Monday, December 20, 2004


It was a really tiring weekend for me..mentally and physically.
feel like going to collapse in any mins now..

Didn't have enuf sleep on Friday.. woke up like a zombie on sat..drgged myself to the office.. after off from work, went all the way to sri was so jam... too many people lining up as well, decided to back to kl..and once again, stuck in the jam..gosh.. felt like blew those cars all away.. wasted fwe hours just on the road..

Went to istana budaya to get tickets for opera again for the night.. only Rm52 tickets were available which you had to sit upper circle deck..on the 3rd choice..just grabbed the tickets.. and stupid enuf, left my CC over there after paying the tickets..had to ran back to the place to get my CC..and took the wrong way, had to make big rounds twice before finally reached home.. no breakfast, no tired.. just knocked off on the bed..slept till 7:30pm before mom woke me up.. quickly prepared and left to Istana Budaya..

The show finished at midnight...since mom had this BIG craving for burgers for the past few days, took her to Hartamas Burger King..took back some burgers.. my mom was shocked to see so many cars and people filling up on the road at that hour..and double shocked bez it was still freaking jam in KL.. well.. at least now she knows that when i call back home to say it's jam so i'm getting hom late.. i wasn't bluffing.. ^^;
Reached home..idling here n there.. slept late. couldn't sleep.. :('s sunday....... and couldn't even stay any longer in my cozy bed..had to wake up early to go n fetch those two leng cai korean guys.. ^^took them to the church..'s been really a while since i've last visited to the church..couldn't even find the right entrace that had to wander here n there for quite some times.. Priest and everyone were so happy to see me..After the service, had lunch together with church people..Those aunties were so happy to see this two handsome guys..everyone surrounded them and praise how handsome they are.. asked them to stay longer!! aduh... ^^;

After lunch, left to Melacca.. it was soooo hot.. and i've been there too many times.. didn't really enjoy the trip... kept having migraine..all the way.. thought my eye balls were going to pop out... on the way to kl..well..yah..jam again..i hate jam..i hate jam... reached home only about soon as i've reached home, fell on the bed...ZzzZzzZzz..

This morning, my vision is blurry..hope it wasn't bez of migraine that i had yesterday...

I want to rest............i want to rest..................... T.T

PS : small world..met cutepenguin's colleague at the church...omg..~~


freddie said...

poor girl... ya it was badly jammed on saturday. everywhere... took me 45 min from ikano to 1-utama!!

i guess you need to hire a driver. :D or get a free driver (boyfriend).

hayanna said...

recommend me some drivers.. *ahem*

freddie said...

how about the one who gave you the bearbear? :)

nebo said...

when in melaka i don't mind being driver kekeke =P

hayanna said...

didn't know nebo stay at melacca..
next time buzz u out..
bring me to makan makan..

nebo said...

you buzz me out.. i sure out wan... !!!! 24 hours stand by!! kekeke