Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami in KL??!!

Received a lot of messages and calls from Korea...
Asking whether we're SAFE here in KL..
Was thankful for their kind concern...though it never happen here in KL where i live!

Thank god it didn't hit nowhere near Vietnam while i was there..
I might have drowned to the sea if it really hit vietnam on Saturday, a day earlier... I was crusing in the sea...definately i've died..

Thank God it didn't happen while i was on holiday in Phuket last year..
Thank God it didn't happen while i was on holiday in Indonesia early this year.... Thank god..thank god.... (it's time to pray...)

May all those blessing go to those who have become victims from nature disaster and lost their loved ones in this disaster... May all rest in numbered of dead people till today bez of Tsunami, 82,517's horrendous..esp to those who were on holidays... T.T

The govt has cancelled all new year celebration planned.
Effected scheduled event places as under for your reference.
- Dataran Merdeka
- Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam
- Sunway Lagoon

Pls take note and dun ahead to klcc or sunway for countdown without knowing the events have been cancelled..
Too bad once a year celeb has been cancelled but in a good way, won't be so darn pack in KL like last year or the year before.. ^^


Anonymous said...

yeah...thank god that hayanna is still safe and sound, if not Ju-On will lost one lovely friend T.T

well, there will always be another time for new year celebration but we can't bring back the dead. there are some fund raising activity going around, maybe we should contribute some amount to help the victims

Ju-On Waz Ere

Cute Penguin said...

yeah..pitty those ppl who lost their loves ones..May those soul rest in peace..Thanks GOD hayanna is so lucky to get bck KL be4 anything happened..

hayanna said...

Why not we all chip in some money and send to those tsunami fund??
with the name... "From xettie chatters and bloggers.." :D

nebo said...

lucky for you that you were in vietnam and not in thailand... phew...

rourou said...

yeah agrees.. we should all chip in to help those victims...

Anonymous said...

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