Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nowadays I have nostalgia .. maybe it’s one of sign that I’m getting older and miss much of my past and my younger times when I didn’t have to care a single thing other than studying hard to have a better future..

Especially when I look back old photos in my photo album.. I tend to fond of the memories in the past..

Not that I’m having any worse times now.. I’m happy for what I have now..but still there are some things that lingers…

I really miss my school times when I was in Korea.. esp my primary school times.. It was the best school times and I think it was the best time of my life..…honestly I didn’t quite much enjoy my school times here in Malaysia… I miss my then friends in Korea too.. they're too busy having their own lives now.. even my then best friends aren't that closed as we used to be now..have two different lives in different country...which quite limits our conversation topics.. but still have those comfy feelings whenever i meet them even it's after few yrs..^^;

Sometimes I wonder what I would have been if I was brought up over there and didn’t come over here… How much of my life would have been different? There’s always some curiosity remains of the ways that you were not able to walk through I guess..
Anywayz…now back to reality of this hot tropic… J and tones of works on my table… T.T hayanna just woke up from her day dreaming session…**

[my class in korea..when i was standard 6]


Anonymous said...

yeah, i missed those days...especially primary schools..where everything is so carefree...

growing up isn't never will be easy...hormones changes...more responsiblities...more headache *lol*

anyway, we can't turn back the clock and it feels so good to imagine or daydream at times =)

well, if you were still in Korea, you wouldn't know Kae and the xettie board gang...i dunno how much difference it will be but i'm sure you have a bunch of good friends with you too...

dreaming is least you get to choose the possible path in your imagination ^___^

Ju-On Waz Ere

hayanna said...

hehehe you were right JuOn..
if i wasn't here, i won't be able to meet bunch of good friends that arond me now.. I wasn't be able to travel around asia n m'sia so much as i do now.. n i wasn't be able to speak english.. i wasn't able to taste so many good M'sian foods..after all, it isn't that bad =)

freddie said...

you wouldn't know me if you're still in korea. :D

every little decision you made could have lead you to another path later in life. imagine if you didn't join, you wouldn't even be blogging now.

no point dreaming about "what if" in the pass, look ahead and think of "what if" in the future.

Anonymous said...

so which cutie in that picture is you? :D

hayanna said...

hahaha freddie..u r so right...
as for where i am in the pic, too bad..
i'm blocked by my friends..
i'm sitting at the back.. always had to sit at the back cuz i was considered tall... n i hated that..

Anonymous said...

alamak.. hayanna, we are really best frens.

this few days i also keep thinking about my past, esp my high school time. It is the most amazing n unforgetful time in my life, i always wish go back, even i really look like a ugly little duck that time.. But not like now, i feel there are many things make me so unhappy.

arrr.. miss my high school time.

Anonymous said...

kae also having nostalgia...kekeke

i wonder where to get time machine *lol*

hayanna said...

kae...why are we so telephatic =P
sick also at the same time..thinking also at the same time..
there were many times when we have said the same phrase at the same time too..
and there were many times when we wanted to have kfc at the same tmie, at the right place ^^ hehehehehe
no wonder ppl think we're lesbo :rolleyes: ShhhShhh...truth to be kept by ourselves...hehehehehe