Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Preparation Step 2

Cathy had offered to take us pre wedding photo as a wedding gift (so nice of her..touched) but due to time issue, we had to let it go :(

As an alternative option, been searching thru internet ( did i survive without this!) for a suitable pre-wedding package and finally found one!

Signed up with Keep Gallery @ SS2..

Bf liked their photography styles so without a hesitation, paid a deposit for the pre wedding photography package. Now i'm free from hassle of arranging wedding gowns..yippeeee!

11 August 2010 would be my wedding gown fitting day, followed by pre-wedding session on 26th of September.

hopefully nothing comes up and goes as we've planned.

*cross fingers*

Photographer : Sam Leong
MUA : Dong Dong

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