Monday, January 31, 2005

~*Crab Feast~*

Here is the update for Xettie’s crab feast..
It was a fun outing with rourou,Freddie,nomnom,nunu and Kae..
Food were superb \(^_^)/ and very very cheap!!!!
Thanks for Freddie to bring us such a nice place..u r good~~!!

[food pictures]

[Xettie’s pics]

This is our big brother Freddie’s pic.. he was chatty and very funny J

This is Nom Nom… who got drunk on the way to KLIA~ salute

N this is Nunu..he was not very chatty as u’ve seen his a lot of posting at xettie’s chatter box.. relatively quiet.. but his T shirt was very funny……I was laughing like hell…..
Look closely of his T shirt.. it says……. “ Oral Me” lolz~

this is leng lui RouRou……she’s very CUTE~!

N this is Kae……ghostly looking……she didn’t want me to take her pic…T.T

After such a wonderful dinner, we went to Wow Wow Café..
To listen some chinese songs and to chit chat… never been to such so Chinese place though.. lolz~ something different..but not really my cuppa tea.. hehe..

Overall, it was a very nice gathering…wish we could do this more often..
N hope nunu and nom nom will be more talkactive ^_______^

Well..those who have missed out this rourou said..u should be jealous..lolz~

Saturday, January 29, 2005

*I know where all LengcaiS go to....*

Last nite..after work.. went to Bkt.Changkat with a friend.
Was so stressed at work, so called him up to go yam seng~
Even he had to wait till 8pm, he was never grouchy.. so nice of him ^^

Went over to Yoko’s for dinner… this place is owned by Japanese lady…well…aunty… she was wearing so sexily.. so many old Japanese men were there to drool over her… hehehehe… The food wasn’t great, but it has a very nice ambiance..though none were like Japanese settings.. more to western dining ambiance…but kinda cozy feeling with candle lit on the table.. Everything was fine till that Sexy Japanese Lady went to sing a Gosh.. Sorry to say..but she’s a horrible singer… (>.<) n the worst part is…she kept continuing singing “god knows what song those are”..
Quickly finished the dinner and left to Frangipani ... Well.. Been a while since my last visit to this place…. Been retired from partying scene so long.. ^^; becoming an outdated aunty..but what the heck.. I rather enjoying my quiet times at home, reading books or watching tv..or ding dong-ing.. or to spend some quality time with friends.. d(^__^)b

The place was empty till 11pm..and partying crowds started to fill the places around 12:00am..and the next min..really it was full of people.. n the best part….. 90% of its crowds were MEN.. ^______________^ superb!! But when there is a good news, there is worse news to come…… I just happen to raelise……. the place has turned into “ GAY BAR”
My gosh.. I couldn’t believe those men touching each other, hugging each other..n even touching each other’s d*ck.. that wasn’t a very pleasant scene.. but yup.. as my friend said.. “An Eye Opener” I’ve seen two men kissing to each other at beach club previously..n thought it’s kinda sexy.. *rolleyes* but when I get to see two men, touching each other’s 'u know-i know part'..oh my’s a really big TURN OFF.. It’s really sad that those tall and handsome men are gays.. what a lose to women out there.. just an experience to double confirm the phrase that I believe in..(well..not always..but most of the times when i see taken chun guys ..or gays..) “ All good men are either taken or Gays..” ^^;

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Meet my Friend - Ansen Ho

Okie..guys and gals..Today, I would like to introduce a good friend of mine Mr.Ansen Ho.

We have been friends for about a year plus.. I believe we are getting along pretty well.. =)
It’s always a BIG fun around him.. Plus he’s my drinking “sifu”.. So far, I have never ever met a Malaysian guy who could drink more than he does. *wink wink*
I salute him for his super drinking power.. yup..n you guys are right..he’s the one who won the title of “super drinker” at Bar Fly..heeheehehee..
And another great thing about him..he can sing very very well…
Even Lee Hom or any other "whoever Chinese singer" would cry in front of him..and will be shy to sing in front of him..yup..yup..he’s that goooooood.. I haven’t gotten a chance to hear him singing “wei yi” for me just yet...but I am sure sooner or later I could do so..i heard he’s practicing hard for the song *^_^*~~ * 感动 *

N one thing I admire the most of him is his ability to build own ground up to his success...
He has work his butt hard to own his own company at the very young age.. and become millionaire.. I really respect him for his wisdom and working-hard ability.. =) He wants to be at the cover of Times Magazine in few yrs time.. n I m sure he could achieve it one day. I’ll be the first to get his autographed Times magazines~ ^_^ I wanted to be on the next page of it, but at this moment..still seem to be impossible.
I wish him all the best in whatever he does in de future =)

PS:i'm not writing this to get free drinks from him...lolz~ ^0^

ps2: here goes his pic...

~Quiz Quiz~

This quiz was given by my friend...
I was not able to get it right until he gave me the hint..
the first alphabet of the answer... so u guys..try this out..
pls leave ur answer.. whoever got it right..hayanna will treat a drink~
*wink wink* fun guessing~!

A rich man needs_____________, A poor man has _______________, If u eat____________ u die!
Only one word fits in all the 3 blanks!!!.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

*A day To RemBeR*

Went to gym yesterday…..o(^^o)o(^^o)(o^^)o(o^^)o <--to exercise like this..heehee...
N guess what…… I have worked out for 2 straight hours~ ^0^
clap clap clap~~
Unbelievable.. joined gym more than a year..going to be 2 yrs now..
But I hardly visit the place.. it’s like……donating money to Fitness First for their further growth.. ^^

But yesterday after work, quickly rushed to the gym..
Had one hour of body step and another hour of Body Jam..

Mom and kae were flying…really they could jump up n down up n down non-stop for an hour during body step class..whereby..i was about to faint… I was heavily panting..and it was so hard to make any more movement… My Gosh.. I’m the youngest but I look the stupidest … Really need more exercise… for health and to ton up my body… felt like fatties are invading my body now…

After an hour of vigorous body step class..joined body jam…well..half forced by my mom.. the class was fun..but could hardly follow their rhythm or steps… was standing at the very back… there’s a girl who came to talk..asking me whether it was my first class cuz it was hers… ^^: so embarrassed… I just said “yes..this is my first class”
What the heck.. actually was in body jam classes for few times..but yah..well…less than 10 times..but still not FIRST timer… I guess I was really horrible that she thought I was the first timer too…

Should visit gym more often…….. =)
Now whole body is aching.......T.T

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Partying @ Bar Fly...\(^0^)/

[Jan 19 2005]

Today was supposed to be Girl’s night out. According to Thai Club’s Advertisement, girls are entitled to get 1 free bottle of Vodka if 8 girls come together..Good marketing gimmick to attract more guys and money in their wallet..* I love being a girl* ..
[Clubbing Formula]
More Hot Chiks means Pulling More Gguys = more $$$$ for the club.. (uh..doesn't mean that i fall in to hot chicks category..=P)

Initially, all were agree to come..namely rourou,cupidcupid, penguin, kae..etc…etc.. more than 8 gals..yoohoo~~
but......Guess What…….!!!! Last min, all those girls…”FFK” me and kae… At night..just realized that it was just “two of us”… *sob sob sob*

Well…that can’t RUIN my partying mood since it’s a public eve and the best part..i do not have to work for this P.H’day..…yipppeeee~~

Instead of our plan 1 to party at Thai Club with Girls…we headed to Bar Fly with another friend and his gang… Apparently there was this “super drinker lists” at Bar Fly.. You gotta finish 15 neat shots of vodka in a row and one of their staff will monitor you through out the night .. if they think you’re not drunk by monitoring your behaviour, you can walk away with their free T shirt “ I’m a super drinker” and they’ll write your name on “super drinker lists”hangs on the putting your pics on the wall!! My friend had won the title, and he showed me around for his “victory”..hahahahahah

He kept asking me to try to become one of those super drinker.. since those who have already won are all male.. he said I could be the first female super drinker..well..i’m not sure whether if I ever become one, should honour it or be ashamed of it… :rolleyes:
anyway it was so tempting to try.. *but by that time, had already bottoms up 7 glasses of whisky…@.@
Especially 3 glasses of neat whisky which I had to bottoms up in a row due to some “fair treatment” that they wanted..really burn my throat.. ^^; Definitely, would try it one of these days……….. ^^V pls check out my name sooner or later.. ^^; (if i dun puke after 4th shots..according to him, many ppl puke after 4th of 5th shots)

Oh..and my friend introduced us to his friends.. and he told us that the girl was very famous singer in Malaysia..her name is “Ping Ping”.. hmmmmmmmm I have no idea but kae said she’s quite famous… she looks pretty..but very very quiet…standing at the corner.. I was standing at the corner cuz I didn’t dress up properly on that night..not my usual clubbing outfit..but was wearing office attire…so most of the times…sat in the corner…hiding hiding…. but she was real quiet and standing against the wall the whole night!!! I’m not sure whether she was bored, shy or just want to remain anonymous , afraid bunch of guys will disturb her.. hmm but men do not dare to do so..cuz her bf already has a very scary look with tattoo all over his body…

N Guess what??!!! Hahahahhaha..kae and me were official lesbo on that night..
First, my friend had believed that we’re lesbo..he said we really look like a lesbo couple..and secondly, there was this guy, coming n trying to get phone numbers…so we’ve said “we’re a lesbo..pls go away……” and you should have seen his face….his face really turn in a state of shock and was very terrified with us.. oh my gosh..hahahahahaha..(we say this line every time…uhm…not so good looking guys come n try to pick us up..if the guy is cutie…one of us stepped away from each other…=P)

After clubbing session till 3:30am…we went to mamak nearby..since I was starving….n…really…….he kept staring kae n me… it was so funny… n he was very disturbed that we kept talking to his gf and taking his gf's number... maybe he was scared that we might turn his gf into lesbo too..but he deserves to be scared... how the hell he could go and ask other girls' number when his gf was there!!!! if i were his gf, i have either punched him or went to pick up other guys oledi as equally..he's really one dumb asshole.

Well…overall, it was a fun night out…but was very tired… Getting too old for clubbing scenes…….. unlike my younger days.. ^^

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hard Working..

See? after doing this n's still 10:12am...
another 1 hour 48 mins to go .... faster...fasterrrrrrr....

Personally i like this this pic...
cuz.. i look like working very hard..heeheee..

Thanks to the great photographer who took this pic for me... heeheehee..**

(too bored now... simply posting =P )

Hate working on Saturday.....T.T

I hate hate hate HATEeeEeeee working on Saturday...
why do I have to work on Saturday? Even we step in to the office,
we hardly do anything except some rare days when we have to work our butts off to prepare if any big shots are coming from our HQ... If not, it's just a plain waste of electricity...

Our HQ is not working on Saturday...then why should we? T.T
If they can't give a saturday off...well.. at least ask staffs to come bit late..still has to come to the office by 7:30am...$%*%@&#$%

What I do on Saturday in the office?
Flipping through the newspapers, make myself a glass of coffee, surfing the web..chit chat a bit with colleagues..and''ll still be 10am...Sighz...Sighz...Sighz...

I wish they could give us a saturday least..once a month... *praying* *praying*
Those who are not working on're truly blessed by god...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nowadays I have nostalgia .. maybe it’s one of sign that I’m getting older and miss much of my past and my younger times when I didn’t have to care a single thing other than studying hard to have a better future..

Especially when I look back old photos in my photo album.. I tend to fond of the memories in the past..

Not that I’m having any worse times now.. I’m happy for what I have now..but still there are some things that lingers…

I really miss my school times when I was in Korea.. esp my primary school times.. It was the best school times and I think it was the best time of my life..…honestly I didn’t quite much enjoy my school times here in Malaysia… I miss my then friends in Korea too.. they're too busy having their own lives now.. even my then best friends aren't that closed as we used to be now..have two different lives in different country...which quite limits our conversation topics.. but still have those comfy feelings whenever i meet them even it's after few yrs..^^;

Sometimes I wonder what I would have been if I was brought up over there and didn’t come over here… How much of my life would have been different? There’s always some curiosity remains of the ways that you were not able to walk through I guess..
Anywayz…now back to reality of this hot tropic… J and tones of works on my table… T.T hayanna just woke up from her day dreaming session…**

[my class in korea..when i was standard 6]

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My New Yamaha Toy~♬

finally i get my hands on my Yamaha PSR175 keyboard ^________^
So happy to bring it back home to ♬♪ding dong ding dong♪♬ for few hrs before go to bed..

Wanted to get the other Yamaha keyboard with one more octave to play cuz the one i got was only with 5 octaves..not enuf to ding dong ding dong around..but SigHz..nvm...the one i wanted to get is..a whopping Rm3k over... Gosh.. rather buy a real piano..
my dream is to have a house with big window glasses which over look wherever that would be and my grand piano stood in the middle of the living lovely.......

When reached was shocked to see my purchase.. she said i ain't gonna play with it more than a week..#*^&$*@... and she asked me why not i saved more money to buy real piano....yeah right.. daddy will give it away to someone else again when we're shifting to the new hse...he hates bringing things around...esp piano or wardrobe..or even sofa...he said it's too troublesome... always give them around to his friends or whoever happens to be there...thrice oledi my piano went to someone else's house...=( only one thing he never throw away or give away is his armchair and his TV set.. Just wishing that he would never find out what "home theatre system with plasma TV" is... Or else no way I could sleep peacefully at night.. now his TV is loud enuf...i dun need any extra sounds to distrub my sleep.. well..actually from last night, I am the one who was disturbing my parent's sleep..n maybe..neighbours as well... *embarassed*

hmmm back to the topic....'s been a while playing.. was hard to read notes...but after an hour of was much better than first few plays..\(^_^)/

I started dingdonging when i was 3 years said that once i went to visit my relative's house.. hugged and held their piano stands so tight and didn't wanna let go of it or go the next day, parents had to get me one.. from then..i started learning to play.. but was on n off, on n off kinda thing.. if not.. i would have become a pianist..lolz~ if could find a time.. would luv to do my last grade too.. if i were to finish last grade and pass the test.. i'm eligible to teach students..well..can become a part time piano teacher..can earn few extra bucks.. $.$ but from what i played last night..hahahaha i wonder i could now...... T.T

anywayz...from now on, I guess I'll be stuck in the room for the past next few days to play with my toy.. you would hardly see me hanging outside till my parents stuff the cotton in their ears and neighbours cursing on me.. =P

Friday, January 07, 2005

Have you ever....?

Have you ever loved someone so much that they made you cry?
Have you ever seen ugly green monster in yourself rising?
Have you ever held something fragile so tight that you, yourself is the one causing it to be destructed n ruined?
Have you ever felt you were stuck in the darkest and deepest maze that you kept failing to get out from it?
Have you ever hid your true identity for someone’s sake?
Have you ever wondered where all this was leading to?
Have you ever felt like giving up everything, but found your timid,shabby self in the corner, having no courage to do so at all?

I have…

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

2005 - Year of Rooster starts..

Time flies..
it's already year of Rooster.. 2005 *^^*

It wasn't a very good start of the year for me..
A year that has started with arguing with loved ones..
A year that has started with sulky face n mood..
A year that has started with jealousy...
A year that has started with tones of works... =(

Well...but i won't be down bez of that...

cuz....Chinese new year isn't i just told myself..
after's not really a new's just an end of the year...
still 2004...before CNY comes... so bad things all should happen now..
so that i dun have to face any problems or worries after CNY.. when real new year starts! (as for my counting =P )
If CNY starts with bad things.. no more excuses to comfort myself.. T.T

***go go go**
***cheer up~ cheer up~
cheer up~***

After's my fav Rooster year~! *^^* only in every 12 yrs..

Wishing all of you smooth sailing year ahead in year 2005...
without Tsunami kinda attack in ur life this year.. d(^_^)b