Friday, January 07, 2005

Have you ever....?

Have you ever loved someone so much that they made you cry?
Have you ever seen ugly green monster in yourself rising?
Have you ever held something fragile so tight that you, yourself is the one causing it to be destructed n ruined?
Have you ever felt you were stuck in the darkest and deepest maze that you kept failing to get out from it?
Have you ever hid your true identity for someone’s sake?
Have you ever wondered where all this was leading to?
Have you ever felt like giving up everything, but found your timid,shabby self in the corner, having no courage to do so at all?

I have…


Anonymous said...

humans are confused animals, so dont worry if you are

everything will fall into pieces when the time comes

hope you can overcome it before everything turn worst

- Ju-On Waz Ere -

freddie said...

you seem depressed. you live for yourself, not others.
be more selfish, put yourself on the first place once in a while, and get out to that sulky corner.

hayanna said...

thanks to juon n freddie *^__^*
good advisers.. *hayanna thumbs up*

NightC said...

All these are normal to human beings. Don't worry cause you're not alone facing these problems. For every single thing that happened, there's good and bad.. so just let it be and everything will turn out just fine.

~what doesn't kill u makes u stronger~

hayanna said...

everything happens for its own reason.. *^^*

*hayanns is cheering up...thanks all of u*