Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Someone that i love..

There're few people in my life whom i appreciate and love the most..
and he's the one of them..and surely in the top priority list in my life..

here is the pic of my brother.. (the one on the left, holding gun *^^*)

Image hosted by
(pic is really blurry...aishhh)

I was so eagerly waiting for his news.. since there was none for the past few months...was worried a lot but finally he had written to me :D n together with his pic *^___^*
well..back to old time's communication... "Snail Mail" no email, no phone.. cuz he's in the army.. i'm dying to see him ..i miss him so very much.. though he was pain in the ass while he was staying together..but now when he's gone and not able to see him for two yrs..i miss him really a imagine how happy i was to get a news from him :D yeah yeah yeah~~ he seems to be grown up a lot after sent for army service.. before that he was very childish spoilt brat..but now he's not :) In Korean saying, "Men should go to army to be grown up." haha..quite true partially.

I wish he'll be here soon..another a year to go... T.T

U guys dun bully bro is a soldier..*rolleyes*
but he told me he's like an office boy..cuz he's a translator in an army..all he does is typing document and making coffee for his big boss, general .. *sweat sweat*

ah........miss himmmmmmmmmmmmm T.T


freddie said...

oh! i am so scared!!!
** continue to bully hayanna... ** :P

clement said...

wah soidier ler....geng!! :flex: i think ur whole family is the incredible family u r the super women and ur brother was ur parents became "the dangue korean couple"....hehehehe..THE Incredibles ler...:lol:

Ju-On Waz Ere said...

siblings...annoyed when they are around, miss them when they are far apart *lol*

time flies, you'll reunited with your bro in the blink of an eye, perhaps 1 trillion can start blinking now *lol*

Drian said...

Gosh Hayanna's bro a soldier,
should I be very afraid?