Monday, April 11, 2005

weekend comes n go again..

I love Saturday the most... cuz do not have to worry about going to work the next day and can hang out till wee hours as to my liking.. n i love sunday morning cuz i can sleep till whatever time i like to do..yet i hate the sunday evening the most.....that's when monday blues start to stuck in..
I wish there're 48 hours per day on weekends.. just not enuf time to do whatever i wanted to do during weekdays... time just flies on weekends..aiiiishhhh... somebody pls hold the time for me..for weekend only *hehe*

[April 9 2005]
After work, rushed back home to do some house cleaning since mom was still sick on bed.. do laundry, cleaned the rooms, washrooms, washing dishes, cleaning up my puppy's pee n poo... i almost half dead , exhausted .. was lying on the bed like a dead corp for a while to rest..
N thought to myself, i can't waste my ever so precious Saturday, lying on the bed like this... gathered myself to wake up and rushed to shopping mall with my god sister..uh...wanted to get some gifts for my god brother since he was having birthday party on the evening.. (^^; i hv too many god bro n sis...) Was loitering around... looking at this n that... ended up buying more of my stuff and cash was running..n i haven't still gotten a thing for my god brother.....*sweat*

i bought a nice Zara spagetti top to wear underneath my jacket when go to work..(yeah yeah~just couldn't pass by the shop esp when its banner said "Last day of Sales" )
n... a half length jacket which i was longing to have for quite some times was MUST item to have to go with my new dress....n........uh.....some bags.....well...3 bags.......*sweat* i just couldn't decided which one to buy so ended up buying 3 all together, promising myself this would be the last bags i'm getting for this year... n come to think of it, i just bought 3 bags just less than a month ago....ahh but wtd...bags are never enuf... different clothes, different bags to go with..n shoes.....n..accessories.......sigh.....being girls, got so many things to buy... part was FUN but the next is horrible..
"how to smuggle in those shopping stuff to the house"
if my mom knew, she'll freak i always quickly hide the things n get into the house... sneak into the house with shopping bags without mom's knowledge..n if she ever asked "hey...i have not seen that clothes before!!" then i just casually said "oh...this one.. bought looooooong time ago... how come u dun remember!!!" or....i'd say......"'s very cheap..bought during sales.....RM20 only!!' yup..minus zero at the back of that 20 ... .. Rule no.1.. never ever tell your mom the true price of the stuff u bought.. the next min, your cc or atm cards would go missing from your wallet .. for long long time...

I quietly went upstair to my room and hide those bags under the clothes ..phewwwwww... luckily mom didn't see... yay yay yay~
what comes next is to think later, at least i'm safe at the moment. hehehehe

After getting changed, i headed to KTV at god bro was having his birthday party at SongBird..gosh..i dunno what's got into him to have his birthday party at karaoke.. he never like this place n now he's having his own bday party here.. *shakehead*
Anyway when i reached , he was with his friends in the room... there were 1 bottle of 2 litre Chivas, n another BIg BIg swing bottle of Chivas (not sure how many litre but it's really HUGE) and a box of beers..some snacks.. i was worried of getting caught in a road block so try sipping my cokes only but my friend assured that he'll drive me back with my car...then that's when my eyes sparkled..n started going around to yamseng like it was my birthday..
n i had too much of Hagen-Daze ice cream cakes..but it was just too delicious...*drool*..
Thought of waiting till the party finished so the friend cat drive me back but just too tired and was worried about my mom, so headed back off at 1:00am...was worried about road block..but took the back road and prayed so hard to the god not to have any road blocks on my way..n tatan..i've reached home safely.. :D

[10th April 2005]
Woke up at 6am...tot it was working day... i quickly woke up n made myself till the washroom, brushing my teeth..only to realise it was Sunday... u can't imagine how happy i was..quickly put down the tooth brush and walked back to my bed to Zzzzz.. only woke up at 10.00am..rushed rushed n went to the church... new priest was preaching too long...i wanted to leave at 11.30 but mom's fierce eyes..i had to sit at the finishes at 12.. so i decided to stay till 12 and quickly rushed to sunway to have food fiesta with xettie members..
then this priest..never end preaching till 12 ++ ..i was sigh-ing there.. till my mom was not able to tahan of me..asked me to "GO OUT"..hehehehe
i quickly's already 12:20pm and i was still at Ampang..
n moreover, had to pick up Kae from her house..if i were to take kesas highway, half an hour could reach at sunawy, but had to make a bit of detour to take Ms.Kae, the princess. ^^; kakakakaka

When we reached at Nagisa, it was almost 1:30pm...damn...have only an hour to eat.....i was hardly talking, kept eating n eating ..even forgot to take food pics......yup...i was that concentrated on eating...hohohoho~

had a chat with xettie members..(attendance of nagisa : rourou+bf+rourou's sister, cathy+kit, hazel, shinchan(who i've mistaken to nunu...they look alike), and..a lyn member..uh.....weapon something id man...(sorry can't remember),kae) Kae was hardly eating..i'd rather say, nibbling her food..*shake head* wasting of money... she shd have ordered a la cate since become a small eater... n myself.....hehehe i've eaten more than what i've paid for ...Satisfying~~ *showing V sign*
Rourou's bf was very touchy... rourou wanted to eat strawberries but it was ran out...he even personally went up to captain and ask some strawberries specially for rourou..n specially added "my gf said no need to cut" hahaha it was funny ... must envy rourou for having such a nice does cathy.. bf brings her food.....must must make bf n bring him together with me.... it was so lovely sight...*jealous*

Anyway it was fun pigging out food together n chit chatting wtih xettie members..i wish they could organize more of pigging out gatherings..
n now..freddie..where's our seafood gathering????!!!!

After lunch, went back home...hit the bed till this morning......

was a lovely weekend... n i'm eagerly waiting for this weekend again...

hv a nice week ahead everyone!!


Cute Penguin said...

hehehe..yeah..i enjoy having buffet wth hayanna coz she'll eat eat eat non stop like i do..kekeke...i also waiting for uncle fred to call up for a seafood gathering..when? :wink:
Thanks to RR's cute bf i get to eat the strawberries..yumm yumm...

bioweapon83 said...

my nickname is bioweapon83 :D and nice to meet u. u really can eat also. I also lost to you in this sense.

hayanna said...

Look @ my size.
i must eat a lot to maintain this figure. ;)

Drian said...

Man, can't help myself from laughing when you said you need to smuggle your own clothes to your room.
Just make me wonder what you will do to smuggle your bf up to your room. ;)

hayanna said...

i dun want to smuggle in my bf to my room..that's "risking my life" oledi......

clement said...

wanna make bf ar? can consider me geh....wahahahaha...but no very de loyal to kae.....wahahahahahah!!!!! joikin ler...hey....i am too boring in weekend ler...wonderin how to fill it up else then computer games....u r lucky ler full scheduled....

freddie said...

uh... seafood feast II? already fixed it on 23rd.

last bag shopping of the year? i doubt it. lol...

since you're so good at smuggling, perhaps you can get a part time job on smuggling drugs. LOL!!

hayanna said...

clement,it's okay u can be loyal to Kae. I already have handful of guys that i'm having headache of... *cheeky smile*

Freddie.. still fixed on 23rd?
I might not able to make it... T.T
n i dun wanna be a syndicate *sweat*

MonCasa said...

>_< nunu is different wit ShinChan lar..where got look alike wor..
ha yan na got handful of guys??? no wonder u so busy lar.. want to ask u for a date also cannot :P

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