Wednesday, December 22, 2004

*Dinner + yamseng * wt CutePEenguin


Went for dinner with Cutepenguin and her bf, my friend Boonie , and two of CutePenguin's Korean colleagues and who happens to be my church people!! at Hartamas..

Cathy was running late... (T.T) ...was starving... as what she'd asksed... i was biting my finger first......=P Since she was coming late, I went back to the office to make sure every lights were off, door was tighly closed cuz i was the last one to leave n unsure wether i've locked and closed everything properly.. Gosh.. Serious Memory Loss is occuring... (-.,-)a

when i've reached, cathy was there waiting for me...
Had Korean BBQ,their food wasn't that nice......yuckk......>:P
Their BBQ marinated pork sux........(sorry cathy..we go another place next time... ^^; )
First time for Cathy n Kit to try SoJu as well.. Kit can really drink~! \(^0^)/

After the dinner, went for yamseng at Souled Out..quite crowded though it's only Tuesday.. had few jugs of beer, chit chat chit chat..left the place almost at midnight.. Cathy was sooooooooo sleepy.. pity her ^^
anyway, it was a fun night out.. =)

p.S : Special Thanks to KIT & CATHY for their treat on DRINKS at Souled Out.


MonCasa said...

yamseng?? i thought yamseng only happen at wedding dinner? haha..nevermind lar..
next time go bbq dont forget invite nunu along! hehe..

hayanna said...

Yam Char = having tea
Yam Seng = having drinks


freddie said...

too bad i couldn't go... :( i heard people got free food... :D

so you really are a "security guard" in your office... XD

hayanna said...

yah freddie..come n join us next time.. :)
I didn't have free food..but had free drinks :D

Anonymous said...

yum seng = drink beeer lor....ahdoi

glad that you enjoyed yourself, hayanna

Souled Out is not bad, the mood and atmosphere is really nice ^_______^

Ju-On Waz Ere

freddie said...

i never liked souled out though... it's like an overpriced mamak stall... >_<

hayanna said...

over priced mamak stall..hahahahahaha lolz~
kinda agree ^^ except that mamak selling alcohol ^^;

freddie said...

unless you sit upstair... i can't stand the cheap plastic chair for the price they are charging...

hayanna said...

yah...upstair is much better..
moreover it has aircon!!!
last time they used to teach latin dance on thursday night..
wonder they still haev those?

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