Tuesday, February 15, 2005

**Valentine's Day**

Valentine’s Day.

Hope you all had loving Valentine’s day..
Well.. I don’t find this date that great to celebrate and make fuss anymore..
Used to go for chocolate shopping, bought bunch of cards to give around..but not anymore.. Everyday should be Valentine day for couples I believe.. ^__^

Surprised gifts on just normal days are more memorable and touching than giving gifts on these kinda day, in my opinion.. like…receiving flowers on Monday morning to cheer me up , rather than receiving flowers on Vday.. ^0^

Anyway… here goes my vday gift…..heeeeeheeeeeeheeeeeeee
Isn’t this cute…… it pairs with my Xmas gift doggy doll…so cute…..
N I specially like the flower that was tied up on the head by a friend..hahaha so adorable…. *^^*

Thanks a lot~~~~~

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freddie said...

valentine's day aka hallmark day aka "let's ripoff guys' money" day.