Monday, December 27, 2004

Vietna Trip - Cu Chi (2nd day)

[24 Dec 2004]

Eyes automatically opened at 6:00am.. blinked my eyes for few times , lied still , looking at the ceiling..realising i'm at HCM.. The best part...dun have to rush to work..yippeeee~~ Tried to get more sleep but just couldn't sleep anymore... Daddy phoned to say would leave at 8:00am..Slowly prepared and packed my stuff to check out.. GUESS WHAT AGAIN?! Korean food again for breakfast....sigh sigh sighzzzz....OMG..I start to hate it here.... :(

After breakfast, went to Cu Chi (pronounce as Gucci..i luv this sound...haha).. Gucci town~ yohoo~~ shopping town?? like 5th Avenue? or Gucci factory can't possibley there or...can it ?? ^___^ ready to fork out all my USD and flash CC anytime if it really was~ hahahaha... back to reality.... i'm not at Milan... Here is just HCM...sigh....

Apparently Cu Chi Tunnel where they're famous for is a well known historic revolutionary site and an original architectural monument set deep in the earth...Ben Duoc Tunner(Part of Cu Chi tunnel network 70m north west of HMC city)..AMAZING...IMPRESSIVE... under the earth, they had their homes, schools, hospitals..etc!! American solders were too FAT to getin the hole..which led American to give up and back to their country without winning them. The Vietnamese tour guide had a great pride while explaining their deadly traps which killed many of their enemies... well...some ofAmericans showed sour face though..

The tunnel was really narrow and small..

Big size people couldn't go in.. Dad had to give up cuz he's too tall and quite fat for it :P I cralwed the tunnel of 300M. It was so hard to was so hot inside and stuffy..but really amazed how they digged it up to 70km and even had all their necessities down there ready!

After Cu Chi tour,back to downtown..and YES!!! KOREAN FOOD again...ArrRrghhhHh... I really don't like...Dad's friends hate any food other than no choice....Just tahan till this evening... when my dad and me will depart to Hanoi.. I can do and eat whatever i want~~ (well..hopefully....)

Went to the market with Korean sister(who speak very fluent vietnamese...stayed there for 9 yrs..damn.. i can't speak Malay at all....envy envy her...stupid stupid me...) to buy some souvenirs and Mao Jai(Vietnamese TRaiditonal Clothes)..Dunno when i can wear those..but it's so lovely ..had to get one..well..actually two for myself.... (LET'S HAVE CUSTOM PARTY~~ YEAH~~)

Left to the airport after that.. CAn't wait to see Halong BAy with my two very own eyes since many people praise the place!!

PS : on the way to Hanoi now.. now in the flight... Vietnam Airlines stewardess are not pretty at all.. they're so unfriendly.... food xus too... if you can pls avoid taking VN flight... too any other domestic flights...bleh... X.X


freddie said...

gucci... haha!

amazing! you actually crawled 300m of the tunnel! but how do you return after you go in?

Anonymous said...

history lesson is fun and interesting *lol*

Ju-On Waz Ere

hayanna said...

there're so many exit and entrance all over..
so u can just come out in any exit... ^^
for me, just followed the guide..dun want to end up in nowhere.. ^^;