Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hayanna in MIA

I'll be away from tomorrow till this Sunday with my daddy..
going to oversea.. last min..well..this MORNING decision..
Almost FORCED to go... there goes my every plans for Christmas eve and Christmas...and Friday's Plan... :(

See you guys next Monday... Better you all miss me yah?.. *^^*

Merry Christmas everyone~

Ho Ho Ho~~


Anonymous said...

gonna miss you so much, baby hayanna ~~~(>.<)~~~

take good care and come back in a piece ^__^

Ju-On Waz Ere

freddie said...

take me take me with you...!!
where are you going?

Anonymous said...

Staring at this blog....already miss u so much :( Wish i m there with u.

Cute Penguin said...

arrrghghhhhh....there's goes our plan for Xmas eve.. :(
Hayanna..make sure u club wth us during New Year Eve yeah!!

rourou said...

:____( ooo missing you already!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah.. bring my sovenir, then i won't miss u that much..

freddie said...

heard from kae that you're on mc today... get well soon ok? and what did you buy for me? :D

hayanna said...

wah..u guys missed me ^__^ muacks..
faster faster, name the list..
first come, first serve the souvenir~~ ho ho ho~

nebo said...

me first book souvenir!!!

hayanna said...

Okie..Nebo takes away souvenir from me.. ^^