Monday, March 28, 2005

**I know what you did on weekend ** was a FUN filled weekend..

[ 25th March, Friday]
On Friday, went out yamseng with friends at Mbar, Ampang Park.
I suggested to play card games that usually I play to make other people get drunk.. n i ended up drinking most of the times.. bad bad luck..:shake head: but it was fun to drink whisky from the water jug...>.<

[26th March Sat]
With lack of sleep from previous night's out, woke up in the moring with puffy eyes and dark circle.. Hated to bring myself to the office..but what to's half day anyway..... sighz Sighz SiGhz... I HATE WORKING ON SATURDAY!!!! After work, went to do my hair again......heeeheeeheeee yipeeeee.~~~ Had to sit in an uncomfy chair for 5 hours to get perm.....those people were way too slow and took their own sweet times to do.....can you belive..just to roll my hair up.......they took damn 40 mins... whereby other people could easily do with 10 mins..... but never mind..hoho..quite satisfy with results.. everyone says i look cute ..hohohoho~~ not ever, this year, going to touch my hair again...that's it.....this is the LAST time to do my hair..

I had sent my car for car wash at KL plaza.. and only came to pick it up around$%^()#($ they were closed already and nobody was at sight...i was panic......and ran here n there to find a security guard to assist me..and finally there was one very friendly chinese man..who had called them for me (guess he was a regular or something) and told me that my car key was with jockey on the ground floor.....phew....... I thought they just went missing with my car. T.T...i'd never my leave my car too long again... quickly went up to get my car key and rushed back to the car... n guess what... i didn't even know they had left me their phone no in a note on my front window...and i had made such a fuss.. ^^; ..n funny thing was..i could see one panic japanese lady.. so i thoguth she had left her car too long too at car wash..hahahaha..i went to talk to her n yes..she thought her car was missing too with car wash man..i let her know how to get back her car key..and i've never seen someone who said that much of thank you within a min.. ^^; she must be real panic too... Went back home for a while to rest...and went to mamak with my pet sister and some korean friends... was eating eating, chatting chatting at mamak..and ended up deciding to go to clubbing.....yoohoooo~~ though was very tired and sleepy... i dragged myself..well...quite happily to Rum Jungle.. *^^* n so happened that, Cathy and Kit had joined me later at night too... it was about 10 of us..and we had 3 bottles of Chivas and one bottle of Bombay... it was a fun crazy night out.. n ppl......GUESS WHAT~! Kit and Cathy are really good dancers...wooOooo very sexy sexy~~~~~!!! ^0^ Everybody was high(well..except those who had to drive.....hahahah sorry next time i'll drive, u can drink drink drink.....=P ) and it was sooooooooo fun.....we should do this more often. *^^* ...(except the part being nagged by parents of coming back home late..^^; )

[27th March Sunday]
Woke up quite early..wanted to go to the church to attend Easter service..n i've told everyone last night that i'm going to go to the church..if i wasn't, i was supposed to treat Cathy 4 shots of vodka...and ... i just ended up just lying on the bed and switched TV instead..nvm..i'll just get her 4 shots of vodka....... ^^; It was so tiring on friday and saturday.. I wanted to lie on my bed the whole day..n it was drizzling......such a perfect weather to sleep.. then my pet sis wanted to buy some shoes..was supposed to go on saturday but wasted so much time doing my hair that i felt kinda agreeded to go to 1 utama.. n it was the worst shopping experiences..too many cars, too many people...T.T n i was very sleepy....was like a walking zombie..>.<

In the end, ended up buying nothing.....aduh.....
Didn't shop that much..just for two hour..then headed back to Ampang..
n so happen again that had dinner with Kit and Cathy...
Cathy lovesssssss Korean food so much...i guess she loves it more than I do... she was very cute when trying to wrap her pork in lettuce and the way she had cold noodles..hohohoho ^0^

After a dinner, quickly back home and immediately KO till this morning..
N as usual, woke up late..rushed to the office like a frantic..

Well..another week has started..wishing everyone a good week ahead~

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Xettie Board - Kajang Satay Gathering

Tatan~ Finally here goes the update for Kajang Satay Gathering.
Before that, here goes my big thanks to Kit and Cathy to spend on us for was yummy!! n thanks for paying my tapow too ^^; muacks.


Lalala~~ Satay Gathering~~ It's been a while last i've met up with xettie members..and plus today, other memebers that i have never met are coming as well so quite excited to meet them up.

Left house at 6:30pm to pick up Ms.Kae at Ampang Park LRT station and she was late for 20 mins... -.,-+ Then headed to Maju Junction to meet up with Freddie at 7:15pm ..he said he can guide me to Kajang since I have no idea how to go there... n waited..waited..n waited.. at 8pm...Freddie's car finally appeared...^^; while waiting for Freddie, I parked under the trees, a lot of birds' poop fell down to decorate my cars.. n big big "i dunno what" insects came and sticking on my car's window.....ewwwwwwww.arrrrrrghhhhh......

It was slightly jam on the way to Kajang but wasn't that bad at all.. On the way, I lost Freddie few times and followed "god knows who" cars until Kae had pointed me out i wasn't following freddie's car..thank god she was there.. or else i might not have ended up in Kajang satay gathering on that nite.. ^^;
Passed throught some familiar spots in Kajang..and just remembered that i used to live in Kajang for a while when i was in Secondary school.. dad loved the place called Kajang Beverly hills or something... the houses over there were really beautiful..i used to cycle around the town just to peep in other people's house and admire how beautiful they are.. i still could remember vividly this house, with water fountain in their living room!!! I think houses over there are 10 times better than those one at Bkt Tunku or Damansara.. dun under-estimate kajang u know.. :hehe:

Cathy, Kit and Nigel were waiting for us... n Kit was eating away his coconut very happily... hahahaha.. After ordering some satays.. (beef, chicken,rabbit n fish! i've never tried rabbit meat before.. n i tell's same like Chicken.. i still do not know which taste was Rabbit meat) nomnom,wauhaha,nunu,god3ess and others have arrived.. I thought all of them were going to ffk us...thank god they've turned up.. but i do not know who was who actually.. cuz they never introduce themselves..well..maybe not to me...:rolleyes: just asked freddie for who is who...

God3ess was rather quiet..hardly talk to me..maybe he sat too far away from my seat.. damn...i've bought candles specially for him and he never even come an inch close to me.. i'll wait for you next time!!!!

Satay was great...meat was chunky and sauce was delicious..
n Cathy told me some rumours that they had for this shop...
they use "something" to boil to make sauce out from it..
and that makes people keep coming back to their shop..something like a black magic.. well i dun really care or felt disgusted.. as long as it tastes nice..n i do not see them with my two very own eyes.. it's FINE~!

they do have a similar rumour like this in Korea too.. there was one very well known dumpling shops... people spread the rumours that they're using those dead human bodies meat as their dumpling filling..but what the heck... people still go back to its place to have more dumpling..cuz it's so delicious..yah..maybe they're under spell oledi.. ^^;

After satay, cathy,kit,kae and me(well..not actually Kae..cuz she didn't know about it until sat in my car --;) have decided to go for couple of beer... since Kit and i had this yearning for cold beer... :drooling:
Thank god they've agreeded to come to Ampang ^__^
We went to this pub where i love to go if i'm wearing very casual.. ^^ it's more of pick up joint for uncles and aunties.. but its ambiance is pretty good and cozy...We had mixed guiness stout with TIgers..n it was so yummy...
Cathy just had an ice tea.. and maybe her body wanted a bit of alcohol, in the end, she ordered long island tea.. but i dun think she liked it..cuz she said it was too strong..but isn't that the whole point of ordering long island tea? ^0^

After that,met up with Bar singer, Andrew.. he was my then clubbing friend's kaki..chatted a bit here n there... n after dancing with Kae, he asked me to dance..but I felt so embarassed..i was just wearing short pants and slippers.. >.<.. Andrew is relatively tall person and he said i'm just nice for his dance partner.. i told him it'd be the first n faithful mar......hohohohohoho
n i love drinking with Kit and Cathy.. cuz kit never said "no" for another jug..hohohohoho~~

Hope we could do this more often..

N here are the pictures.. Not many I've taken.. and people kept hiding their faces..hard to the end, i just gave up taking any of them.

Image hosted by
<-c the guy hiding there? it's God3ess ..nunu with his hat.. and side view of his gf's face ^^;

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
[Bit of each one's face.. nomnom,kae,wauhaha,nomnom's friends]
Image hosted by <-our host, kit n cathy
Image hosted by<-eaten satay ..left sticks.. ^^

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

**Food Fiesta** goes the update of my blog.. been so lazy for the past few days..or weeks..whatever..

We (Kae n Me) have a very cute Japanese friend..his name is Dai..
He was assigned here for half a year but end of this month,he'll be transferring back to Hong Kong most porbably.. so before he goes back to Hong Kong without a word, we have decided to bring him out for very localised food...

He loves eating..and always finish every dishes till last pieces and drop of the source.. hahaha~!

we brought him to this corner chinese food stall near pudu..they're serving wild boar, herbal chicken..n those edible turtles.. >.< (ya..if u guys read kae's blog before, it's the shop that Kae went to with her friend) honsetly i had this i couldn't really eat those black chickens and turtles.. i just couldn't.. get my hands on them.....ewwwww... anyway, here are some pics to share...
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by <--Dai San
Image hosted by Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
[black chicken] [turtle soup] [wild boar curry]

after the food, we wanted to go for ice loh at jln imbi..unfortunately, the shop was instead, head to kae suggested to go to ss2 but was lazy to drive so just drop by at for a while to haev some desserts... n honestly it sux... should have listened to kae to drive down to ss2. at least more choices and taste would be better..
Image hosted by<--black bitter had...uh...forgot the had very weird name so i've decided to order..then it taste horrible.. but kae said that it'll make ur skin just gulp them.. Image hosted by<--sago..usually i love to eat this..but it was way toooooo sweet...though i had a sweet tooth..this is really too much.. >.<

well..overall, it wasn't that horrible..cuz had nice two friends to chit chat over.. after all, it matters who you are with, what you stuff into your mouth.. ^^;

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

~~Spring Cleaning~~

Spring Cleaning

Over the weekend, I’ve cleaned my room..
There were too many rubbish in the room that I can hardly put anymore stuff..

I have so long wanted to do spring cleaning.. n didn’t have time to….well… been lazy to do so until on Saturday.. when I’m back from my shopping spread.. really I didn’t have any more hangers to put my new clothes.. that’s when I’ve really started forking out all the stuff, went through one by one.. deciding which one to keep and which one to sell it off…

Well.. initially thought of throwing them out…then..thought I might give donation to those orang asli…which my church goes to help… but in the end..I thought..maybe it’d be better to sell online?? Like at lelong or ebay.. at least could make some $$$$..isn't this brilliant..!!! and I’m sure orang asli is happier to have money than some used Fendi bags or Armani shirt which is a bit…uhm…extraordinary and out of fashion…

So I took all my clothes out from the drawer and hangers.. put them all on the floor.. went through one by one….to decide which one to keep…… there were just too many stuff to go through… in the end… I’ve just fell on the pile of clothes..n ZzzzZzz..aiiii…

The next day..on Sunday..continue cleaning up after my church service…N guess what… the end..i’ve just put every stuff back to its place..
I just couldn’t throw them away… or even sell them away…Each clothes, bags, shoes… or even piece of movie tickets.. has many fond of memories for different events… I was like…..oh…….i wore that one when I was……. Oh…this is what I bought during holiday to Koh Samui… oh..this bag is brought from bali to go picnic with my puppies…oh that movie……was the first movie that I watch with…… u know…….these kinda memories…..stopped me from throwing them away… I just Couldn’t DO It.. I felt like.. I’m throwing away my part of memories.. instead, I just put them in a few boxes.. and kept underneath of the table… I guess I could never throw away my stuffs .. ^^;