Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Chinese New Year..

It's the time of the year again..A day which i hate being here in Malaysia.
It's just boring holiday for me during CNY over here..
Friends are busy shoppnig for new clothes, buying gifts for families, preparing to go back to home town to meet those much missed faces..
I envy all those.. cuz i feel those activities are no longer relevant to me..

I have miles and miles to go if i ever want to go back to my home town.
It definately cost a lot of money and time if i ever want to go back for once.. and my annual leaves aren't just enuf to go back , say even for a week.. N it's still winter..so it's very very cold and freezing.. i can't even go shopping to buy some clothes to wear over here.. cuz it's all winter clothing!!!
after elaborating this advantages and that advantages..always end up here again, being grouchy in my little room in a hot tropical country, MaLaYsiA!!

Most of good friends are all back to their own home town and to their own families.....leaving me here alone!!! damn..shd have tagged along Kae back to her hometown...be busy body..but what the heck..i can't even take a day leave..anyway she'll be busy with her families and hometown friends, n speaking in CHINESE which i dun understand a bit..^^;

Gosh....just realise how many outstaion people are living in KL.. the road seems to be getting empty n emptier...soon..by tmr, it'll be totally empty.. like a ghostly haunted city... i hate to see city benig so empty.. even i curse on traffic jam and too many crowds ..i still prefer lively city than emptiness of the city. like ...RIGHT NOW!!

Trying to quench the jealousness..but i just can't help it..
i'm so jealous those people having their good times during CNY with their familes and relatives..... i missed those times back then in Korea..
CNY used to be the best times of the year for me always......well.... until i was in Korea.. always gets lots of food, ang pow..and best of all, could meet all my relatives..cousins..aunties.. uncles... gosh.....how much i'm missing them now...... T.T

This year is gonna be another boring Holiday for me..stucking in the house, nowhere to SHOP moreover...gosh...this is really terrifying n Frustrating..!!! at least, if shops were to be opened..i won't feel this depressed...

Well.. at least, i have prepared a bit for this year's CNY unlike last year.... I bought few good books to read.. I bought a NEW PC to play at home.. I got my car cleaning kits to wash my car n mom's car... will be going for my new hairdo*thanks god they open today*.. will be trying to help my mom for her cooking..... well.....hopefully these lined up activities will subside my boredom..

Next year, definately i'll be packing my stuffs up and leave here to Korea..to finally have my new year with all my missed relatives...after..after..such a long 10 yrs... never spend CNY in Korea......i miss my grandma a lot too..... next year.....definately i am going back!!!!
well..unless someone offers me to go for oversea trip..like hong kong..or australia..or europe..till then..my plan is unchanged. *rolleyes* damn..missed this year's hong kong trip with cindy..... too late to book..no more flight seats were available...n hotels... (T.T)

Anyway..Guys.. Happy Chinese New Year.. Gong Xi Fa Cai~~
새해 복 많이 받아요~~!!! @^_____^@ Selamat Tahun Baru Cina..
(wow..impressive... 4 languages.. ^^; )

this is where real new year starts...hope great things will ONLY happen..bad things..go go away.. i had had enuf in January...T.T


drian said...

Well I'm pretty sure you can find something to do here like gambling, which is actually something I look foward to every CNY.

hayanna said...

well yup actually i've played some korean cards with my parents last night.n lost RM80..initially i was winning abt rm200..n in de end, lost all to my daddy..
but what the heck..nvm.. he bought us a dinner and had some shopping which had cost him more than what he had won from my mom n me..hahaha!!! this is a good business =P

NightC said...

hayanna... let's go out for a drink. I'm damn bored here in Ampang... seems like Ampang is getting worse every year. Too bad Cathy went back to Alor Setar.

hayanna said...

kit..i dunno ur number!!!

NightC said...

I also dunno ur number... hahaha, and yet we're neighbors.