Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami in KL??!!

Received a lot of messages and calls from Korea...
Asking whether we're SAFE here in KL..
Was thankful for their kind concern...though it never happen here in KL where i live!

Thank god it didn't hit nowhere near Vietnam while i was there..
I might have drowned to the sea if it really hit vietnam on Saturday, a day earlier... I was crusing in the sea...definately i've died..

Thank God it didn't happen while i was on holiday in Phuket last year..
Thank God it didn't happen while i was on holiday in Indonesia early this year.... Thank god..thank god.... (it's time to pray...)

May all those blessing go to those who have become victims from nature disaster and lost their loved ones in this disaster... May all rest in numbered of dead people till today bez of Tsunami, 82,517's horrendous..esp to those who were on holidays... T.T

The govt has cancelled all new year celebration planned.
Effected scheduled event places as under for your reference.
- Dataran Merdeka
- Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam
- Sunway Lagoon

Pls take note and dun ahead to klcc or sunway for countdown without knowing the events have been cancelled..
Too bad once a year celeb has been cancelled but in a good way, won't be so darn pack in KL like last year or the year before.. ^^

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas Gift

Special thanks to those who gave me this christmas gifts..
esp the one who gave me cute cute doggy doll..muackkkssss....

Monday, December 27, 2004

Last day at Vietnam..yipeee~~

26th Dec 2004..

today is the DAY to back to KL..i'm so happy..
i dun really like Vietnam..will never come back here again.. least 10 yrs... even somebody offers me a BIG house and a BIG car..i also dun want..
it's such a small, dirty lousy place.. eewwww...

went to airport earlier..afraid that might miss the flight...jam in Hanoi is terrible..
reached there... MH staff told me..flight has been delayed..
damn it... had to wander at the airport for 5 hrs....GOSH.. no internet access..or nothing.. butt also so painful for sitting too long in a cold hard chair..I HATE IT HERE...
<--hanoi airport.KLIA is 100 times better..
Had a fight with airport tax cashier..damn b*$&h gave me torn us20 notes..when tried to ask her to change back cuz nobody accept the note, she denied that she ever gave me that note....($*%%&#$* shouting that like a mad girl...luckily no police man came to arrest me for making so much noise in a public place..phew...

Finally back home..
still Malaysia is the BEST..
those who dun appreciate living in here.. go to live another country for 1 for a week..then they'll miss here a lot.. like me..
Malaysia is already a home for me...

*now...someone please send this link to those immigration or whoever people to get me PR here..pleaseeee~~ *

PS: forgot to bring memory card reader from the hse.. guess gotta upload pics by tmr... more things to see tmr~~ keep checking ^_^

Vietnam Trip - Halong Bay (Day 3)

25th Dec 04

USD 300 for Halong Bay Trip from Hanoi hotel..
Reached at Hanoi quite late at night, couldn't have pre-arrangement..
I kept bugging my daddy that i must see Halong bay before returning to KL..if not i'm not going back..
Couldn't book any tour from travel agent..cuz it's all had to rent a limo from the hotel..
quite pricey..but yeah~~ damn comfy.... ^^;

3 hours to reach the port... 4 hrs trip around the sea..rented a whole boat ..just for my dad n me..n tour damn big the boat..

<--me in a boat..damn bored..playing around with phone camera.. (hayanna revealed her face too much today.. *^^*) well...halong bay....SO DISAPPOINTING!!! nothing to shout u see from the advertisement...those who say it's a fabulous place...please please visit any islands in Malaysia first... at least Redang or KK is 10 times better than Halong bay...BLEH.........>:P

But it was a way that was pampering around in a big limo and chartered thewhole boat for ourselves......felt like a celebrity...hahaha Really travelled in a class ..hahahah..thanks to daddy.........muackkkkkkkkssssssss....

Dun want to travel around in Asia oledi...everywhere is pretty same to me... now...let's save money to go to europe~~

Vietna Trip - Cu Chi (2nd day)

[24 Dec 2004]

Eyes automatically opened at 6:00am.. blinked my eyes for few times , lied still , looking at the ceiling..realising i'm at HCM.. The best part...dun have to rush to work..yippeeee~~ Tried to get more sleep but just couldn't sleep anymore... Daddy phoned to say would leave at 8:00am..Slowly prepared and packed my stuff to check out.. GUESS WHAT AGAIN?! Korean food again for breakfast....sigh sigh sighzzzz....OMG..I start to hate it here.... :(

After breakfast, went to Cu Chi (pronounce as Gucci..i luv this sound...haha).. Gucci town~ yohoo~~ shopping town?? like 5th Avenue? or Gucci factory can't possibley there or...can it ?? ^___^ ready to fork out all my USD and flash CC anytime if it really was~ hahahaha... back to reality.... i'm not at Milan... Here is just HCM...sigh....

Apparently Cu Chi Tunnel where they're famous for is a well known historic revolutionary site and an original architectural monument set deep in the earth...Ben Duoc Tunner(Part of Cu Chi tunnel network 70m north west of HMC city)..AMAZING...IMPRESSIVE... under the earth, they had their homes, schools, hospitals..etc!! American solders were too FAT to getin the hole..which led American to give up and back to their country without winning them. The Vietnamese tour guide had a great pride while explaining their deadly traps which killed many of their enemies... well...some ofAmericans showed sour face though..

The tunnel was really narrow and small..

Big size people couldn't go in.. Dad had to give up cuz he's too tall and quite fat for it :P I cralwed the tunnel of 300M. It was so hard to was so hot inside and stuffy..but really amazed how they digged it up to 70km and even had all their necessities down there ready!

After Cu Chi tour,back to downtown..and YES!!! KOREAN FOOD again...ArrRrghhhHh... I really don't like...Dad's friends hate any food other than no choice....Just tahan till this evening... when my dad and me will depart to Hanoi.. I can do and eat whatever i want~~ (well..hopefully....)

Went to the market with Korean sister(who speak very fluent vietnamese...stayed there for 9 yrs..damn.. i can't speak Malay at all....envy envy her...stupid stupid me...) to buy some souvenirs and Mao Jai(Vietnamese TRaiditonal Clothes)..Dunno when i can wear those..but it's so lovely ..had to get one..well..actually two for myself.... (LET'S HAVE CUSTOM PARTY~~ YEAH~~)

Left to the airport after that.. CAn't wait to see Halong BAy with my two very own eyes since many people praise the place!!

PS : on the way to Hanoi now.. now in the flight... Vietnam Airlines stewardess are not pretty at all.. they're so unfriendly.... food xus too... if you can pls avoid taking VN flight... too any other domestic flights...bleh... X.X

Trip to Vietnam - HCM

23 Dec 2004
<--view from the top..can spot Genting highlands? <--HCM view-->
Arrived at Ho Chin Min at 9:00am.. Over here is one hour behind from M'sia.
Daddy 's business partner came to pick us up..Without checking-in at hotel, rushed to Bien Hoa which took us 2 hours by car. I just had to tag along...... *SiGhZ*
Had lunch over there.. Sat aside while daddy was having a meeting.

The traffic over here is really TERRIBLE. You'll hardly find traffic lights or any driver who follows it anyway.
They just turn wherever and whenever they want to.The city is in a big havoc with cars, lorries, andmotorbikes. I've never seen such many motorbikes in my whole life n I don't think I would ever either in the future in anywhere.

<-- can u c these motorbikes? ^0^ The sound of horns and taffic is incessant. I do not understand why they have to horn so much until my ears are painful.... ewwwww...

After got back to Saigon, went for the city tour for a short while.. Went to Nottledam's Church,President palace, museum, a market and some kinda harbour where you can have a dinner on the boat while cruising...Nothing much to see except motorbikes... aduh...

(hse/buildings over there are very narrow.. like the above)

Went back to hotel after tour finally to check in...Unpacked and rested for a while before left for dinner..
Thank god they do have a live korean channel.. at least i won't be bored to spend a night in this big hotel room.
Somehow,kept thinking of ghost stories that i've read from LYN forum....relating hotels + ghost....arrghhhhh

Was damn scary.. and GUESS WHAT???!!! around midnight, aircon and TV were off n on automatically....arrghhhhh it freak me out...cover the blanket till up to my head and tried my best to ZzzZzz again... =P There goes my first night at HCM....Zzz.ZZzz.....

PS: came to Vietnam... but had LUNCH + DINNER = ALL KOREAN FOOD...
Arrhhh... isn't that pathetic? I want to have Vietnamese dishes.... since i'm here but nobody wants to have vietnameses food for either lunch or dinner... typical korean MENs.... T.T

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hayanna in MIA

I'll be away from tomorrow till this Sunday with my daddy..
going to oversea.. last min..well..this MORNING decision..
Almost FORCED to go... there goes my every plans for Christmas eve and Christmas...and Friday's Plan... :(

See you guys next Monday... Better you all miss me yah?.. *^^*

Merry Christmas everyone~

Ho Ho Ho~~

*Dinner + yamseng * wt CutePEenguin


Went for dinner with Cutepenguin and her bf, my friend Boonie , and two of CutePenguin's Korean colleagues and who happens to be my church people!! at Hartamas..

Cathy was running late... (T.T) ...was starving... as what she'd asksed... i was biting my finger first......=P Since she was coming late, I went back to the office to make sure every lights were off, door was tighly closed cuz i was the last one to leave n unsure wether i've locked and closed everything properly.. Gosh.. Serious Memory Loss is occuring... (-.,-)a

when i've reached, cathy was there waiting for me...
Had Korean BBQ,their food wasn't that nice......yuckk......>:P
Their BBQ marinated pork sux........(sorry cathy..we go another place next time... ^^; )
First time for Cathy n Kit to try SoJu as well.. Kit can really drink~! \(^0^)/

After the dinner, went for yamseng at Souled Out..quite crowded though it's only Tuesday.. had few jugs of beer, chit chat chit chat..left the place almost at midnight.. Cathy was sooooooooo sleepy.. pity her ^^
anyway, it was a fun night out.. =)

p.S : Special Thanks to KIT & CATHY for their treat on DRINKS at Souled Out.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Just jolting down.. nothing drmatic things happened these few days..made my life dull..

Yesterday..nothing much..dinner with San Friancisco Steak House.. their food? so so.. not that great as what they've described in the menu..nothing is true...bleh...
After that, went to Hartamas...yamchar with a friend whom i have not met for quite some times......hmmm......actually 2 days only :P

Today...Went for blood test and pap smear..but pap smear..have to go back another day.........who say it's not painful??!!! it's painful..T.T
and very embarassing also even the doc is a female..

Tonight.... hope it's going to be FUN..
going for Korean BBQ at Hartamas with CutePenguin and her colleagues who happen to be my new Korean Friends...

just a dull lazy Tuesday...I hope this Friday comes FASTER...

Monday, December 20, 2004


It was a really tiring weekend for me..mentally and physically.
feel like going to collapse in any mins now..

Didn't have enuf sleep on Friday.. woke up like a zombie on sat..drgged myself to the office.. after off from work, went all the way to sri was so jam... too many people lining up as well, decided to back to kl..and once again, stuck in the jam..gosh.. felt like blew those cars all away.. wasted fwe hours just on the road..

Went to istana budaya to get tickets for opera again for the night.. only Rm52 tickets were available which you had to sit upper circle deck..on the 3rd choice..just grabbed the tickets.. and stupid enuf, left my CC over there after paying the tickets..had to ran back to the place to get my CC..and took the wrong way, had to make big rounds twice before finally reached home.. no breakfast, no tired.. just knocked off on the bed..slept till 7:30pm before mom woke me up.. quickly prepared and left to Istana Budaya..

The show finished at midnight...since mom had this BIG craving for burgers for the past few days, took her to Hartamas Burger King..took back some burgers.. my mom was shocked to see so many cars and people filling up on the road at that hour..and double shocked bez it was still freaking jam in KL.. well.. at least now she knows that when i call back home to say it's jam so i'm getting hom late.. i wasn't bluffing.. ^^;
Reached home..idling here n there.. slept late. couldn't sleep.. :('s sunday....... and couldn't even stay any longer in my cozy bed..had to wake up early to go n fetch those two leng cai korean guys.. ^^took them to the church..'s been really a while since i've last visited to the church..couldn't even find the right entrace that had to wander here n there for quite some times.. Priest and everyone were so happy to see me..After the service, had lunch together with church people..Those aunties were so happy to see this two handsome guys..everyone surrounded them and praise how handsome they are.. asked them to stay longer!! aduh... ^^;

After lunch, left to Melacca.. it was soooo hot.. and i've been there too many times.. didn't really enjoy the trip... kept having migraine..all the way.. thought my eye balls were going to pop out... on the way to kl..well..yah..jam again..i hate jam..i hate jam... reached home only about soon as i've reached home, fell on the bed...ZzzZzzZzz..

This morning, my vision is blurry..hope it wasn't bez of migraine that i had yesterday...

I want to rest............i want to rest..................... T.T

PS : small world..met cutepenguin's colleague at the church...omg..~~

Opera Carmen

[17th Dec 04.. Friday]

After few weeks of anticipation, finally get to watch Opera Carmen. Carmen is a French tragic opera based lossely on Prosper Meerimeee's(French writer of romantic stories who wrote a novel by the same name 1846), The opera was composed by Georges Bizet(1838-1875) and first produced in Paris in 1875.

Too bad there was no subtitles given on the night.. :( but still, there were some acts in wasn't that bad after all..

Tenor Don Jose and Mezzo-sopprano Carmen's Act wasn't that great as i've expected.. I felt that their voice wasn't suitable for the character..Don Jose's Finacee Escamillo, sang by Cecilia was far better than Carmen's act, Jessica.

Only the best part was at ACT 2, when Escamillo(Baritone) appeared and sang "Vortre toast, je peux vous le rendre".. it was the best of the show during Act 1 and Act 2.

well... each Act lasted about 50 mins and interlude of 10 mins after Act 1 and 20 mins after Act 2..

During interval after Act2, we left the place cuz was too hungry..didn't take the dinner before the show... and seems the other partner wasn't enjoying that much.. so didn't want to torture him.. =P

There were quite number of people sleeping during the show..gosh..haha

Decided to back to the show on Saturday with mom since she was so eager to watch it too..

The opera is set in the year 1820, in seville, Spain.

The lead heroine is Carmen(a mezzo-soprano) . She is a cigarette girl of who is passionate,gorgeous,temperamental and deliciously mysterious.In no time she wins the heart, mind and soul of Don Jose(a tenor) who is a corporal of the dragoons(an elite group in the army).He has a promising career,but throws it all away,forgetting honor and duty,totally blind to love, goes AWOL, and joins Carmen and a band of smugglers even he has a finacee who was waiting for him in his hometown.

Having destroyed her lover's career,she tosses him off like a child bored with a new toy, and turns her affections to a new man-a handsome and popular bull figher Escamillo(a baritone).Unable to accept her rejection, Don Jose confronts Carmen outside the arena where she awaits her new lover and he stabs her with a knife. The bullfighter,victorious in the ring, victorious in love,emerges to claim the woman with the crowd shouting his praises and they all find Don Jose with bloody hands sobbing over the lifeless body of Carmen.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

DePrEsSinG WeeKenD..

Depressing weekend...
It is indeed......
T.T.....arrghhHhh...Sob...sOb.. Sob...Sob...x 10000000000000...
i hate singapore this weekend......kavoooooooommmm.......


It is really heart breaking when you were being accused of something that you have never done and someone whom you are not just because of your outlook/image or even your lifestyle from the past.

It’s just a stigma that is printed on your forehead from the people around you, by just stereotyping your “whatever they think in their way”.

I can’t open my hearts to show to them..
I don’t have any video records to reply to show…

You don’t stab back or bad mouth about people doesn’t mean they’ll equally treat you in the same way… even they were part of the show or they were the one to coax you away.. in the end, you’re the one who gets shot and they might be somewhere, gloating…well… Just regret of my ineptitude…

Which is right way to live…??
Do something that I want to do and be myself yet do not care about what others say? Just ignore them cause you, yourself know it’s not true..
Or.. try your best to have the best of the best diplomatic image, hiding your true identity, cuz just to show it to the whole world “oh..i’m so angelic”.. and refrain yourself to do just anything because you’re scared to be labeled?

I’m really bemused…
In hindsight, part of it regrets me for being so “I don’t care as long as I’m not” and never look around to actually see what other people are ditching at the back of me..
It even more hurts when you get to know that your loved one has to take those really brings up the tears……..
The feeling I have now… is what really people called “FRUSTRATION”..

Friday, December 17, 2004

Lunch with 3 Men

My MD's nephew and nephew's uni senior came here last night..
Since it's a long winter break for them, they came here to work as intern for two months at our distributor.

Since my MD is going back to Korea this Saturday, they're gonna be alone in KL, kwowing no one.. He wanted me to bring them around over the weekend so brought them today to my office to introduce to me..

Young Kids... one guy is two years younger than me and the other is one year older than me.. well..not bad.. can make some new friends..

With BIG generosity of my boss, he wanted to spend lunch on me..Four of us went for Sg.Wang...
N we had to walk all the way to n fro.. it's too sunny today.. tot my skin is going to be burnt..arrghhh didn't put suncream on today... guess gonna have more freckles... sigh....sighhhhhhh........

Well.. went to 4th floor of court.. it's freaking hot and humid..'s so unhygenic.. their spoons and forks still had stained of food from whoever might have eaten with those... chicken is not cooked well.. could see blood dropping...yuck...the hair of chicken was not well removed.. could see those hair still remained on the skin of chicken.....arrghhh.... felt like puking now....their mineral water is somehow tab water.. there are those dirty particles floating around in the glass...damn..this is even worse than ants swimming in the glass...
Well..guess its so called cheap price would only can expect this kinda quality of food n ambiance..

They're still in university in Korea..but it's one of top national university so called for Genius...while they were engrossed with my MD for their future plans, i felt kinda small compared to them.. they were so eager to take new challenge, new knowledge and planned their future in details one by one.. for me.. i just let the time flew like this.. just being too lazy to do anything to learn or even to make initiate move...
I felt like one big dumb loser compared to them..sigh... self confidence dropped least gotta learn some from them.. I guess i'll try my best to make my lazy butt move and try to spend times more worthwhile rather than go partying, drinking, shopping...time waits for no one.. let's make full use of it...

P.S : those two guys are "HOT"..they're sooooo cute.. esp the younger one..i've never seen such a beautiful eyes in man.. you gals, anyone interested, please drop me a line.. will introduce to u..^o^

Thursday, December 16, 2004

One Freezing AfternoOn..

Brrrr.. it's so freaking cold in my office..
Feel like i'm on northern pole, waiting for Santa.. @^-^@
it's THAT cold over here..

As soon as PC's clock turned to 2:40pm..there was an alert that Trojan horse virus was's FOUR days in a row..
I do not know what happened to my PC.. four consecutive days, same time, same virus is invading my PC..

People..please help.. I dunno what to do oledi.. Arrghhh..sob..sob...

N my MD(mind u, he's a Korean) called me to his room... shivering a bit..thought he might knew the previous incident of ants ^^; He asked me to "sit down" and write him some "chinese characters" 漢文... Gosh.. I only managed to give him 10 out of 20.. he said that if i were to be his student, would have given me one big tight slap.. *cry* *CrY*.. Why do i have to know Chinese Characters also now... sigh...... gotta take some tuition class....sigh........

So frustrating .. n so freaking cold....
Not my day today.. but there's something that cheers me up a bit on such a day..

Isn't this cute.. *^^* looking at it, making smiles on my face..


After the dinner last night, went to rent some video tapes with daddy.
Happily rented those show programme that i was waiting for, bought some ice-creams.. went to the car. Happy ending if it ends here.. but while reversing back my car from parking lot.. it was "BANG" "Grrrr"

Ahhhh what the heck was that.. dad n me quickly got out from the car and ran to the back of car.. there was one small blardy scooter parked n none of us noticed it..

My dad was quickly trying to straighten the handle...i was looking around who was the owner of that damn scooter .. why the heck he parked right at the back of my car?? >.<

Thought of running away, seem to be that scooter was quite much damaged..cuz handle was not moving at all!!! But.. so many were around me.. so instead, asking around who was the owner of the scooter..

Soon, one short Malay guy walked out from the supermarket( least not big size.. n he looked quite friendly too...wat a relieve!) n claimed that it was his scooter.. he took the scooter to one side, trying to fix it and straighten up the handle.. What we didn't realise was..his handle was it was not moving when daddy tried to straighten it.. !!! phew..phew...

The guy was looking and examining his scooter for a while.... I was worried he might be asking me to pay few hundred bucks to repair..claiming this n that are not working properly.. anyway it was an old scooter.. hope he was not trying to rip me off..

Luckily, he just said his scooter is fine and apologized that he parked at the back of my car.. i apologized him too.. phew phew..
My dad was giving big "Phew" too.. he also thought that we might have to give him few hundred bucks to repair his scooter.. ^^; not to be racist here, but dad said if he was an Indian man..sure haev asked us some money even his bike is alright.. (due to several some bad experiences with that race..not to generalise them anyway ^^;) anyway i felt like i've saved money~!

My dad swore that neither he will ever sit in my car nor ask me to drive him anymore....

Dad... i'm still P.. ^^;

Becoming a Mommy

It's been almost 3 weeks since my pup is married to one handsome silk terrier mixed shitzu.. They did *ahem* four times..

Still can remember zacky(my pup's hubby name) sad teary eyes when I went to their hse to bring back my puppy..

Not sure whether she's pregnant yet.. According to a vet, it's still to early to detect.. Gotta wait for another a week or so..

Somehow I feel that she's pregnant.. she became so moody and lazy nowadays.. dun wanna muacks me anymore when I'm back home..
She doesn't even want to eat that much... must be the symptom of her pregnancy...

Can't wait to bring her to vet to check next week... I hope she's becoming a mommy soon so dat i can babysit her little little pups~... *^^*

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Horror Of Plastic Surgery

Check her out..
I've watched this korean documentary the other day....

she's 42 years old now but she was hooked on plastic surgery since she was 20 yrs old even though she was born with pretty face features. But she never satisfy with her look no matter what.and always hated those ppl who are prettier than her..that's why she started to seek help from plastic surgery.. but she went those illegal surgeon without license..cuz obviously it's cheaper..

She hated her squarish face.. so she went to consult one of those illegal plastic surgeon and he had advised her to inject some silicon in her face rather than cutting those bones to reshape her face.. After that, somehow she got hooked on it, she herself inject those silicons into her face without any medical consultation.. from there, her face starts to swallow up.. she even injects those soya oil, vegetable oil and paraffin...

Now she's admitted to the hospital.. now they're treating her mental first..because she said she heard those hallucination...
those voices keep telling her to inject those to her face.. ewww scary huh..

kinda pity her.. she was a singer who might hold a bright future...

now her only friend is her little puppy... she is in a hospital at the moment with the help of korean media...hopefully she'll gain back her normal life. goes a lesson..

"appreciate what you have now...."

(Before) (After)

Red Alert

I feel so sick this morning...
Feel so cold with slight fever and headache..
Stomache cramp.. body joint is in pain..
feel like vomitting from this morning for no reason...
head to toe, all body parts are in pain..
If my body were to be a car, I guess mechanic will ask me to change so many spare parts ..

Sometimes I'm wondering, whether my age is may register my birth late?? If not, I look older, i think older, i act older than ppl around my age.. according to so many people.. n now..even my body is not functioning properly also.. sigh...sigh...

Should go for check up by next week.. @T.T@

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Generation Gap.

Got a mom new mobile the other week.. with camera features..well..anyway it was a free phone so with my generosity, gave it to mom to use..

She was excited..well.. for few hours.. until she felt that it's not so user friendly to use.. she was so used to her old mobile after all..

half forced my mom to stick to the new phone..after's NEW...

SMS from her were lessen, n calls were increased.. she said that trying sms with the new phone would take her more than half an hour to type in the words..she'd rather call me... aiiiskkkk...

Finally... lsst night, she changed back to use the old mobile.. and passed the new phone to daddy.. Guess gotta give him another tuition "how to use this mobile" over again...

I'm wondernig.. few years..well... more more few years later on.. my daughter or son would teach me how to use those gadget and show annoying face if i dun seem to understand??!! like what i'm doing to them now...

well..better be more patience and explained to them with smile smile face..even it's gonna be 100 times, over n over again..

After all, they're my parents who taught me how to say "a b c" and how to write "a b c" and i might be on their shoes few few years down the road from now on...

my pic

By popular request and demand.. (or only my thought.... haha)
here i upload my pic.. *^^* blushing blushing..
so those who say i'm pretty..puhahaha think again..
hope it won't scare away u guys for coming back again to visit my blog..

PS: thanks for freddie..for these two lovely Donald friends :)


can u guys see my chatter box with new star background? hehe
imporving a bit.. got the guide line from freddie's blog.. ^-^
today will give a shot for blog craziness is still here..
<--my puppy.. soon she's going to be a mommy..
hehehe..managed to learn how to upload the pic on my blog finally...

Monday, December 13, 2004

Blogging n a confession to make..

start Blogging.. wELcOme tO thE WoRLd of blogging..
intially,despite the idea of having blog.. i'm hooked on's so fun..~!

Well..would like to give big thanks to CupidCupid and Freddie for their help n support.. bez of them, now i come this far to manage my own blog.. if not them, i could see my self keep shouting omg..omg... Thanks a lot once again~ *~gracias*~ (corrected by freddie also..puhahahaha)

Not sure how long my craze abt this blogging thing will last.. might be few weeks or few months.. but hey.. loving it at the moment..

Confession was deleted... due to some reason..^^

oh my god...

oh my god...
what's this?
i have no idea how to build up my own blog..