Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bad, Double Bad..arrrrrrrghhhh...

It’s been such an exhausting weekend for me.. and it still is till now….. T.T

As many of you know, my parents have admitted to the hospital due to dengue… blardy aimless mosquitoes.. they dun really have any purpose to live in this earth…. @#^)(%$
I thought it was other people’s stories when I read and heard about dengue.. never thought it’d happen to my family… and for both my mom and dad…..aiiiiiii…….

From Thursday morning, mom and dad felt ill.. I thought it was just those flu because they were too over exercised the day before.. went to golf ranging in the morning, went for a walk an hour at the park plus gym in the afternoon for my mom… just brought her to near by clinic and got some medicines and injections for my mom and dad.. n told them not to over-do exercise anymore since their age is catching up.. ^^;

Few days later, seems my mom’s condition got worsen.. and brought her again to the nearby clinic and asked them to do blood test as well.. and came home with some medicines again… the doc said I could get a result on the very same day..cuz since it’s dengue suspect case, they’ll put dengue suspect patience on top priority… but till evening, there’s no news from them..i’ve called up and they said by mistake, they were not able to send her blood to the lab..what the heck is this man.. @#%()$#(%^)(@)%

The very next day, brought my mom to Glenneagles ER.. yah..she was that Sick.. T.T
They did some check up and when the result is out, they’ve told me her blood had infection oledi from dengue virus.. advised me to admit her to the hospital on the very same day or can bring her back the next day to do the test again since blood count isn’t that low.. asked mom to stay in the hospital but she refused and insisted on going back home….. so stubborn lady….. I had no choice but brought my mom back home ..

Was panic a bit.. I dunno how to do and what to do.. I’ve never admit anyone to hospital .. T.T moreover, no insurance……arghhhhhhh……
I’ve called here and there to ask around… even called Freddie to ask him cuz I remember his brother is a doctor.. but instead, he passed his phone to his girlfriend saying that she is an expert in this field.. n thanks Freddie n to his gf. It was helpful indeed..

After making few more calls to friends who are in medic line.. I’ve decided to put my mom at Sentosa.. thank god there’re few friends who are in medical field.. they could give some insight helpful advises… Ampang Puteri was big NONONO cuz a friend of our family had passed away in that damn hospital due to blardy doc’s wrong diagnose.. Gleeneagles is not so trustworthy too.. they’re more eager to suck every penny out from your pocket than giving proper treatment to patience..well…at least that’s how I think of these two hospitals..even glenneagles claim that even Agong came over their place for treatment….maybe that’s why he died?? rolleyes

There’s one Korean lady who was admitted at Glenneagles ..due to dengue suspect.. all they did was just gave her some glucose injects.. and never even do proper blood test even before they discharge her.. n rather they ask her to go for brain scan since she was having severe headache…hellooooooooo that’s one of symptom of dengue.. n they asked her to go for that blardy expensive brain scanning? Wat the F!!!!
I’ve asked her to go back to another hospital to double check..since she was sooooooo weak…like my mom…..T.T

Okay..back to my parents….. brought my mom to hospital on monday morning. Confirmed dengue.. blood count dropped too much compared to yesterday’s result. Had to admit her immediately.. n guess what……my dad’s blood count is even lower than my mom but he really looked strong and okay except that he started to have rashes all over his body with dried skin.. T.T but my dad refused to get admitted..and he ran off for “oh so important business meeting”…. T.T I was so worried about him.. kept calling his business partner to let me know once the mtg is finished.. n when mtg has finished, his friend called to inform me..i rushed to the place and hijack my dad n brought him to the hospital..
Doc said his blood count is low..but since he doesn’t want to get admitted and looks strong, he may come back the next day to do the test again and if blood counts get lower, he has to admit as well.. and yah… the next day back to hospital, his result is worsen..he had to admit to the hospital. T.T damn sad lar..
In an instant, they become famous.. docs n nurses call them “oh..that Korean dengue couple in that room” *sweat*

It’s such a bad month starts……arrrghhhhhh……this year doesn’t seem to good to me… sighz……. Big sighz………

Anyway, would like to thank Mr.Y for cooking porridge for my mom on Saturday..he was sweating so much until I feel so sorry for him but it was indeed one good delicious porridge.. I bet u can open a restaurant if u ever want to leave ur current job..i become a helper.. ^^;
N thanks to Mr.S to drive me around on Sunday till late at night to find suitable hospital for my mom the next day..I insisted on going around every potential hospitals to check their hygiene … sorry for being difficult.. *sweat*
Another big thanks to Mr.N for looking around and check every hospital info and charges for me as well as taking trouble to go and ask one by one who had dengue before and kept messaged me for what to do..what not to do…… so touched..

N not to forget Xettie members for their support n concern..
After all, I’m happy cuz I got to know that I have many good friends who are willing to give me hands and shoulder when I need them the most J After all, my life isn’t that sux with good people around.


阿恺 said...

uhhh.. how come so many "Mr" that i never heard before? Maybe u can tell me secretly who are they. hahaha.. btw, sorry, i cannot do any help.. but if anything happen, i will start my "connection" to help u ^_________^

freddie said...

like any other men, i bet your dad is like "oh i am a man! i don't need to be hospitalized..." -_-"

hope they are getting well soon. do what you need to do, that's how you realized you're a superwoman! ^_^

clement said...

she is a super women fred!! lol ...hey ...i tot u driv urself around and get too tired...seems like u edi hav a free temp driver...and lotz more helper around ler....dont even hav space for me to help :sweat:..but anyhow....let me know if u need my hand....there is always a pair of free hands for ya....:)

Ju-On Waz Ere said...

human can be so stubborn at there a cure to it ? *lol*

finally you get to taste how it's like to take care of someone who took care of you since you are young although you have to learn it throught the hard way. hope that they get well soon *pray*

Cute Penguin said...

hey sis,i was so shocked when i heard the news frm Fred..I'll pray for them,hope they'll get well very soon Y^_^Y I'm sorry that still make u worry bout my "problems" during sunday.i didn't knw u were busy tat time..will buy u drinks when u r free again :)

hayanna said...

thank you everyone for your support n help. ^_________^
dad discharged last nite and mom might be this afternoon..yay~~ finally..phew...

n Cathy, it's okie..hehe no prob..
but i'll wait for u to buy me drinks..*lol*

Clement..thanks a lot.. i'll borrow your two hands another time.
n so does kae's contact =P

Yup..n u r right juon..time for me to take care of them..n fred..*lol* superwoman~ \^0^/

Drian said...

My colleague once had dengue also with body ache, flu and fever, and when met with a doctor from a clinic, he dismissed it as a common cold/flu. It was only at the 3rd day when the fever and flu worsen that my colleague was admitted to hospital. Took a blood test and of course diagnosed with dengue fever.

The moral of the story is, trust the bloody blood test rather than the doctor.

How are your parents now btw?

hayanna said...

they've discharged yesterday but mom's pretty weak... T.T