Thursday, January 27, 2005

~Quiz Quiz~

This quiz was given by my friend...
I was not able to get it right until he gave me the hint..
the first alphabet of the answer... so u guys..try this out..
pls leave ur answer.. whoever got it right..hayanna will treat a drink~
*wink wink* fun guessing~!

A rich man needs_____________, A poor man has _______________, If u eat____________ u die!
Only one word fits in all the 3 blanks!!!.


MonCasa said...


Ansen said...

hahaha... u have to buy drink for whole world. :p

hayanna said...'s not the answer yet right? *cheeky smile*

freddie said...

nunu got it.

hayanna said...

hehe yah...nunu is smart..
teh tarik on me :)

Anonymous said...

a life. Try it :)

freddie said...

"a life" ???
but if you eat a life, you live, not die. :P

hayanna said...

nunu got it right =)
answer is "Nothing"

Anonymous said...

not if you eat your own freddie :)