Thursday, December 16, 2004


After the dinner last night, went to rent some video tapes with daddy.
Happily rented those show programme that i was waiting for, bought some ice-creams.. went to the car. Happy ending if it ends here.. but while reversing back my car from parking lot.. it was "BANG" "Grrrr"

Ahhhh what the heck was that.. dad n me quickly got out from the car and ran to the back of car.. there was one small blardy scooter parked n none of us noticed it..

My dad was quickly trying to straighten the handle...i was looking around who was the owner of that damn scooter .. why the heck he parked right at the back of my car?? >.<

Thought of running away, seem to be that scooter was quite much damaged..cuz handle was not moving at all!!! But.. so many were around me.. so instead, asking around who was the owner of the scooter..

Soon, one short Malay guy walked out from the supermarket( least not big size.. n he looked quite friendly too...wat a relieve!) n claimed that it was his scooter.. he took the scooter to one side, trying to fix it and straighten up the handle.. What we didn't realise was..his handle was it was not moving when daddy tried to straighten it.. !!! phew..phew...

The guy was looking and examining his scooter for a while.... I was worried he might be asking me to pay few hundred bucks to repair..claiming this n that are not working properly.. anyway it was an old scooter.. hope he was not trying to rip me off..

Luckily, he just said his scooter is fine and apologized that he parked at the back of my car.. i apologized him too.. phew phew..
My dad was giving big "Phew" too.. he also thought that we might have to give him few hundred bucks to repair his scooter.. ^^; not to be racist here, but dad said if he was an Indian man..sure haev asked us some money even his bike is alright.. (due to several some bad experiences with that race..not to generalise them anyway ^^;) anyway i felt like i've saved money~!

My dad swore that neither he will ever sit in my car nor ask me to drive him anymore....

Dad... i'm still P.. ^^;


Anonymous said...

this hayanna very terror in driving, i wanna sit in her car....hehehe

Ju-On Waz Ere

freddie said...

a "P"!! ^_^;;
a lesson well learned for all of us, never sit in hayanna's car. :D

(oh you didn't know you can lock the steering of a bike?)

hayanna said...

Freddie..i'm well learnt driver..dun worry..
next time i fetch u~~ lolz..
yah..i didn't know motorbike can lock their steering.. aduh..