Monday, February 28, 2005


I haven’t updated my blog for quite some times..
Was busy and..yah… a bit lazy to jolt..well..type them down…or up..
But I should do so before I forget what happened.. at least for my remembrance of the “date”.. since I have stopped writing my diary after this bloggy thing..

17th ~18th February : Trip to Jakarta..
Went to Jakarta with daddy for his business trip..
Supposed to stay till 20th but I could fly back early.. luckily their domestic flight to “god knows where” had been delayed way too long.. all of us, just called it a quit..

First day at Jakarta was nothing much….. was very tired…
Touched down in the morning, went to hotel to check in at Merdien hotel..the security was very very tight.. after that Mariott hotel bombing incident.. a local told me that now, the safest hotel is “Mariott”..they have rebuilt the whole place with bullet proof window, anti bombing..what what… @.@

They wanted to bring me to shop..i said NOPE and instead, took a nap.. it’s incredible I’ve said no to shopping trip especially in foreign land..kudos.. =P
N after nap..there goes a meeting…n dinner meeting…supper meeting…..$)%(%^#$.. only went to bed almost at 1am….. only got few hours to close my eyes..since the next day, the flight was at 6am..had to wake up at 4am..

N yup..the flight has been delayed to 9am..damn..there goes my precious sleep..i woke up so early in the morning for nothing…
Anyway after a small talk at the airport, we detour back to City.. went back to hotel, re-check in and went for a short city tour and lunch .. I can’t remember what the place that they brought me though… it’s a seaside with theme park, water park and yacht dock..
Well.. it’s a pretty good concept.. I guess they were copying Gold Coast kinda theme..
But I tell you, the sea water stinks big time.. and its sea colour is so damn black.. it’s the dirtiest sea I’ve ever went to it, Port Dickson’s water is really crystal clear… They actually throw all the sewage from the city to this poor sea.. they do not have enuf money(well..i bet politician are busy pocketing those money to themselves..nothing left for the country..) to build any filtered system…so those wastes, all just go directly to the sea, which caused it to the biggest pollution I’ve ever seen, just right in front of my eyes..
It really STINK.. I thought all the corpse at Aceh, had floated down here…ewwwwwwwww…
Apparently, we borrowed one speed boat for cruising, and less than half an hour, everybody gave up and just wanted to return….

After that little trip, I’ve just decided to take back the flight to KL…
(pics will be updated later on……..)

N from 18th of February evening till 25th of February morning… was the BEST time I’ve ever had in my life….. and funnily… right after those best time..why always worst time has to come together.. from Saturday……it’s been the worst time of my life….I couldn’t sleep…….i couldn’t’ eat… bloody hell…..last night…couldn’t sleep at all.. only managed to sleep around 4am………and had a nightmare.. A girl..which I believe to be a ghost.. cuz she had long hair in her white gown..yup..typical ghost from Korean horror movie..anyway that kinda looking thing was trying to drown me.. I couldn’t really breathe… at least for a min.. and I woke up… I think……ghost is following me…omg…… n wants to kill me I best =( mom said my “Qi” is lessen.. (yup..Koreans believe in these too).. she said I must take some Chinese medicine…..oh freak it… I’d rather die… n that brings me to think……how many would cry for me badly if I die? Well..of course my family will do so….. n maybe Kae(i hope u do!!)…… n others will be laughing in the toilet… >.<


Cute Penguin said... last u updated ur blog..haha...pitty hayanna got2 experience a bad trip in jakarta...haha..i think u have been thinking to much "how if after i die.." hehe..sometimes i do ask Kit too,if i die will u be very sad..and blah blah blah...hahaha...think too much..

freddie said...

duh... what's wrong with you ppl? it's a very hard question to answer. (what if i die...?) -_-"

if you die on anything, (knock wood) i'll definately visit go to your funeral. but if you die by drinking chinese herb... -.-"

port dickson's beach is nicer? :D that place must have been a dump.

of all the nightmares i had, tiger chase me, cobra bit me, spider crawled on my face, swallowed some worms... luckily still no ghost haunting me. ^_^"