Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My New Yamaha Toy~♬

finally i get my hands on my Yamaha PSR175 keyboard ^________^
So happy to bring it back home to ♬♪ding dong ding dong♪♬ for few hrs before go to bed..

Wanted to get the other Yamaha keyboard with one more octave to play cuz the one i got was only with 5 octaves..not enuf to ding dong ding dong around..but SigHz..nvm...the one i wanted to get is..a whopping Rm3k over... Gosh.. rather buy a real piano..
my dream is to have a house with big window glasses which over look wherever that would be and my grand piano stood in the middle of the living room...........ahhh...so lovely.......

When reached home..mom was shocked to see my purchase.. she said i ain't gonna play with it more than a week..#*^&$*@... and she asked me why not i saved more money to buy real piano....yeah right.. daddy will give it away to someone else again when we're shifting to the new hse...he hates bringing things around...esp piano or wardrobe..or even sofa...he said it's too troublesome... always give them around to his friends or whoever happens to be there...thrice oledi my piano went to someone else's house...=( only one thing he never throw away or give away is his armchair and his TV set.. Just wishing that he would never find out what "home theatre system with plasma TV" is... Or else no way I could sleep peacefully at night.. now his TV is loud enuf...i dun need any extra sounds to distrub my sleep.. well..actually from last night, I am the one who was disturbing my parent's sleep..n maybe..neighbours as well... *embarassed*

hmmm back to the topic....
well..it's been a while playing.. was hard to read notes...but after an hour of practicing..it was much better than first few plays..\(^_^)/

I started dingdonging when i was 3 years old..mom said that once i went to visit my relative's house.. hugged and held their piano stands so tight and didn't wanna let go of it or go home..so the next day, parents had to get me one.. from then..i started learning to play.. but was on n off, on n off kinda thing.. if not.. i would have become a pianist..lolz~ if could find a time.. would luv to do my last grade too.. if i were to finish last grade and pass the test.. i'm eligible to teach students..well..can become a part time piano teacher..can earn few extra bucks.. $.$ but from what i played last night..hahahaha i wonder i could now...... T.T

anywayz...from now on, I guess I'll be stuck in the room for the past next few days to play with my toy.. you would hardly see me hanging outside till my parents stuff the cotton in their ears and neighbours cursing on me.. =P


Anonymous said...

seems like you love music a lot, i love music too but just listening part not the playing part....coz i'm dumb *lol*

i have a piano at home which seems to be useless now...my sis never touch it anymore...

enjoy your new toy ^__^

Ju-On Waz Ere

NomNom said...

wow~ hayanna..is this background played by u?

hayanna.. is this ju-on, ur fren?
why he/she alway come here leave u all those nice ncie comment.. :P

freddie said...

poor parents... poor neighbour... :D
what grade are you in now?

hayanna said...

I'm also wondering..who Juon is..
juon..reveal urself ~~

shinchan said...

wow i want

Cute Penguin said...

hahaha..nw i knw who is Ju-ON!!!He said something which he shouldn't!!Nw i knw!!Hayanna must buy me dinner then i tell u who is Ju-ON!!!Kekekeke....*drool
yeah..i used to play piano..but i stopped at grade5..coz i hate having exam!!Coz i'll have to practice the same song again n again n again...for many mnay time for 2hours!!It takes me 2 motnhs to completely play a song well to get to exam!!I hate it!!And i hate the piano teacher who love to knock my finger sooooo much!!I hate her!! She twice my ears too!!
yeah yeah..i wan2 learn piano again...will hayanna be kind enuff to teach me?i totally forget all the notes..hehe

hayanna said...

hahaha cathy... ^^;
i ain't dat good either..
forgot many many things.. rather enjoying playing, i get more frustarted nowadays.. :P
n abt juon...=P pls dragged him from the tv so dat i know who he is too.

Anonymous said...

Since Cathy is pretty confident abt who's who, let her have the honour of unmasking Ju-On *lol*