Monday, January 31, 2005

~*Crab Feast~*

Here is the update for Xettie’s crab feast..
It was a fun outing with rourou,Freddie,nomnom,nunu and Kae..
Food were superb \(^_^)/ and very very cheap!!!!
Thanks for Freddie to bring us such a nice place..u r good~~!!

[food pictures]

[Xettie’s pics]

This is our big brother Freddie’s pic.. he was chatty and very funny J

This is Nom Nom… who got drunk on the way to KLIA~ salute

N this is Nunu..he was not very chatty as u’ve seen his a lot of posting at xettie’s chatter box.. relatively quiet.. but his T shirt was very funny……I was laughing like hell…..
Look closely of his T shirt.. it says……. “ Oral Me” lolz~

this is leng lui RouRou……she’s very CUTE~!

N this is Kae……ghostly looking……she didn’t want me to take her pic…T.T

After such a wonderful dinner, we went to Wow Wow Café..
To listen some chinese songs and to chit chat… never been to such so Chinese place though.. lolz~ something different..but not really my cuppa tea.. hehe..

Overall, it was a very nice gathering…wish we could do this more often..
N hope nunu and nom nom will be more talkactive ^_______^

Well..those who have missed out this rourou said..u should be jealous..lolz~


Anonymous said...

should i be feeling jealous ? i dont think so *lol*

glad you had a great time with those who attended...i think NuNu and NomNom are just being shy when they meet some adorable and lovely girl *rolleyes*

Ju-On Waz Ere

nebo said...

Now where's hayanna? where's hayanna?!?!?!

MonCasa said...

nunu 1st time meet with ha yan na mar..sure will shy least nunu didnt bark like others dog do when they see stranger rite? =P
btw..where is my teh tarik? nunu waited for whole nite but ha yan na never mentioned bout tht *sob* *sob*

hayanna said...

oh yah..teh tarik...
forgot ..aiyo..why didn't tell me..... ^^;
n forgot to write this too..
thanks freddie for drinks =)

freddie said...

food. :)~ yumyum...

Ch3RyL said...

i MISSED it !!!
i'm jealous ~!!! *sob sob*
i want the crabz ~!!!!!!!!!

freddie said...

aiks!! we forgot to take pics on the leftover crab shells... ^_____^

阿恺 said...

yum yum.. the crab is really delicious, i think better than korean BBQ n souju if my manager didnt force me to "gam bai" wif him all the time.. will die very soon.
yeah, nom nom n nunu are very quiet.. maybe they are shy when see lenglui. :lol:

shinchan said...

i would like to dine with kae ^_^

hayanna ;p next time u cant escape if
shinchan is around

NomNom said...

T.T hayanna saying tat me too quiet.. :(
haha.. i was bit tired tat nite..coz walking around whole day long n nomnom shy to meet u ma.. :lol:
next gathering.. u going to know nom's power :P

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