Tuesday, January 04, 2005

2005 - Year of Rooster starts..

Time flies..
it's already year of Rooster.. 2005 *^^*

It wasn't a very good start of the year for me..
A year that has started with arguing with loved ones..
A year that has started with sulky face n mood..
A year that has started with jealousy...
A year that has started with tones of works... =(

Well...but i won't be down bez of that...

cuz....Chinese new year isn't here...so i just told myself..
after all..it's not really a new beginning..it's just an end of the year...
still 2004...before CNY comes... so bad things all should happen now..
so that i dun have to face any problems or worries after CNY.. when real new year starts! (as for my counting =P )
If CNY starts with bad things.. no more excuses to comfort myself.. T.T

***go go go**
***cheer up~ cheer up~
cheer up~***

After all..it's my fav Rooster year~! *^^* only in every 12 yrs..

Wishing all of you smooth sailing year ahead in year 2005...
without Tsunami kinda attack in ur life this year.. d(^_^)b


Anonymous said...

well, a bumpy ride doesn't mean it will be bumpy all the way

hope the best is yet to come ;)

you like rooster coz u are rooster yourself ^__^

CNY is for collecting ang pow *lol*

Ju-On Waz Ere

Anonymous said...

yah next..er this year gonna be good :)

drian said...

hayanna you're a 1981 baby are you?

Forget the past and forget the rest
all you need is fun and some sun.

hayanna said...

Thank you guys.. :D
how do ya all know that i was born in....XXXX? :P
old oledi but alwayz young at heart..lolz

drian said...

For starters, no one would like a rooster year if their not a rooster baby themselves.
Also, since I'm a rooster baby myself, I'm pretty familiar with the year roosters are born.

hayanna said...

wah..u also rooster drian?
but which year of rooster =P
can be 12 yrs younger than me or elder or same age...lolz

freddie said...

heheh... agreed with drian.

perhaps hayanna is only going to be 12 yrs old? or perhaps she's already 36? >_<


drian said...

If I was a decade younger I would probably be at school and if I was a decade older I'll probably have a kid. So it's not too hard to guess my age.

hayanna said...

ok ok drian..
any more rooster?

Cute Penguin said...

hehe..May ur wishes come true hayanna..Me too a rooster gal,but early year 1982..too bad there's no penguin in the chinese horoscope...i wish they have it... :(

MonCasa said...

the king of rooster is here..hahah...nunu same age as ha yan na..nunu also born in 19*tut*...:P
come come ha yan na...dont sad, we still hav to wake ppl up every morning..kokoko~

MonCasa said...
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hayanna said...

Once my dad said..
Roosters are queen of nagging and blah blah blah..
As me and my mom being rooster.. he had to tahan our noisiness every day =P

nebo said...

hahaha... rooster meh nunu? you that young only ar?

Anonymous said...

yeah...rooster can nag a lot...as they said, "kai tiong mm twin" in Cantonese Chinese ^____^

Ju-On Waz Ere