Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Little Pups~

Here are the pics of my puppies...... *^^*
They’re growing up well.. drinking milk a lot, sleep a lot, poo a lot, pee a lot.. haha..
The thing is, every time they poo or pee, my pup(their mother) is licking it all……ewwwwww
I’ve stopped kissing my pup due to this..it’s…gross… @.@

IT's funny though...dad n mom are all white .. but the kids(?) have all different colour...black, white and white with black dots.. ^__^

I haven’t given them names yet… maybe you guys could suggest for me..

Initially, thought of giving two of them away and keep only one..but my mom and I, suddenly changed our mind to keep all of three.. just too cute and precious to give them away…….

White pup is my personal favourite......looks like a little pig..*oink oink*


Cute Penguin said...

i like the balck + white puppy..they looked sooooooo cute..hmm..feel like cubit their face..hahahaha

Anonymous said...

aiks... the little pups look like my leng lui's little pups too....sisters maybe?

nebo said...

^^ me the guy up there

Ju-On Waz Ere said...

mike de white
nix de mix
jack de black


Anonymous said...

wah....i see someone having a junk food fiesta on the bed while the pic is taken :D No wonder no appetite to eat dinner everyday.

freddie said...

the white one babe.
black and white one can be named MJ --> micheal jackson... ^_^"
black one... let's name it will smith. >_<