get my hands on them.....ewwwww... anyway, here are some pics to share...
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by <--Dai San
Image hosted by Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
[black chicken] [turtle soup] [wild boar curry]

after the food, we wanted to go for ice loh at jln imbi..unfortunately, the shop was instead, head to kae suggested to go to ss2 but was lazy to drive so just drop by at for a while to haev some desserts... n honestly it sux... should have listened to kae to drive down to ss2. at least more choices and taste would be better..
Image hosted by<--black bitter had...uh...forgot the had very weird name so i've decided to order..then it taste horrible.. but kae said that it'll make ur skin just gulp them.. Image hosted by<--sago..usually i love to eat this..but it was way toooooo sweet...though i had a sweet tooth..this is really too much.. >.<

well..overall, it wasn't that horrible..cuz had nice two friends to chit chat over.. after all, it matters who you are with, what you stuff into your mouth.. ^^;

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

~~Spring Cleaning~~

Spring Cleaning

Over the weekend, I’ve cleaned my room..
There were too many rubbish in the room that I can hardly put anymore stuff..

I have so long wanted to do spring cleaning.. n didn’t have time to….well… been lazy to do so until on Saturday.. when I’m back from my shopping spread.. really I didn’t have any more hangers to put my new clothes.. that’s when I’ve really started forking out all the stuff, went through one by one.. deciding which one to keep and which one to sell it off…

Well.. initially thought of throwing them out…then..thought I might give donation to those orang asli…which my church goes to help… but in the end..I thought..maybe it’d be better to sell online?? Like at lelong or ebay.. at least could make some $$$$..isn't this brilliant..!!! and I’m sure orang asli is happier to have money than some used Fendi bags or Armani shirt which is a bit…uhm…extraordinary and out of fashion…

So I took all my clothes out from the drawer and hangers.. put them all on the floor.. went through one by one….to decide which one to keep…… there were just too many stuff to go through… in the end… I’ve just fell on the pile of clothes..n ZzzzZzz..aiiii…

The next day..on Sunday..continue cleaning up after my church service…N guess what… the end..i’ve just put every stuff back to its place..
I just couldn’t throw them away… or even sell them away…Each clothes, bags, shoes… or even piece of movie tickets.. has many fond of memories for different events… I was like…..oh…….i wore that one when I was……. Oh…this is what I bought during holiday to Koh Samui… oh..this bag is brought from bali to go picnic with my puppies…oh that movie……was the first movie that I watch with…… u know…….these kinda memories…..stopped me from throwing them away… I just Couldn’t DO It.. I felt like.. I’m throwing away my part of memories.. instead, I just put them in a few boxes.. and kept underneath of the table… I guess I could never throw away my stuffs .. ^^;

Monday, February 28, 2005

Big Big Girl ......

Can't get out of this freaking song out of my head for this whole morning..

I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing if u leave me
But I do do feel
That I do do will
Miss u much
Miss u much

I can see the first leafs falling
It's all yellow and nice
It's so very cold outside
Like the way I'm feeling inside

Outside it's no raining
And tears are falling from my eyes
Why did it have to happen
Why did it all have to end

I have your arms around me
Warm like fire
But when I open my eyes......
Your gone

I'm a big big girl
In a big big world
It's not a big big thing if u leave me
But I do do feel
That I do do will
Miss u much
Miss u much


I haven’t updated my blog for quite some times..
Was busy and..yah… a bit lazy to jolt..well..type them down…or up..
But I should do so before I forget what happened.. at least for my remembrance of the “date”.. since I have stopped writing my diary after this bloggy thing..

17th ~18th February : Trip to Jakarta..
Went to Jakarta with daddy for his business trip..
Supposed to stay till 20th but I could fly back early.. luckily their domestic flight to “god knows where” had been delayed way too long.. all of us, just called it a quit..

First day at Jakarta was nothing much….. was very tired…
Touched down in the morning, went to hotel to check in at Merdien hotel..the security was very very tight.. after that Mariott hotel bombing incident.. a local told me that now, the safest hotel is “Mariott”..they have rebuilt the whole place with bullet proof window, anti bombing..what what… @.@

They wanted to bring me to shop..i said NOPE and instead, took a nap.. it’s incredible I’ve said no to shopping trip especially in foreign land..kudos.. =P
N after nap..there goes a meeting…n dinner meeting…supper meeting…..$)%(%^#$.. only went to bed almost at 1am….. only got few hours to close my eyes..since the next day, the flight was at 6am..had to wake up at 4am..

N yup..the flight has been delayed to 9am..damn..there goes my precious sleep..i woke up so early in the morning for nothing…
Anyway after a small talk at the airport, we detour back to City.. went back to hotel, re-check in and went for a short city tour and lunch .. I can’t remember what the place that they brought me though… it’s a seaside with theme park, water park and yacht dock..
Well.. it’s a pretty good concept.. I guess they were copying Gold Coast kinda theme..
But I tell you, the sea water stinks big time.. and its sea colour is so damn black.. it’s the dirtiest sea I’ve ever went to it, Port Dickson’s water is really crystal clear… They actually throw all the sewage from the city to this poor sea.. they do not have enuf money(well..i bet politician are busy pocketing those money to themselves..nothing left for the country..) to build any filtered system…so those wastes, all just go directly to the sea, which caused it to the biggest pollution I’ve ever seen, just right in front of my eyes..
It really STINK.. I thought all the corpse at Aceh, had floated down here…ewwwwwwwww…
Apparently, we borrowed one speed boat for cruising, and less than half an hour, everybody gave up and just wanted to return….

After that little trip, I’ve just decided to take back the flight to KL…
(pics will be updated later on……..)

N from 18th of February evening till 25th of February morning… was the BEST time I’ve ever had in my life….. and funnily… right after those best time..why always worst time has to come together.. from Saturday……it’s been the worst time of my life….I couldn’t sleep…….i couldn’t’ eat… bloody hell…..last night…couldn’t sleep at all.. only managed to sleep around 4am………and had a nightmare.. A girl..which I believe to be a ghost.. cuz she had long hair in her white gown..yup..typical ghost from Korean horror movie..anyway that kinda looking thing was trying to drown me.. I couldn’t really breathe… at least for a min.. and I woke up… I think……ghost is following me…omg…… n wants to kill me I best =( mom said my “Qi” is lessen.. (yup..Koreans believe in these too).. she said I must take some Chinese medicine…..oh freak it… I’d rather die… n that brings me to think……how many would cry for me badly if I die? Well..of course my family will do so….. n maybe Kae(i hope u do!!)…… n others will be laughing in the toilet… >.<

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

**Valentine's Day**

Valentine’s Day.

Hope you all had loving Valentine’s day..
Well.. I don’t find this date that great to celebrate and make fuss anymore..
Used to go for chocolate shopping, bought bunch of cards to give around..but not anymore.. Everyday should be Valentine day for couples I believe.. ^__^

Surprised gifts on just normal days are more memorable and touching than giving gifts on these kinda day, in my opinion.. like…receiving flowers on Monday morning to cheer me up , rather than receiving flowers on Vday.. ^0^

Anyway… here goes my vday gift…..heeeeeheeeeeeheeeeeeee
Isn’t this cute…… it pairs with my Xmas gift doggy doll…so cute…..
N I specially like the flower that was tied up on the head by a friend..hahaha so adorable…. *^^*

Thanks a lot~~~~~

Little Pups~

Here are the pics of my puppies...... *^^*
They’re growing up well.. drinking milk a lot, sleep a lot, poo a lot, pee a lot.. haha..
The thing is, every time they poo or pee, my pup(their mother) is licking it all……ewwwwww
I’ve stopped kissing my pup due to’s…gross… @.@

IT's funny n mom are all white .. but the kids(?) have all different, white and white with black dots.. ^__^

I haven’t given them names yet… maybe you guys could suggest for me..

Initially, thought of giving two of them away and keep only one..but my mom and I, suddenly changed our mind to keep all of three.. just too cute and precious to give them away…….

White pup is my personal favourite......looks like a little pig..*oink oink*

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ang Pow..~~

How much you all had this year for ang pow?
I only had two ang pow..even my very own parents, didn't want to give me any..
they said that i'm i should give them instead, not that they still give me.. (>.<)

I had two ang pow from the same person.. heeheehee ^^~~
n the ang pow pack he gave me for second time.... guess what~~!!! he put notes wrongly..didn't realise two notes were sticked i had more ~~ woohoo~~ lucky year it's gonna be...
n i do really hope so!!!!

Na Na Na~ New Hairdo~~

[12nd February 2005]
So reluctant to wake up early in the morning, to be back to my office cubicle.. is over…n back to working life…gosh…it’s really depressing…
Really couldn’t wake up and bring myself to the work…but what motivated me was today I’m gonna do my rest of hair~ yeah~ yeah~

So Tatan~~ here I am with my new hairdo.. ^___^
Dyed my hair on Tuesday evening after work, but it was pretty couldn’t do highlight .. so went back to salon on Saturday afternoon after work again .
Forced my mom to go with me, n paid for her perm too.. good daughter.. heehee *^^*
I love to be at hair salon… you can always anticipate what you would look like after you are done with your hair..there’s this Anticipation lingers…though it's not alwyas 100 satisfactory..there's once i've dyed my hair..n i didn't like the colour, on the very same day, went back to re-dye.. -.-; or permed my hair, after few days, did the rebonding.. salon, I can watch DVD or Video , can order some food to eat as well.. I just love being there… used to do my hair as often as every once a month or at least every two months… now hair damaged a lot, trying to recover it first…but just couldn’t keep my itchy butt n hands..had to go back to salon again to colour them at least… well…anyway my colour all faded away n look very disorganized and…. ..n…gave myself thousands of excuses to be there… ^^;

Cut a bit on forehead too.. (hair-bang) .. people say I look nicer…hehehehehe
Maybe something different… as Mr.Dear said… Fresh looking… he said I look like a China doll…dunno whether it’s a compliment or not.. >:P

After dinner at Regent Hotel, went to Curve, Senorita for drinks with friends and two leng cai Korean men… a friend kept asking me to perm back my hair… gosh… there..there… I start to be so tempting… many said I look nicer in perm hair..well..should have listened to them n shouldn’t have straighten my hair…damn…now there’s “should I or shouldn’t I” going on in my mind for the whole night…

I asked a friend to pay for me since he kept asking me to perm back my isn’t cheap nowadays.. he asked me to go n find a boyfriend to pay for me.. T.T
I never had a bf who paid for my hairdo ..neither I’ve ever thought abt it… hmmmmm ...
I’m sure they’ll run away sooner or later with its cost…If i had not done my hair n saved those $$$$$$$, i'm sure i could have paid for Kancil in CASH. Mom also nagging lots, not to waste my hard earned money to do some stupid stuff on hair..but wat the heck... who knows.. i might die tmr, n i'll regret the rest of endless life up on heaven or hell, regretting big time i couldn't do my hair.. ^^;'s just a girl thing.. thing... is over for TODAY for the most of people..i can’t wait for my friends to be back here… yeah yeah~~ it’s bad to get back to work again..boring stuff..
But really happy to c friends being around again.. \(^o^)/

Hope u all had a good holiday~~
Now..i’m looking at calendar… looking for next h’day.. OMG..there’s none in March…depressing~~

Btw, listening to this song at freddie’s blog.. 贱人 - by 温力铭
I dunno the meaning..but nice!! Anyone , teach me this song!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Chinese New Year..

It's the time of the year again..A day which i hate being here in Malaysia.
It's just boring holiday for me during CNY over here..
Friends are busy shoppnig for new clothes, buying gifts for families, preparing to go back to home town to meet those much missed faces..
I envy all those.. cuz i feel those activities are no longer relevant to me..

I have miles and miles to go if i ever want to go back to my home town.
It definately cost a lot of money and time if i ever want to go back for once.. and my annual leaves aren't just enuf to go back , say even for a week.. N it's still it's very very cold and freezing.. i can't even go shopping to buy some clothes to wear over here.. cuz it's all winter clothing!!!
after elaborating this advantages and that advantages..always end up here again, being grouchy in my little room in a hot tropical country, MaLaYsiA!!

Most of good friends are all back to their own home town and to their own families.....leaving me here alone!!! damn..shd have tagged along Kae back to her busy body..but what the heck..i can't even take a day leave..anyway she'll be busy with her families and hometown friends, n speaking in CHINESE which i dun understand a bit..^^;

Gosh....just realise how many outstaion people are living in KL.. the road seems to be getting empty n tmr, it'll be totally empty.. like a ghostly haunted city... i hate to see city benig so empty.. even i curse on traffic jam and too many crowds ..i still prefer lively city than emptiness of the city. like ...RIGHT NOW!!

Trying to quench the jealousness..but i just can't help it..
i'm so jealous those people having their good times during CNY with their familes and relatives..... i missed those times back then in Korea..
CNY used to be the best times of the year for me always......well.... until i was in Korea.. always gets lots of food, ang pow..and best of all, could meet all my relatives..cousins..aunties.. uncles... much i'm missing them now...... T.T

This year is gonna be another boring Holiday for me..stucking in the house, nowhere to SHOP moreover...gosh...this is really terrifying n Frustrating..!!! at least, if shops were to be opened..i won't feel this depressed...

Well.. at least, i have prepared a bit for this year's CNY unlike last year.... I bought few good books to read.. I bought a NEW PC to play at home.. I got my car cleaning kits to wash my car n mom's car... will be going for my new hairdo*thanks god they open today*.. will be trying to help my mom for her cooking..... well.....hopefully these lined up activities will subside my boredom..

Next year, definately i'll be packing my stuffs up and leave here to finally have my new year with all my missed relatives...after..after..such a long 10 yrs... never spend CNY in Korea......i miss my grandma a lot too..... next year.....definately i am going back!!!!
well..unless someone offers me to go for oversea hong kong..or australia..or europe..till plan is unchanged. *rolleyes* damn..missed this year's hong kong trip with cindy..... too late to more flight seats were available...n hotels... (T.T)

Anyway..Guys.. Happy Chinese New Year.. Gong Xi Fa Cai~~
새해 복 많이 받아요~~!!! @^_____^@ Selamat Tahun Baru Cina..
(wow..impressive... 4 languages.. ^^; )

this is where real new year starts...hope great things will ONLY happen..bad things..go go away.. i had had enuf in January...T.T

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

~☆ 3 more family members~☆

[30th January 2005]

Last Sunday was a really remarkable day for our family
My puppy…( should refer her as “doggy”) just gave a birth of 4 puppies..
Unfortunately, one died from the birth… and other 2 were very healthy… n the last pup was kinda weak… but still surviving well… (^___^)

When they were first born, they were wrapped in some kinda transparent membrane..n mother dog has to unwrap for them by licking or eating..or..whatever.. ^^; but my pup....i mean , my dog was failed to do so for the first puppy… and nor my parents or me knew what to do…so first puppy had to die like that on the cold hard floor… T. T
And the worst part is.. somehow it keeps linger in my mind…ahhhhhhh…..horrible..

Last pup was having difficulties too… I suppose my dog was failed to unwrap her as well… but since after looking at 2 more puppies’ great birth.. my dad got an rough idea what to do.. so when it seems that my dog was unable to save her last pup, my dad wore the gloves and unwrap it by himself~~ woohoo~~.. now we have 2 male and 1 female puppy in our family.. =) but funny thing puppy is white and so does her hubby… but babies are…really vary… one is white, the other is black and the other is white with black dots…. I wonder whether she really did it with her hubby… Mr.Dear was laughing yesterday when came to pick me up for dinner.. cuz he saw one stray black spotted white dog wandering around my house.. he said that my pup my did it with that dog…..oh my god….. no way… pup has a standard.. ^^;

It’s really amazing to see how my dog is taking care of her three puppies.. maybe it’s their instinct or mother’s love…..i’m not sure which it falls to… I thought my dog was just a spoilt pampered dog… she couldn’t even chew her food properly unless we cut them into small pieces and feed her.. but after gave a birth, she won’t stay away from her puppies.. sometimes she comes to our room and follow us here n there..but if she could hear her puppies crying , she immediately goes to her babies to see what has happened..

It sure be mother’s nature…doesn’t matter whether human being or animals…I wish I could have my own children to layan and saying too ♡…~~

Monday, January 31, 2005

~*Crab Feast~*

Here is the update for Xettie’s crab feast..
It was a fun outing with rourou,Freddie,nomnom,nunu and Kae..
Food were superb \(^_^)/ and very very cheap!!!!
Thanks for Freddie to bring us such a nice place..u r good~~!!

[food pictures]

[Xettie’s pics]

This is our big brother Freddie’s pic.. he was chatty and very funny J

This is Nom Nom… who got drunk on the way to KLIA~ salute

N this is Nunu..he was not very chatty as u’ve seen his a lot of posting at xettie’s chatter box.. relatively quiet.. but his T shirt was very funny……I was laughing like hell…..
Look closely of his T shirt.. it says……. “ Oral Me” lolz~

this is leng lui RouRou……she’s very CUTE~!

N this is Kae……ghostly looking……she didn’t want me to take her pic…T.T

After such a wonderful dinner, we went to Wow Wow Café..
To listen some chinese songs and to chit chat… never been to such so Chinese place though.. lolz~ something different..but not really my cuppa tea.. hehe..

Overall, it was a very nice gathering…wish we could do this more often..
N hope nunu and nom nom will be more talkactive ^_______^

Well..those who have missed out this rourou said..u should be jealous..lolz~

Saturday, January 29, 2005

*I know where all LengcaiS go to....*

Last nite..after work.. went to Bkt.Changkat with a friend.
Was so stressed at work, so called him up to go yam seng~
Even he had to wait till 8pm, he was never grouchy.. so nice of him ^^

Went over to Yoko’s for dinner… this place is owned by Japanese lady…well…aunty… she was wearing so sexily.. so many old Japanese men were there to drool over her… hehehehe… The food wasn’t great, but it has a very nice ambiance..though none were like Japanese settings.. more to western dining ambiance…but kinda cozy feeling with candle lit on the table.. Everything was fine till that Sexy Japanese Lady went to sing a Gosh.. Sorry to say..but she’s a horrible singer… (>.<) n the worst part is…she kept continuing singing “god knows what song those are”..
Quickly finished the dinner and left to Frangipani ... Well.. Been a while since my last visit to this place…. Been retired from partying scene so long.. ^^; becoming an outdated aunty..but what the heck.. I rather enjoying my quiet times at home, reading books or watching tv..or ding dong-ing.. or to spend some quality time with friends.. d(^__^)b

The place was empty till 11pm..and partying crowds started to fill the places around 12:00am..and the next min..really it was full of people.. n the best part….. 90% of its crowds were MEN.. ^______________^ superb!! But when there is a good news, there is worse news to come…… I just happen to raelise……. the place has turned into “ GAY BAR”
My gosh.. I couldn’t believe those men touching each other, hugging each other..n even touching each other’s d*ck.. that wasn’t a very pleasant scene.. but yup.. as my friend said.. “An Eye Opener” I’ve seen two men kissing to each other at beach club previously..n thought it’s kinda sexy.. *rolleyes* but when I get to see two men, touching each other’s 'u know-i know part'..oh my’s a really big TURN OFF.. It’s really sad that those tall and handsome men are gays.. what a lose to women out there.. just an experience to double confirm the phrase that I believe in..(well..not always..but most of the times when i see taken chun guys ..or gays..) “ All good men are either taken or Gays..” ^^;

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Meet my Friend - Ansen Ho

Okie..guys and gals..Today, I would like to introduce a good friend of mine Mr.Ansen Ho.

We have been friends for about a year plus.. I believe we are getting along pretty well.. =)
It’s always a BIG fun around him.. Plus he’s my drinking “sifu”.. So far, I have never ever met a Malaysian guy who could drink more than he does. *wink wink*
I salute him for his super drinking power.. yup..n you guys are right..he’s the one who won the title of “super drinker” at Bar Fly..heeheehehee..
And another great thing about him..he can sing very very well…
Even Lee Hom or any other "whoever Chinese singer" would cry in front of him..and will be shy to sing in front of him..yup..yup..he’s that goooooood.. I haven’t gotten a chance to hear him singing “wei yi” for me just yet...but I am sure sooner or later I could do so..i heard he’s practicing hard for the song *^_^*~~ * 感动 *

N one thing I admire the most of him is his ability to build own ground up to his success...
He has work his butt hard to own his own company at the very young age.. and become millionaire.. I really respect him for his wisdom and working-hard ability.. =) He wants to be at the cover of Times Magazine in few yrs time.. n I m sure he could achieve it one day. I’ll be the first to get his autographed Times magazines~ ^_^ I wanted to be on the next page of it, but at this moment..still seem to be impossible.
I wish him all the best in whatever he does in de future =)

PS:i'm not writing this to get free drinks from him...lolz~ ^0^

ps2: here goes his pic...

~Quiz Quiz~

This quiz was given by my friend...
I was not able to get it right until he gave me the hint..
the first alphabet of the answer... so u guys..try this out..
pls leave ur answer.. whoever got it right..hayanna will treat a drink~
*wink wink* fun guessing~!

A rich man needs_____________, A poor man has _______________, If u eat____________ u die!
Only one word fits in all the 3 blanks!!!.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

*A day To RemBeR*

Went to gym yesterday…..o(^^o)o(^^o)(o^^)o(o^^)o <--to exercise like this..heehee...
N guess what…… I have worked out for 2 straight hours~ ^0^
clap clap clap~~
Unbelievable.. joined gym more than a year..going to be 2 yrs now..
But I hardly visit the place.. it’s like……donating money to Fitness First for their further growth.. ^^

But yesterday after work, quickly rushed to the gym..
Had one hour of body step and another hour of Body Jam..

Mom and kae were flying…really they could jump up n down up n down non-stop for an hour during body step class..whereby..i was about to faint… I was heavily panting..and it was so hard to make any more movement… My Gosh.. I’m the youngest but I look the stupidest … Really need more exercise… for health and to ton up my body… felt like fatties are invading my body now…

After an hour of vigorous body step class..joined body jam…well..half forced by my mom.. the class was fun..but could hardly follow their rhythm or steps… was standing at the very back… there’s a girl who came to talk..asking me whether it was my first class cuz it was hers… ^^: so embarrassed… I just said “yes..this is my first class”
What the heck.. actually was in body jam classes for few times..but yah..well…less than 10 times..but still not FIRST timer… I guess I was really horrible that she thought I was the first timer too…

Should visit gym more often…….. =)
Now whole body is aching.......T.T

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Partying @ Bar Fly...\(^0^)/

[Jan 19 2005]

Today was supposed to be Girl’s night out. According to Thai Club’s Advertisement, girls are entitled to get 1 free bottle of Vodka if 8 girls come together..Good marketing gimmick to attract more guys and money in their wallet..* I love being a girl* ..
[Clubbing Formula]
More Hot Chiks means Pulling More Gguys = more $$$$ for the club.. (uh..doesn't mean that i fall in to hot chicks category..=P)

Initially, all were agree to come..namely rourou,cupidcupid, penguin, kae..etc…etc.. more than 8 gals..yoohoo~~
but......Guess What…….!!!! Last min, all those girls…”FFK” me and kae… At night..just realized that it was just “two of us”… *sob sob sob*

Well…that can’t RUIN my partying mood since it’s a public eve and the best part..i do not have to work for this P.H’day..…yipppeeee~~

Instead of our plan 1 to party at Thai Club with Girls…we headed to Bar Fly with another friend and his gang… Apparently there was this “super drinker lists” at Bar Fly.. You gotta finish 15 neat shots of vodka in a row and one of their staff will monitor you through out the night .. if they think you’re not drunk by monitoring your behaviour, you can walk away with their free T shirt “ I’m a super drinker” and they’ll write your name on “super drinker lists”hangs on the putting your pics on the wall!! My friend had won the title, and he showed me around for his “victory”..hahahahahah

He kept asking me to try to become one of those super drinker.. since those who have already won are all male.. he said I could be the first female super drinker..well..i’m not sure whether if I ever become one, should honour it or be ashamed of it… :rolleyes:
anyway it was so tempting to try.. *but by that time, had already bottoms up 7 glasses of whisky…@.@
Especially 3 glasses of neat whisky which I had to bottoms up in a row due to some “fair treatment” that they wanted..really burn my throat.. ^^; Definitely, would try it one of these days……….. ^^V pls check out my name sooner or later.. ^^; (if i dun puke after 4th shots..according to him, many ppl puke after 4th of 5th shots)

Oh..and my friend introduced us to his friends.. and he told us that the girl was very famous singer in Malaysia..her name is “Ping Ping”.. hmmmmmmmm I have no idea but kae said she’s quite famous… she looks pretty..but very very quiet…standing at the corner.. I was standing at the corner cuz I didn’t dress up properly on that night..not my usual clubbing outfit..but was wearing office attire…so most of the times…sat in the corner…hiding hiding…. but she was real quiet and standing against the wall the whole night!!! I’m not sure whether she was bored, shy or just want to remain anonymous , afraid bunch of guys will disturb her.. hmm but men do not dare to do so..cuz her bf already has a very scary look with tattoo all over his body…

N Guess what??!!! Hahahahhaha..kae and me were official lesbo on that night..
First, my friend had believed that we’re lesbo..he said we really look like a lesbo couple..and secondly, there was this guy, coming n trying to get phone numbers…so we’ve said “we’re a lesbo..pls go away……” and you should have seen his face….his face really turn in a state of shock and was very terrified with us.. oh my gosh..hahahahahaha..(we say this line every time…uhm…not so good looking guys come n try to pick us up..if the guy is cutie…one of us stepped away from each other…=P)

After clubbing session till 3:30am…we went to mamak nearby..since I was starving….n…really…….he kept staring kae n me… it was so funny… n he was very disturbed that we kept talking to his gf and taking his gf's number... maybe he was scared that we might turn his gf into lesbo too..but he deserves to be scared... how the hell he could go and ask other girls' number when his gf was there!!!! if i were his gf, i have either punched him or went to pick up other guys oledi as equally..he's really one dumb asshole.

Well…overall, it was a fun night out…but was very tired… Getting too old for clubbing scenes…….. unlike my younger days.. ^^

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hard Working..

See? after doing this n's still 10:12am...
another 1 hour 48 mins to go .... faster...fasterrrrrrr....

Personally i like this this pic...
cuz.. i look like working very hard..heeheee..

Thanks to the great photographer who took this pic for me... heeheehee..**

(too bored now... simply posting =P )

Hate working on Saturday.....T.T

I hate hate hate HATEeeEeeee working on Saturday...
why do I have to work on Saturday? Even we step in to the office,
we hardly do anything except some rare days when we have to work our butts off to prepare if any big shots are coming from our HQ... If not, it's just a plain waste of electricity...

Our HQ is not working on Saturday...then why should we? T.T
If they can't give a saturday off...well.. at least ask staffs to come bit late..still has to come to the office by 7:30am...$%*%@&#$%

What I do on Saturday in the office?
Flipping through the newspapers, make myself a glass of coffee, surfing the web..chit chat a bit with colleagues..and''ll still be 10am...Sighz...Sighz...Sighz...

I wish they could give us a saturday least..once a month... *praying* *praying*
Those who are not working on're truly blessed by god...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nowadays I have nostalgia .. maybe it’s one of sign that I’m getting older and miss much of my past and my younger times when I didn’t have to care a single thing other than studying hard to have a better future..

Especially when I look back old photos in my photo album.. I tend to fond of the memories in the past..

Not that I’m having any worse times now.. I’m happy for what I have now..but still there are some things that lingers…

I really miss my school times when I was in Korea.. esp my primary school times.. It was the best school times and I think it was the best time of my life..…honestly I didn’t quite much enjoy my school times here in Malaysia… I miss my then friends in Korea too.. they're too busy having their own lives now.. even my then best friends aren't that closed as we used to be now..have two different lives in different country...which quite limits our conversation topics.. but still have those comfy feelings whenever i meet them even it's after few yrs..^^;

Sometimes I wonder what I would have been if I was brought up over there and didn’t come over here… How much of my life would have been different? There’s always some curiosity remains of the ways that you were not able to walk through I guess..
Anywayz…now back to reality of this hot tropic… J and tones of works on my table… T.T hayanna just woke up from her day dreaming session…**

[my class in korea..when i was standard 6]

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My New Yamaha Toy~♬

finally i get my hands on my Yamaha PSR175 keyboard ^________^
So happy to bring it back home to ♬♪ding dong ding dong♪♬ for few hrs before go to bed..

Wanted to get the other Yamaha keyboard with one more octave to play cuz the one i got was only with 5 octaves..not enuf to ding dong ding dong around..but SigHz..nvm...the one i wanted to get is..a whopping Rm3k over... Gosh.. rather buy a real piano..
my dream is to have a house with big window glasses which over look wherever that would be and my grand piano stood in the middle of the living lovely.......

When reached was shocked to see my purchase.. she said i ain't gonna play with it more than a week..#*^&$*@... and she asked me why not i saved more money to buy real piano....yeah right.. daddy will give it away to someone else again when we're shifting to the new hse...he hates bringing things around...esp piano or wardrobe..or even sofa...he said it's too troublesome... always give them around to his friends or whoever happens to be there...thrice oledi my piano went to someone else's house...=( only one thing he never throw away or give away is his armchair and his TV set.. Just wishing that he would never find out what "home theatre system with plasma TV" is... Or else no way I could sleep peacefully at night.. now his TV is loud enuf...i dun need any extra sounds to distrub my sleep.. well..actually from last night, I am the one who was disturbing my parent's sleep..n maybe..neighbours as well... *embarassed*

hmmm back to the topic....'s been a while playing.. was hard to read notes...but after an hour of was much better than first few plays..\(^_^)/

I started dingdonging when i was 3 years said that once i went to visit my relative's house.. hugged and held their piano stands so tight and didn't wanna let go of it or go the next day, parents had to get me one.. from then..i started learning to play.. but was on n off, on n off kinda thing.. if not.. i would have become a pianist..lolz~ if could find a time.. would luv to do my last grade too.. if i were to finish last grade and pass the test.. i'm eligible to teach students..well..can become a part time piano teacher..can earn few extra bucks.. $.$ but from what i played last night..hahahaha i wonder i could now...... T.T

anywayz...from now on, I guess I'll be stuck in the room for the past next few days to play with my toy.. you would hardly see me hanging outside till my parents stuff the cotton in their ears and neighbours cursing on me.. =P

Friday, January 07, 2005

Have you ever....?

Have you ever loved someone so much that they made you cry?
Have you ever seen ugly green monster in yourself rising?
Have you ever held something fragile so tight that you, yourself is the one causing it to be destructed n ruined?
Have you ever felt you were stuck in the darkest and deepest maze that you kept failing to get out from it?
Have you ever hid your true identity for someone’s sake?
Have you ever wondered where all this was leading to?
Have you ever felt like giving up everything, but found your timid,shabby self in the corner, having no courage to do so at all?

I have…

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

2005 - Year of Rooster starts..

Time flies..
it's already year of Rooster.. 2005 *^^*

It wasn't a very good start of the year for me..
A year that has started with arguing with loved ones..
A year that has started with sulky face n mood..
A year that has started with jealousy...
A year that has started with tones of works... =(

Well...but i won't be down bez of that...

cuz....Chinese new year isn't i just told myself..
after's not really a new's just an end of the year...
still 2004...before CNY comes... so bad things all should happen now..
so that i dun have to face any problems or worries after CNY.. when real new year starts! (as for my counting =P )
If CNY starts with bad things.. no more excuses to comfort myself.. T.T

***go go go**
***cheer up~ cheer up~
cheer up~***

After's my fav Rooster year~! *^^* only in every 12 yrs..

Wishing all of you smooth sailing year ahead in year 2005...
without Tsunami kinda attack in ur life this year.. d(^_^)b